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- Physical make-up ot the line sharing mmmon bond with other lines adiustmznts and trying again to see it
. . in the area and any topside metallic your problem is solved.
- Proximity of splices, tees or tui-ns . . .
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depending on system with the smug“. and /0! Shape ofym“ Tmubleshootlng pr}olilem locates
- Location or top side access point(s) locatable signal held on your target “l‘:“_t*"““_“‘°‘ "“:“ Sfh‘““‘ “$3?”
to underground target line line. 3 E‘ 3"” "“’ °“ “.5’“““ ‘“
unacceptable, especially in congested
Reason - consider the size and type of line utility coi-ridors. Line locators who
. . you are trying to and, including the paint a big question mark on the

U5‘ V°“’ ““°.‘“°“"“ 5"“ ‘“d“°“"* construction characteristic, type ot line ground or paint the words ”l1:md dig
'“5°““‘S =""“5- and depth ot line and it the target line nnly" on the ground are not helping

- Keep in mind that there might be is physically attached to another line at anyone. These types ot declaration
mm; dtgmni cause, tn, the Problgm a common point. marks contuse excavators and also
ya“ 3,2 2xPe,,E,.d,.g and Wm; cause them to lose faith in the entire
possible solutions tor each possible call befvre ye-I dis Pwcess» if you have
cause. Take actiim by using the process yO U a Ve a a difficult In’:-are at hand. ye“ shwlei
otelimination, beginning with the most _ _ awn IL Nuhfy the excavawr of the
iugimi Eu‘-rgcfivg mm. 0, adjustment un-detectable line or ditticult situation
to overcome the most logical cause ot dl ff’ Cult /0 Ca te and get them it-valved and ask if they
the problem. After taking coi-rective can help solve the puzzle. Damage
 you ..i.,u.i W... ...n.. at hand, you Preventiunwshared r‘5='P°“»"“>““Y
to see if you fixed the problem. Don't . and men lakes fieamwork Be a seed
overthink it: start with the simple 3 hou  Own It damage prevention partner and ask tor
checks and equipment adiustinenis and help when ye“ need it I

go troin there, eliminating one possible M N h h P d d Cw
cause at a time until a solution is tound. Take Adi” ix SWOHXPY is t a rest int an

, I c/ utiliiy TY/zmmg At‘/liiemy. Bob has my 25

' C“““d°‘ ‘"2 “““d‘“"_"" "“d‘ smn with the most likely cause and years DfPXpNlIvl{E in lhefItli1ofi4(iliiylonz(—
3‘ °°“d“°“"“,Y “‘ Y°‘" ‘“,“ 3"“ pzoceed from there using the process mg and damage prweviliovl. rm aatstiims
“W ‘““‘’‘““‘‘’‘‘Y “‘ ‘h“ 5‘“‘r ‘’““a‘ of elimination. Dim'l overlook the or caininriits, 8011 can be mzrhed at btIb@
‘“‘“““°“=' “Y °‘“*5 °‘ “"‘“ b“"‘°“ obvious. Take action by making atasrarcii com.

lines in the area that may or may not lie

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