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3 By Rob Niytswnngur
Tlps for Troubleshooting Problem Locates
hmuglmul my localmg years, For Example: ln rrleal eondruous, you - consrder Deteeuon Morle Sellmg
rt's been my opmron, and l would ehoose a low range ircqunncy ‘Peak, Null, Dueeuonal, srngle
Ihlnk nthnr lncalozs would appherl by rlrreet eonneeuon to an Peak
agree, Lhat ln rrleal eondurons above gmund aeeess pmnt tn the _ I I M Y I N d d

the task of hne lncnllng is pmlty eul underground hne we eonsrder this “'3” ‘T’g“C5) ff‘ 2 “I “P 9"
and dry You apply slgnalmg curmm target shoonng Ihl: undugmlmd lrne cm“ ‘ ° “'5'”

lo a burrerl target hne wlueh ereate. a Hlglmr rangc fmquency semng~ are . dlrnctlonal rndreanon of TDC, l.elt/
srgnal field whreh rs broadeast out from great for solvrng problem. when rdeal R|gh| Ammo. a, D,,m,aml Needle
yourtargeted hne. onee a good signal cundlliom do not exist However,

field rs created, flndlng the signal field higher irequeneres may create problems ' *’~’"*"“"“Y/g“‘" ‘“‘““S

and Iracmg the aelrl beeomes easrer by bleerl ufl to other lrnes m the area, . fig“. C.,m,l rm.

and easrer wrth praeure. Teehnleally, we ereanng molnple srgnals whreh eonruse

locate the (up dearl eenter of the nreular both equrpment readrngs and user. so ' °"="‘““°" '"d"“"°"

field, whreh should be loeated dlmclly high rrequeneres ean be vlewerl as a -1-arse, Um Chammisflrs
above the buned target lme. lorm or target shoonng wiLh a shot gun i U

r . - sue o tax e me

But ll you are responsrble for hne    ‘“°’° 5

lnczmng and have eneountererl problem ‘ 5 Y ’ ' cvnduthvlw of target lmn

loeates, you are not alone. Locating Gather information athanrl 2 mason . dmnm; c,,.,..m,,h, 0; ‘mama
P‘°‘’'‘’‘“‘ ‘“ ”“‘°“ by ‘“° ‘°“‘‘‘“‘’“’ Gather lniormatlon from Transmrner mu-I V

that amnol rdeal. T1\u'n’~r1mawn R \ St C at _ as I '

every loeate rodeo competlllun Yvn °“°“"" ‘ ° °" ‘ '°“‘ "“ 3'’ °‘“ - depth of the target hm

been to had a speeral clnllcnge ealled M“"""‘g‘ T1“ "““‘“g‘ “““ "*"“‘“g’ .

,, *  avarlable to you by your transmuter - In»: of bnrkfill am-Ind the km

The Loeate from Hell.
and reeerver wrll rlepend on the brand Sm Conditions

Solvlng lrne locatlng problems requrres and model of locating rnstrument you

mawnlng to determrne Ihn eause of the have avarlable. - loeanon of vrsrble ugns of unhnes
P“""°"‘ “d ‘“‘“"E ““‘“’“ ‘° ’°"’“ ”‘° Gather infm-mutum [mm rtsaurces at - wll eondrnons

problem. You have to use your eyes and h d_

bmm. The [int step to solvlng a hne “" ' - loeanon of aeeess pomt

luczmng problem would be to step back Transmitter _ I i d _ k
and think about It. stan gathenng all °“"“‘’“ ‘’ ‘“'‘P°’"’Y 5‘°“" ”‘“ °
the infnnnalinn known to you at thrs ' °“‘P“‘ °“"‘““‘ ‘““d‘"$ . presenee of other bunerl lrnes m
P°“" - appherl power Izvnl /volts the area

A gwd undemand-us of the theory of - erreurl/loop resrstanee/ohm. - vrsrble eommou bondlng wrth
how lucalmg Equipment work~ anrl the other lrnes

llmllatlom of the technology rs enneal ' -‘ml-mt-E3’ sell-ng , .

for ~olv|ng lrne lncatlng problems . ,,,,3.},,,d of Slgnal apP;,ca,,,,.. ' ‘°|"‘d“ "‘°‘“"" ‘’b‘‘‘‘“

The more you understand about system Mapping

how lncalmg equrpment worles, the ' Plmmrnl of ground «akc ‘

greater your ehanees of sueeess when Remivep ' Gmm‘ ma 0‘ 1"“ "°"“"“Y "°'
troubleshooting This rnlorrnatron rs WW" ‘° ml“

neederl to help deterrnine the possible - Note the number and lumen of . 0;; Set ,,,m..,e.,,.e,.,,. .91,“ (mm 3
eonrlruons that exrst whreh may be all ~-gm!» d-awed an we while mom,“ Pom

cmatlng the problem at hand pczfvnmng a Mgnal ~'\ml> and

seareh of the srte. - Number of lrnes in the area
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