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lot has ehanged m «he l7-plus begrns and «hroughou« «he proeess. “A. I] dun“, one of am mmgs , found
years LhatlBndan VI»-/}l‘ll(ll~ has I The law says Ihl: lrnes mIl1~l bdc exlposed mm advmmgem“ m ‘hf MW law b the
d H 2cr(Ij}|1lnlvoT\l'v: mi‘ lnillonn a« eae erossmg pumt  «re  r o mflkmg mmdmd‘ A“ {mm}, “mm
n mg m ro. re «er nrque as ereayauon, erposmg a para e rnes and Comm mm“ m lowing m a

gone mam a novelty m «he la«e was a« begrnnmg and end of each «renehless We "mm, .0 mm‘. m mm, m mad
used moslly by hber opur rnsmllers, exeayauon lo «he dep«h of nxcnvatlon no mm Wm pm of the mm yuwm
lo a hequem praenee rn many uulrry and r: drggmg rn «he «oleranee zone, m ,. he md

rns«alla«rons due to us mlnllvc safcty rn po«hole every 100 h ’

eomparrson to open «renehrng. WM“ Bum “mm m the mdumy E:i:;2mScEd
"Ovnr «he las« zu years we wen« from 7 and umrl «he brll was srgned rn«o (0 mm “mum Sums mmpmw
drreeuonal bunng as an opnon for law rn Deeember zul-l, «hal was ,us« a Nd mymg (mm M mcdmdg to
inslallnllun, «o almosl berng a serondary reeommendanon wr«hou« «he roree of 5|’gmfy ‘hm mm mm” M ml‘ the
mu] m an excavator s arsenal, Ennn law. some rasndrous eon«rar«ors hke “W W Ohm adopmd mm coding
sard "l«'s beeome very eommon " Ennn po«holed «hroughoul «he name, mmmméndnd by [ht Amman Pubhc
Changcg .0 am ,,,,.CV. dfl"|flgC Wlgk oéherll e;P°~ff_‘_on1v at ‘he mm works Ass-oeranon «or both flags and
prevennon law Bnnn helped rrah m “" ‘“ "” ‘° " “” “““"““ porn! The moat common eolors wed by
eooperauon wr«h O.U.[’.S. and o«her "Them are some guys, mysleli rneluded, Ohm ‘Melon are red for elecmc, yellow
rndus«ry prolessronals arm «o put who would 2>(CilVflIL‘I1'1D~E porn«s «o for natural goo and other ga»~eou~‘ and
drreeuonal dr-rllers all on «he same yer-rry rl you are runnmg elose «o «he petroleum-booed PY°d“E|»r0!r1“$“°Y
fouling and make «he praenee even iaclllty," he sard "I don'« wanl «o rrsk eomrnurueanonar blue for Potable Water
saler. Those rledglmg laws are hmrng a damage, so l’ll lake extra s«eps «o and green for sewers and dram»

«herr full s«nde now and are having a vcnty «he loea«e and drg r« up a couple Mdmomuv Cmmm am new
posmvn rmpae« on «he mdus«ry, he sard. of «rmes Those «hmgs were good mqmmd to rug Mum Wm ‘D mm M
Dunng hrs «rme as presrdem of «he  "“,,““ “g"' "‘“ "W ‘‘ 5 "“”" area where the ohggrns nrnvrty WI"
Ohm l-lor-lzomal Drreenonal Dnlllng ’—"- oeeur, prror «o eallrng 811 (wrlh some
Assoeranon (now a pr1rlofCmaI Ensur-mg «hal every horrzon«al dr-rller rs e><CePl|Dm|- Thr~ method called ”whrte
Lakes Trenrhless Assoeranon). Enan po«hohng a« regular rn«errVals lmprovcs hnrng" help» the locotor to »~ee exmly
and o«her slakeholders helped desrgn «he sa:e«y of the job, bu« r« also l2v2l~ where the one r-, and «;rve~ them a
por«rons of SB 373 and o«her damage «he playmg field among eon«rae«ors. better rdeo of the aoope of the Proleel»
prevennon regula«rons wrlh «he goal Mos« u«rh«y owner/opera«ors have That way they mark only the Move
D;.,m;y,,,g the ,,,d.,,.,,, and P,md,nE sr«e wlueh saves resourees, reduees
claxificnllun on rmpor«an« aspee«s of «- , :r   .  . unneeewry Pmnt on streets and

eaeh underground rob Hrs por«rons of —V - — v V V r ‘~ V srdewalks, and generally makes «or a
«he law iocuscd on lus area of erpernse  V V V - - V _ mneker response tune for everybody
«renehless operanons, where hrs ‘ ' ' Anmhm mm 0‘ dm Mwway
“*"“"°“‘“ “*5” “‘ 'h“ ‘“" °‘“ °‘ d‘‘‘ ' ‘ — , ‘ ‘\ ‘' eommumea«ron berween exeaya«ors and
19"“ . , ~, » . - . \V \ loea«ors addressed m SE 373 rs a eoneep«
"1 ,us« mrssed «he Level 3 boom when V I ‘ ' ' enl1ed"l>o-We ‘T‘P°“‘¢ ”

«hey eame «o Ohio," he sard, miernng ’ ‘z’ * ‘ ‘: L ‘ ,,[,m“m mpumw hugn R,‘ Emu),
lo the rommunreanons gram «ha« began : .. \ - , r . , \, .. gwmg mm mm: mmmummum
mslalllng fiber opur hnes rn «he s«a«e rn ~ ~ ‘ r V — V mm filmy mug“ and [mum bark to
«he mrd-l99us- "1 s«ar«ed m on a shovel, V , ‘ g - , — g —, . — u s _ / mmmm ,, Em“ ’md ’

and l have done almos« mVery«hrng ‘ ' " '  ” ’

«ha« ean be done when r«eomes «o _ -, : gr :’ _ —_ g. 3 Bnnn sard m «he pas«, mmmunlcatlon
drree«ronal dnlllng,” Bnnn sard ”['vc «ended Io go only one way — «rom

sold nqulpmcnl, opera«ed «hem and eon«rae«ors Io loea«ors, wr«h 011 vs as

, . pmfczred firsqucnl po«holrng as a
l vc had some gmal oppurlunltles along , «he rn«ermedrary If a loealor ran rn«o
s«andard prae«ree, bu« ohenlrmes drdn l ,
«he way. But I s«ar«ed m ,us« drggrng _ a problem on «he srle, or weren « able
speerry u m «herr remres«s for proposal.
holes and runmng a shovel Drg r«, and «o ge« «o «he iaclllty wlthln «he 48-hour
,. con«rae«s were [mqucnlly won by ,
bnckfill r« — wrndow, «hey drdn « have a way «o relay
eompames that eame rn wr«h a lower am to the mmmm

He ehuekled a« «he srmplreuy of lus bud who med money by pothvhns 1e~~

early days m «he rndus«ry, bm a lo« goes imqucnlly. But now that ohro requrres ”We would eall B11 and show up on
rn«o a honzanlal dnllmg rob ln many «hal aenvrry aeross «he board, «he bar sr«e 42 hours laler wr«h fingers erossed,
ways, r«'s mueh more eompler «han for sare«y and damage preyennon has hoprng Ihl: raerlrues were marked," he
rns«allrng u«rlr«res rn an open «renrh, bu« been rarsed sard. "If r« wasn'« marked, responsrble
«here's s«rll plen«y of drggrng «ha« «akes Anmhfl Pmmm dmumgn “wand eon«rae«ors would «ake «he next s«ep
place onsr«e and reeall, demobrlrze and meur «hose

by “"3" '“ 0"” ‘W’ ‘W eosls bu« some uvs would make «ha«
A melhod ralled ”potl\uI|ng" rs used mronsrs«eneres m «he rolors and mm’ tmyou jwmn,‘ make and ml
to expose underground raerlmes and me«hods used by loea«ors «o mark ,
_ zxcnvatlng. Then you re pu««rng people

gel a posrnye yrsual on «he loeanon uulrry rrgh«s of way. at risk,

DfeXl~Ungf;1Cllll|I:s belore «he dnllrng CONTINUED ON PAGE 17

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