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OSHA reeurd, and could be used as the Law Judge whu wlll ~chedul2 a hearlng. mp 0; ,,L}.¢,,. W1“, M. mm. ;a,,.,;,a,
basls for a repeal vlolatlon, ll a ~lnulax The judge may uphold, rnudlfy, or Wnh Pmpe, mm, pmmdum
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perlod. peualry me employer hm dlallenged. ' Fumllyr If you have a Problem

onee the ‘udge hm ruled, euv partv lo f°“°Wmg an ‘">PEC"°“/ mmult a

laeeause oi the seyeruy ul uuurre. and M (N may mqum A hmhér mpew good a...,mcy who ,. uX,,c,, m
““‘T““‘°>' °‘ “‘°““‘* ‘"‘“d““S “d by the Renew cemuussrou Rulmgs of hm-dlmg OSHA mailm Q
eonaned ~p2I:E (llanon~ OSHA usually

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severe p2nzIltlE~.Cllauol1~ eau even be Wha| is a "Slate Plan" Stale? W, SMPW , “W W, Bf uW,Xm,W,
 H Tw2nty—f'lv2 slazes and Puerlo RICO SW5! '5fl"'T""9"’/ 1-EC — augplzrfy

admmlslex then awn saiztv and heath mflvww srvfvfy W M5 rm swim

contractor or -ml-ty» Pmgmm my Me ,E,em,d' m “N new to tumu‘l'l4(IiUl1, uclwrmun, and uflllly
Nutter of Cantrst 7 Anytlme wllhm 15 Plan” ~tr1les These slales mu~t adopt w("lmw'vs- Mm rfsfarilzfivs in Krww
wclxkmg day~ alzer reeerpl of euauous standards and euroree requrremerus that CW M"-l Lflfflymfr C01, MMWH5 Md
and propused peuelues, the eoulraelur are at least as slnngznl in the federal NH5'rW’1o Twm M '5' WW Ruck, My
has the rlglu to ale a Name of cumesl. requuerueul. Most of mm: slates have SW Lfikv City, Utah and San Amman,
A eupy of me Name of Conkmt must sumlax mspeenun proeedures to fedual Tm UWVXNIW Sflfffy Ewnvlumfy
be given to the employeE’~ aulhonzed OSHA. vwvrdvs salts, WW1 éawvmm; "PW
mP,m,,m,W H an empbyee F G d O R B K son/Me, and slzfrfy Inznmlg. l/.5.»
bmgmmg um doe‘ not war A copy ax: LenoacC|;IE:‘t:;I;:'Sr;‘-D: Ill: 1A.lxllzl/.Trerl4‘h5/zftly cum D1"ZUflVW

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V "W l. llll-W L 1;
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lull » =  - ' CALLED
W ‘fie ll  “i  J
- ~ Know what 5 HGIIIIN.
, _ ~ Call before ynudln.
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