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9 Be aware of pipeline
A pipeline could be buried markers in your
near you. neighborhood and at your
For your satety, pipelines are rriarked by above ground
signs to provide an indication of their presenee,
» - nppmximale looation. rnaterial carried and the name
4 ~ a * .
~ ~. «rs beIow- :i‘:‘;;;,:‘i:f“i;::'::;"::.‘:.:::;‘;?.*i::
o  bgfm-3 Wu dig, right-ot-way (a strip or land usually about 15 to 150
, teet wide tiiat contains a pipeline) or directly over the
pipeline itseit. These markers are generally yellow,
. Z ) V blackand red in eolor. The pipeline may not fullnw
‘ - a straight (nurse between rnarhers. while marirers
- are helptul in locating pipelines, they do not provide
- uitormation such as how many pipelines are iaeiow or
».~ i the depth or the lines. The primary function or these
wt‘ markets is to identify the lucatmn ot the pipeline
. \' generally as an alert to those who might lie working
, _ , along the pipeline eorridor tor anotiier utility or
V ...._ _ A - . ‘~ . during the cnnstzuction of homes or iansinesses
k - V V " nearby. You should be aware or any pipeline markers
. ' ’ ' e ' in your neighborhood. As the saying goes, "Know

your neighbors." write down the name and phone

The people of Ohio depend on Williams numbers appearing on the pipeline rriarkzrs in case of

pipelines to help meet their energy ‘T"§°“W’ >

 rhars why were depending on ¥;;'::‘;:i*.“.‘:i:*i: :3: 

excavators to call 81 1 before digging to willtuily rletaee, damage, remove or destroy any

anywhere in the vicinity of our pipelines. Prvelrne argm or right-ef-Way marker-

If you should happen to accidentally High consequence Areas

strike a pipeline, it is important that ‘ ml med ‘ la’

. . . ti ., .
you contact us immediately. Even minor ;:;:c:en:';,§::1?m. h;,?g:§,“dw‘;';:,:‘;";: High
damage could result in a future leak if E‘““°*i“9“E9 Areas Furthese areas. supplemental
. d -- - t rid ti

not mommy repaired. 
iaeen developed. it a pipeline operator has i-ligh

 . c- A s,ir\formati b ttii- l-

03" 311 Before V0" DI9! “'8 The Law- r..‘3i"y’§§'§°v"a?iZsiZ“? .i.ei2’§a?i.{',‘§ny«§$e‘i’,s‘i?§sr

  by contacting the operator's corporate ottiees.

. . There is a wide range of products traveling through
FOT more II'If0m1a‘l0I'I, COMBO‘ US the thousands of miles of pipelines, everything rroin
_ gas tor your car to oxygen ioriioepitais. Many or these

at our non emergency number‘. pmduds canbe tan, flammable, laamiiul ifiulialed,

cause eye or skin irritation or possibly cause diiacui
- - iii-eatiiing. some of the materials oouid cause
environmental damage. Because of these potential
hazards, it is important tor our neighbors to be able
reeognize a pipeline leak.
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