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By him lamb:

“Public perception may be more important than regulatory requirements”
erently l was privileged to pipelines earrying many ditterent kinds lniormation Reportlng Tool), damages
have Roger Cox (a wondertul ot products. The PSRs only apply to to underground utilities today are less-
man, a true leader in damage speeihe types ot pipelines For example than halt what they were 10 years ago.
prevention, president ot ACTS water and sewer lines are pipelines but but they are still oeeurring. Earh and

and a dear trieiid) in the audience as l the PSRs do not apply to water and every one ot the designated stakeholder
presented a short piece titled "Pipeline sewer lines. Leaks and ruptures behave groups roiitinues to be atteeted by
Potpounl” at the pipeline satety & very dittereiitly depending on what ineidents assoeiated with pipelines
Awareness critiral lndustry summit at is in the line. Natural gas, crude oil, and, for that matter, damages to other
this year's Common Ground Allianee propane, gasoline, diesel ttiel and many underground utilities.
(CGAD Convention. I had lalkzd a other gasses and liquids are all canted what do“ all [hm have to do Wm‘
tew minutes about vai-ious pipeline by pipelines but behave verv dirterentlv
regulatory issues iiieluding ptiblie when released trom a pipeline ' P“b"“ l’“““l"“’“ “““ ’°5“"“°“'
' mqulrL‘mL‘nl~'7 Iusl this The publie does
edueation programs. Roger and l were
(hams aimmmm and h mmwmd The eommon message tor all — no not know the regulatory requirements
matter what is in the line, it you and it there is property damage,
that one ot my bullet points resonated
WM‘ hm‘ That bum Wm H ‘ht mm of reeognize a leak or a pipeline rupture environmental impact, or it someone
Hm Nude 1. DO NOT do 1lll_I/thing that would gets inronvenieneed, intured or
‘ ereate a spark or some o/ignitioii. killed and a pipeline is susperted, the
The regulations oi eoneern were 2. Get away from it - upwind or pipeline will get blamed. If the ineident
the pipeline s-atety regulations, 49 uphill far enough that you eantiot will sell air time or newspapers,
CFR Parts 190 -99 <Psl<s). Like many hear the noise, see or smell the the tourth estate (the press) will get
regulations — and virtually all satety sxtbstmlce escaping, or, ifit is involved The taets and the regulations
regulations — the PSRs establish looming, a safe alistartee from the beeome irrelevant. Any eorreetions
mlnlmum requirements: what is the flames. 3. Dial 911, explain your or retraetions wlll get buried iii the
minimum that a pipeline operator has eorieerns, anal follow instructions. newspaper and probably never
to do to be ”legr1l?" The [’SR~ are not, Finally, 4. lfyau know who the mentioned on the new~.
in my opinion, written tor the ”gnod" pipeline operator is and how to _ _
pipeline operators, they are written to eoritaet them, call the pipeline Th“ “‘“"“5‘ ‘° “‘° "P“‘““°" W1“
give regulatory ageneies enough tools operator. P‘P“'"‘“ ‘“d“’”Y “"11 h“V° b“'“ “"““
‘D W M ubadll PIPE,“ Dpmmh to and the east of energy will have been
_ what is the biggest problem with l’APs? needlessly inereased.
"“"“"" °’ “hm d°"""‘ ln mv opinion it is getting people
Parts of the PSRs- require pipeline (stakeholders)/to listen People in SAFE” PAYS! 5
operators to provide intormatioii to general (atteeted publir) have their lives
speeihe stakeholder groups (atterted to lead unless they have had a problem [aim retired/mar PHMSA and is eiirrrntty
public, eleeted ottirials, emergeney with a pipeline or know someone who viee l’rt‘sItl('l1ID/Pl;/VPIIIIA‘ system CD711;/l[l—
responders, and erravators) at has, the general public tus-t does not ante and opehitioiis services/or c2 [’i1rI—
minimum freq’-|}l‘nnClC5 lirtrmlnnnually care and has better things to do. The ,,..,,, LLQ mm; ,.,;,,, ,gfnbl(IL‘x2—'5_(nl"
to onee every rte years . T iese same goes tor politieians Emergeiiey
partietilar requirements are what is responders are typieally somewhat
ealled in the pipeline industry (and in more eoneerned but they have so 2 1 4 9 t 3 B
g1AeP[’SR) Publle Awareness‘ Program: or H'|fllI'Iy ufiher ll’alIIln‘g l’EqulrCd|'nL‘IItl~r 9 3 V 1 2 5 4 7
.. un  iere  can inning e uca on
 sir“:“;?:::;::.:::i::“:’.B:‘::,;.i e Em
information about hazardous liquid and P P ‘ g ’ E . '.:
1~ .  whatuelhev wlnldo ““=‘°°*"°*m‘ = 5 flflflflfl
3‘ P P ” ‘ —' ‘ hard to reaoh beeatise it is a highlv 9- =
lhev look like, what is in them, where . V = _= flflfl
— eompetitive held and there is never 4° 9
are they, what happens when they leak ‘ h _ ,, H b ‘f d ,, 1, t 
or ru ture what should be done it the r ‘“°“g ‘"“‘ ‘° ‘“ ‘ °’“ V“ '5‘ =
‘wk "" "‘l"‘"“7 0"“ 1“‘g° P"’b'“"‘ " laesides it will never happen to me!
P ’ ’ 3 [or many of the smaller excavators "' 
that there are ~omr1ny different lundsof V gnaan
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