Page 3 - Damage Prevention Journal 2017 Issue 1
P. 3

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I Ccurgr: Gillespie
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I Iasun Hmvl-=5 5 Many tartan Impact :all\.nlLunL~, from xncrcawd
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Lam-xdn\.1hu — \\n-»|cxn mm.‘ and c0nuncr:I:\I ::m~tru:tIun pm}L~ct~, to me
:u—:=,2ru41u gmcmmunl'~ conunluncnx In upgrade the nam)I1’~ utllny,
He. Mb‘ WP. W plpclmc cxp:\nMuI\ and other key pxpclmc pmyccts The-~e enen. have
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,1... Hc,.,.,,. ulmnntc damage prcvclilmn goal ofnmkxlig Ohm me \afL*.~Xplacct(>l1\.c
I ,.“l,m >\m,.,,m,‘ eL,\.M.e m and work around buncd nnlme-~
k- wdH\~W H — E-New ("hm once again, I would me to thank all of me ad\'L~nI~L'r~, ~tan and parlncr~
«W m, :11 Ana: who ~upp()r[ and pmdilcc Thu Dnwngu wezmmu [mmml 1: h bc::\u.~L*
‘r,W—1T:~n‘«‘-L‘ LLH of your contlmlcd dL~d1canonto>afcty that we are able to pm(cclOh1()’x
m mm m uupw .e_e c1[IzL'n~ and Imdcrgmund mfraxtructum
- —' - , ~ - 1 _ — Ru M L: v~amII7
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