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2. Uncertainty oi the entnteement prnccm ~pcc1f1::\lly and hnw n
OHIO would Weed.
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WE ““‘”‘ <\wncrs can cntcr and
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mquc,“ mm 2,, p£\nIc~‘, krymg tn Work ent the ~pcCxfics that ncndcd mvhlng
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E‘ Wwk Smply 5‘, m Icgwlahlrc. we were nhn lucky thnt we had cht1mpmn~ ernnt
"W, 0,,“ mg, mmplm. cmwc |n both the Ohm sennte and the Ohm Houac. Tht. pr()ccs~'
T the (mum “mm and dud pmvcnl any smgln sh:\n:holdcr!mn1 getting nu nt whnt
cm“. Wu, Mmmt they wanted but overall got us what we needed tet a ~‘:\[L‘r
envnenment. QE
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s¢Ve<| type mdmp. And vxnn owner Iypex Na “Mm m,__m,mm
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""""' T“"“ "‘"" I219»-rnrwsavfn-— on bulon you 549- ,

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we vexummend wan?! nu the 2 wdkox mu screen ‘ ,

shown below e ,, ‘

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Eomplelt Questlonalrz ' ‘M  ‘ ’ ’ ' ~ v ‘

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Crlltl Account and Puswvrd
Do you know what's below?
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