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can Owners Build or Dig on a


Pipeline rig,hl~-oi—way niiisi be kepl iree ironi siriieiiires and olhcx ribsinieiions ID provide aeeess to ihe pipeline ior
inainienanee, as well as in the event or an ernergeney. if a pipeline erosses yoiir prbperiy, please do not plant irees or large
shriibs on ihe righl-oi-way. Do not dig, biiild, siare or plaee anyihing on or near lhe lights‘-of»wny vvitlluul iirsi having ihe
pipeline eornpanys personnel mark the pipeline or siake ihe i-ighrs»oi-way and explain tlm eriinpany's eonsinieiioii and
easeiaenr reaoireirienis ro you.

We Need Your Help

The nilt|nn'~' iniraslroenires, ineliiding pipelines, are a mailer of national seciiriry. If you wiiness siispieioiis aeliviry on a
pipeline right-of-way, please repari il lo the appropi-iaie aiiihoriiies as soon as possible, or you may call ihe pipeline operamr's
numbers. Thmat advisories may be ioiind at the Deparirnenl of Homeland seeiiriiy's website iiiiiiw.dlisgim/rilispiiizlie.
Transmission Pipeline Mapping

The us. Deparlnieni oi Transpux|atlDn's oiriee oi Pipeline saieiy has developed the Nanonal Pipeline Mapping syslern
(NPMS) in provide iniorniaiion about gas iransniission and lioiiirl iransrnission operaiars and their pipelines The NPMS

web sire is searehable by zip mrle or by eoiinry anrl srale, anrl ean display a eoiiniy map that is priniable For a list oi pipeline
aperaiars wiih pipelines in your area anrl iheir nsniaei iniorniaiiisn, gu to www VIplIl5 pIlm51»l.dl7i‘.gcIl/. operarors of prodiienen
iaeiliiies, gas/liqiiirl gaihering piping and dislnbiiiion piping, are not represenied by NPMS nor are ihey reoiiirerl to be.
Awareness is the key in preveniing pipeline aeeidenis You ean eanri-ibiile lo the safety and seciii-iry nf your neighborhood

by knowing where pipelines are, and knowing how to recognize iinaiiihoi-ized activity or signs of a leak, as well n~ how lo
respond in die ease nf a pipeline acndcnl. Pipeline nsrnpanies eoniiniie lo slriye lo be good neighbors, and iiisl like any good
neighborhood walch program, neighbors look oiii iisr eaeh oiher. Iom in Wllh ihe pipeline mmpanlcs I0 keep our iarnilies saie .

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