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hy is it with the most Their explanations are pertectly The process ot change will involve
technologically advanced rational and persuasive to all who will establishing methods to modity
locating equipment in accept the status quo or the majority business behaviors, communication
the history of locating opinions ot those who have resigned requirements and even modifications
underground utilities, damages still themselves to second best. to existing laws and/or regulations
occur due to a mismarked line or . . .
7 . . Yet such individuals or organizations Developing a more ettective damage
pipe. Excavntlun equipment is now , .
are being passed by everyday by prevention program in any location
manutactured with satety in mind. . . , .
_ _ . those with tar less ability who haven t requires that attected stakeholders
The great push toward sott digging , .
_ leanied what can tbe done Damage will be requlrzd to have direct contact
or properly exposing underground . . .

. . . . . _ . prevention is a totally ditterent concept and at ditterent levels than claims-to-
tacilities is certainly a step in the right (11 Id 1. ,0‘ d _ 1 . S‘ k 11 Id H. . H .
direction, yet damages continue to Th“ ‘"1’ ’?“l‘“5 ‘ E “‘““f°“' ° “Ii”? 3 ° " ;’ Pjf. “*"“h°“‘}:“ “
Om" and in mm? lmfim a‘ an e ac ive in eres o excavn ors, co a ora ve par ers lplwl o er
alarming ma locators, underground tacility owners, stakeholders will be required.

""°’“‘°’”' ‘mt’. “.“"‘?°.“‘°" "am lnstead ot saying ‘That will never
Not so long ago, we heard trom a regulators, municipalities and one call ,, .
V _ _ . . happen, we are going to have to
contractor whose solution was to centers is critical to developing a long ,,
. _ _ . . answer the question; How would l get
are anybody on his crew who had lasting damage prevention pmgmm . . ,,
. thrs done, in really wanted to do II7

adamage. rhatmight work, but to ‘ I I _‘h _ 1 k h M _

my knowledge It has never worked h';",‘:‘,‘ry  a:°,.‘,{E“m‘m"l ,,::;nm,, How can you make a difference? lt you
betore. And you will certainly run out of ‘he Gammon émunfi Alliflnle ’ believe working together can make a
of employees somewhere down the (cm) 11 ‘h H b ‘E ‘ ditterence, get involved in creating the
line. surely we've all learned by now Enhanéxagf as’; ::d:c:’;am;’ 2’ process that promotes etiective damage
that its not "Did you have a damage7" ‘Y . 3 ’ prevention and accountability.

,. H to underground tacilities. CCA
but why did the damage occur? that _h
mm be undmmd‘ R2glol1nl‘!’nr|nera ips are built upon Henry Ford was once qunled to say,
the principle that satety and damage "Whether a man thinks he can or

why did it occur? was there a tailure prevention is a shared responsibility he can't do a thing he is iight " we

in the process to prevent the damage? lmprovements in underground can allow the current frustrations,

or did everybody do everything that facility satety and damage prevention tailures and disappointments to create
was within their level of expertise and are dependent upon getting all insunnountable obstacles tor us or

the damage still occurred? We've got stakeholders to embrace this principle. we can choose to make these same

to get beyond trying to assign blame Each of “S Wmkmg Wflmly Wm challenges be the cement that binds us
based solely on Are there marks on Y b M I I. _h h I H i all together to accomplish our common
the ground?" and "Are the marks on or   '5” ‘K1 Zxjer“ goal You dDn’t really know who you
om" The solutaons may involve better {Q an of M ‘D “(Md as a mm 2 No a, What ya“ cm accomplish unfit
training sxpznence level or tailure to V‘. ’ ‘*2 _ _. 1 ’ Ed 3 you understand this vital point about
comply with policies. but the idea ot {’h"‘:" ‘°_‘.‘tP"’f .:‘°““f';" “E. _ the power at positive thinking.

”You had a damage and you are gone," _ 1 K13‘ V_"A;;":’ ° 11 2 "“l:°“‘

duwflmulvg an of thesemuei sta e o ers. itiona y, eac we trust that we can convey to you

Y r .
_ stakeholder group has ditterent needs ]usl how vitally important you are to

either short or long term. [1 ,d k be 1 __

I I I t at we never now a ut un ess we the ettorts to keep ohio a sater place to
we cannot maintain an ettective made the ettort to work together. live and work, and far one very good
damage preventionor pipeline satety “mg Md’ and mm ‘mm ‘M arel a
"’°g”"“ by ““‘‘”“"“g ”‘‘’’'E “““"'“°“‘ stakeholders are critical fur the creation r t t :-
witli a simple yes or no. Fmm company » i W i 1 m ‘h. f er e""'"e" 5 e’ W W W
to company and mm m mm W Wmk o a s ng enoug i par ers ip or _/zedblzck@dml1ngepr?tIeItflonjmtrrml caiii.

. . . making ettective changes to our
with organizations who have resigned d V ‘. H L_
themselves to the tact that things can't “““g° Pm 2“ ‘°“ ° °‘ “
or won't change
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