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Ohio‘: 3-In Digging nuoureu
Do you know the One Call Law?

Directional boring -

anything but boring?

New O.Ll.P.S. headquarters

 on the rise

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An 1!lIlM5Ir_I/ X1’IJ[L'H1X up and doing I! right!
Think You Don't Need 811?  
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Nu ivulcrml ... lhis .,..i.i’ei..t... may be rcpmduccd .,. any tunu w|m- 2 ‘ Calendar of Event:/2017 45th Anniversary
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Hm publication  mm. {mm   M h: rclmblc. but Membership Meetms
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"°"""“"""‘°::“:,';'{j:;::;:jfl:°"‘°“”g°”“"1 ,3: j Making a Difference in Damage Prevention
OhmUI||mc.~ l'ml:cnnn Scnicc , ‘
Email /miii.iia., U4Wmgup!L'|‘UVI/l()H/outHHILOHJ JV) : V\/hat To Do when OSHA Comes Knockm'
mun Bclmum Aw. VOLl!\g\l$\Wn. on 4450:’
Th: Enhm (‘ulIlCnl\ cupynglncd 20!“ by  ‘ Iamb, Pergpecnve
om uiiium Prmcclion Scrvicc
'’‘''’‘‘“"‘'““’‘°‘‘” ‘‘‘''‘*'‘‘“‘’‘°’"‘ Q‘-.-.": 1 Sudoku Puzzle/Markerboard Report / New Members
2 E Damage Freventinn Juumal-EH17 Issue 2

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