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From Pipe Dreams to Reality
A recent executlve order may pave the way for more natural gas plnellnes In the slate
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fnlluwmg nn ereerrtrye ereler slgncd by welcomes the Trump adm|nl~tml|on's O i h K d K 1 k_
Prestdent Donald Trump that am tracks new approach — and the construction “‘ " ' ‘1T""|"’E°_ F_""“gl“ mi‘ "°“ 
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the volumv: et dlggmg acllvmcs rn the of lengthy enrrrennrental mvlcw~ et :_X“‘;“'Vt‘ °'dt‘t_'jdt ht‘ 2S=5‘"“'“g"“X“°
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The exeerrtrve order, ugnnd by the  Ohm to n terrrrrnal rrr VVashlcnr1w
prcsldrsnl on lanrrary 24, calls ter the mum ’ ' County, Michigan.
.peeely rolerrtrtrratron of "Hugh Pnunty Th KN _ C T K1 K
lrrtr.r.trrretrrre Preyeet. to whlclt Ferleral "All of rr. ..ry the .arne (lung: rt makci * ““‘ “* ‘““°"“‘*'°“ P'P* ‘“
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U (I h K _ lhouianda of ,ola. 7 rt net mllllons, rt “‘ _ ‘C “‘}f’“' “Y ‘’ h"K"t““‘ 5;“ W“

n er t e order, gevernor. or you mdude an Plpnhm 7 “mm caslcm 0 re to soul Last Mrr lgan,
henrlr et eertnrn teolernl nxccullvc Wm. M ‘hf Amman Warm and zrtcurdlng lo the pro,eet welmte.
rlepartrnent. and agenrre. rarr eall ter
a mm m Mme Enyrrenrrrental arrol
h h mm V K landowner groups‘

5 P ’ ~ - wrth concerns 'lbuul
dnalgnallun The . _K ' h f’ 1‘
executive order -, _ 2 1. ‘ ° '"‘:’““‘(f ““
reqrrrre. the whrte ; P‘°“° ' "'1' ‘°";“
Home Comm‘ on /K V rnrrnrerpn rtre. n ong

. the rerrte, eele to


.tyrnre een.tnretren
Qrrnlrty te erther é , _ I — _ _ _
that ole.-rgnatron , — 1 » '-*—~»—_* l__ “f I H
wltlun 30 days of t . . KL“ “ L“ ‘K’-“M '-t‘"‘
lznrh pmrcn wlll I than trerrr the pun:
be eyalrraterl fur . . Dpponl:ma' tonccxlw
.eyernl tnetor. \ rnrlrrole rerrrrnrrrrrty
to deterrnrne 1r_~« > : ’ ‘» r j aairsty, pmpnrty rrghl~,
cllglblllty, mtludmg wrlellrte pmlcctlon
"Impoxtr1nr:L‘ to the general welfare, and land/water qrrnlrty r..rre.-
yalrre te the Nntren, enyrronrrrental makca -Is cumlavt-tlvv an a global
benefits‘, and such other factors as the scale/’ Icnmivr Mud» B“‘]"""'f” “Md ‘M 3”‘ P‘P°l'"°’
Cha-rman dnvrm m1cvant»" If a PWJC“ she al~u rnentroneol that ohre haw‘ "f.l§'lCddl°d.a):/M "10 firm.‘ ‘hsn F'Pdm§~
"Wt" ‘hm °"“"‘“t W‘ °X=°“'"° lreeerne r kn v la '0: rn the re ren wrth U C m “S Y) ‘rm’ W‘ a “:1 an
oreler calls ter "expedited prereelrrre. h ‘  ’. , f h “""'“’“"‘“"‘ ‘“ “P “°"““""' “"
and dmdhm M mmplcmm of t C cont-nut =\ C vvmnnt v I c tmn~p1.»rl|ng gn. nnrl hnznrolorr. lrqrrrol.
cmmnmcml mm,’ and appmvala Utém and Mafrccllus Shalitr t;’t’€;:‘lY5l‘ by plpclmc la ~afr:I anol leis cxpenalvc
ter .-rreh pm‘L‘:l~," mqurnng teoleral ‘:l’n“““K;5‘ than tmnsvortattvn by m-Iran
agenere. te glvc the '-hrghe.-t pnunty to mmmd In [M mm mm M M "Companlcs lakr: ..rtety a. a lugh
wmvlntmg auch mvlcm and wpwv-11~' damn mm, mm”, Ea, Wm Fwd pnonty nnol work wrth eernrnenrtre.-
53’ ”'° °"“b““‘“d “““d""°° “"5 ““ trerrr wycil te e.r.t rn the Unllcd Slams, to Prtmdn them Wtth the rctourrcs
nccemazy and appruprmlc means." Tu Em “W Pmdums m Ohm Km looking they want," Jennrter we "Damagc
Pmnt "s=m°~' -‘mm magma ttw" (0 move gm produced ln the .t.rte to pmvem-on -> key Thaw my lab»
teet, a wntten erplnnatrorr from agency mm lmmm rn ml, W, Ta,,gm.._ Twenty or 30 year. ago we dldn’t have
P-cadt to the Wlutv H0-he h required ,,w,,L,d Roma. EXP,“ that mmhc, pe.rtren. llkc that, but new we havc
ter any aelay.. [mm mmdu to Oh“, ,, now bl‘ pe.rtren. llkc rnrne te pmlcct the plpc

olrreetronnl rn eroler to move resources‘ and tttt‘ =°t“'"“"'t'“°-" U
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