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" 've been in business tor over shock when he drives a post into the tor marking their own lines e otten by
40 years and never hit any ground so he can put up a tencel l-le's using a local»: service (They are the
underground lines. why should l "nut in the countxy" — nowhere near a one» with the ‘magic wand’ — srwml
call am" road right-of-way! ”Well, yes —I think it penetrating radar among other things )
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WE“, Joe, in am thing’ you,“ did used to be a pasture. so what? > mailfhsa: !td22s::1]“|‘l:d~ to
breaking the law it you don t. tn the The Plpelmz and Hazardous Materials (hgging Pm and iwing you a 1mm
past 40 years, while you were busy > gaiety tidmimstration (Pl-IMSA) gem _ Wimp mm you wmphed
NOT digging into underground utility rs a umted gtates Department of with the law NW you are dean and
lines way out there in the country, a Transportation agency created in mm 7 my kgfll Ag ‘mg as ya“ dun,‘
tew things were going on: Lines were 2004, responsibletor developing and ms Mm“ 18 magi ’Df the O;m_de of
being extended turther and turther entorcing regulations tor the sate, mug“ hm . M
V , _ . , yuu re go .

out into the country, never mind some reliable, and environmentally sound

lines were already out there hetore you operation of the us’ 2.5 million mile ‘Tm insured", you say? No, not tor
ever started being an excavator. No, not pipeline transportation. lt oversees the this, you aren't, not it you don't have a
cable or phone lines — natirral gas and nation's pipeline intrastructure, wluch ticket. Su!pu~'2d77

oil pipelines were there. They added accounts tor 64 percent or the energy Immm mm mm hm be “H

the cable, phone, water and sewer lines commodities consumed in the united ’ . F‘ _ _ 5

later states Made up of the oitice ot Pipeline “‘“""‘g "“““‘ f” '°”‘‘‘° ‘" ‘1“’”‘ W1“

' S f “ d m Om ‘H d _ don't call betore they dig e and have
when the pipelines were laid, the “ “Y “" ° “° ° “Z” “‘ the ticket to prove it. They may have
. Materials satety. . ,

design was to go through that Pilld last year, but not anymore. why.
countryside in the most direct way to PHMSA is Federal and is eniorcmg You have violated the law If you hit a
get their contents where it needed to underground saiety it your state line — let's say you cut a $25,000 iilier
go No one checked with the cities as to doesn't have penalties within their optic phone line wows But worse, no
where they might be expanding over laws, PHMSA can and will levy one can call 911. the lire department,
the next 40 years — these were oil and penalties — which are quite steep. hospital». ducts" — it's a really had

gas operators. They laid that pipe in insurance never, ever pays fines and thing, leading to all sorts of potential
the quickest, most direct way possible penalties 311 has gotten legislation lawsuits someone has to pay for this

— and they spared no expense getting it through that mitigates some ot these damage — but wait.’ e YOU have a locate
done, either. penalties tor violations, because ticket. For which you can thank 311

. PHMSA is not of a mind to torgive a without it, you are on the hook fur ALL

Th“ °“‘ ‘}‘“’“‘5‘‘ ‘°‘"‘"Y"““ “ “’°"d” iirst-time ottense. of it. And there is no coverage anymore
they cut through areas where roads in Wm happmcd

would someday pass; they ran near Ioe, it almost doesn't matter who you

small towns which would later become are and what you are doing. These so, Joe —I know you're a busy man,
liig towns and cities Forty years is a days, even a homeowner driving a and you Can“ Wait“ hwr~' to get a lob
long time e time tor the ground to move post to put up a tence, or a surveyor moving and all that e liut l think you
and "walk” — mostly tor those pipelines setting stakes — it you poke a hole in the are a man man, too. I think yw can

to shitt, not to be where they were put ground, the law says you HAVE to call see it i—~'n'I wmh n~l<-ng everything you
long years ago. Those old paper maps 811 Every time have You didn't make it in -18 hours e

ust amn'l all that accurate an more. ,, ,, H but you sure can lose it over a 43 hour
I I Y OK rY°“ “Y 5° ‘ “'1 311' “’}‘“‘ wait. Yourinsurance com ariv can't
It's a lot easier to hit 1 i eline toda are the onna ([07 How do the find P '
’ . ’ ‘ P P V Y3 ' , Y. help you, but 311 can prevent them

than it was back in the day Those whats under where l in gonna dig it from needing In

expanding low|'L~' have put pipelines those maps aren't accurate? They have

smack within their city limits And some kind ot 'magic wimd’?” You'll soon be telling your customer
over the years, there have been quite he can't have it tomorrow. Yuu have to
a few unknown contractors who have whe" 3'“ ‘ail 3“ ““dh‘°“ :*'°‘“ WE‘: call 311 By the way. I02, be sure to tell
"nicked" a line trom time to time. Now Y3: “lint-l ivh 1:; lien; i P” Elan} In your triends that times have changed
and then, a homeowner gets a real " ° 5831"‘ _“g§°;"‘ U’ X”? ‘f_‘ 2 ‘° — they'd better call 311. Their insurance

wait ours w ii e a t e ints get can,‘ help (hm whey .
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