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Pipeline Safety 
ave you ever ilown in an ierleral agency—Lhe u.s. Departnient oi irom a plane several thousand ieet
airplane? At this point in Transportation. in the air has to be more spectacular
history, if you are reading when mmflhmg bad happen‘ to an than inspecting the pipeline from the
this, the odds are you . ground
b H , h A i d i airplane, the pilot is literally always
proa y ave. reyouarai o __ _ . . __
considered a possible cause. when A lot oi the training ior pipelines is
flying? If so, why? If not, why nut? The . . . .
soinething bad happens to a pipeline, sinnlar to the training required oi

overwhelniing maiority of people who ‘h 1 ‘ _ 1 _ I Yh d _ b M I

fly reaoh their destination saiely. in tact, ‘W’? ‘“ °*’““ °’‘“ “ W” P“? ‘ Y‘ °. ““3“' “‘ :°"‘.‘“ ‘

considered a primary suspeet. and inaintain airplanes. situational
one could argue that transportation . . . .
. , awareness is a critical iactor in both

to and irom the airport is tar more one big diiterenee; when an airplane “ i~_ H“ mm to mm mm” mm
dangerous than ilying itselt (no, l crashes, the pilot is ALWAYS the finl to h d)*,’, V.“ ‘h d ‘ ,,, PM
have not researched the “ 9“ ’““ "“ ‘!;:’_|‘?¥ENfr"m;P;|_O
atzlllsllcs) A remarkable WHAT YOU ARE
thing about airplanes is DONG, If .‘ d ,1
that today's airplanes are _ . ' l“h.°:°“
amazingly reliable. what ’:‘"‘t"t§‘ ' ‘“ “
happens when there is a V “_ °“ ‘h”°‘“:h";°:f'
problem while an airplane L :‘ ‘;‘e“‘ '53“ E d“
is in the air? Pilots are V 4 ° 11 °“ 2 gm“.
trained to deal with \ 31” ‘“§hV°“ WE“ "T
probleins. sonie pmbllzms \ ea, , Y‘ 1”“ ““ '“ 9 “"
are worse than others é - x I 4 31” ""5 V3“ W“ °“
Most are ininor. some 7 2 g’°““

require heroie action. There is no need to be
can you say "Miracle on atraid of ilying and
the Hudson"? captain there is no need to be
sullenberger will tell you atraid of pipeline. but
he does not consider hirnselt a hero. the seene of the crashl [know 7 l ani a both demand respect.

He was well trained and used his skills pilot and the pilot sits at the iront of the

to identity the best option Lives that airplane. That is not always true with ”““L'h“°"“, ‘““° ’ “"9 “"““' "“d b‘ *"‘°
could have easily been lost were not pipeline operators. °“‘ “'9' '

because of the decisions sullenberger . h

inarte and the wily he implemented ffm§°m= umgjlf gvbmg I» 0'"; 0;

, ore orn unc a e inomen so

thin? dermor-~t H-wen been the film“ ‘emf! (Thaw myfimy and , am /aliii r('fm'd/ram PHMSA and IS rllrrmfly
movie flamflg Tory‘ Hank» yet, but I mckmg ‘D iii‘ mum not find a mum) vice Prrsldcnf a/pipeline S_l/slmu Carlxph—
undmtand H 1» fmrly venlhtw A‘ a PM mm the mm am“ up ante and apemtioiis siwicrs far c2 Plzri‘—
why are we talking about airplanes getting your lieense to leai-n wears off, ""5, LLC 5”" /"’"‘ /""‘1’1"‘*‘82"5»“”"
when this is supposed to be about a lot of flying ls (at least to rne) boring.

pipeline safety? Think about the As boring as it may be, you still have to

siniilarities Both teohnologies started stay vigilant. Things can go ironi boring

about the sanie tinie (the early laws). to terriiying quickly! The sanie holds

both airplanes and pipelines are true for operating a pipeline There may flflfl
extremely reliable. when either one be some pipeline personnel who get a 5 s t 7 2 3 \ 4
has a iailure, it has the potential to thnll out oi staring at a pipeline control T ? '§ 7 3 3‘?
be eatastrophie with both, there is inonitor (a lot like an air traffic control %

thepotznlialthallnnocentpzoplc monitor) on atleaolfozms Ihatio gg 
could be injured or killed. Airplanes not the same as flying an airplane 5 -3 5 9 3 2 7 3 1 ‘
are incredibly complex and so are npelines are in the ground Yes, they as § Hun
pipelines l-ilots and pipeline operators have to be patrolled at specinc intervals '5‘ 9 4 2 5 7 l 3
are typically very well trained. both depenrling on the pipeline but it is not “ 2 ‘ 7 3 , ‘ 4 l 9
are highly regulated by the sanie the same as taleing off, navigating and an

iinrling a saie plaee to land. The view
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