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Declslon Makmg
ml ear wmtc an arhte lnlmum runwa CI’! (in on or u~'t Ctauaz some m ~' (.1 to ~ or
yl '1 M ylgllg b Lhg(kfff

about airplanes and pipelines for wel ninways heeause il harder sxamplc) happen onen does NOT mean

Like aulomolailes, lrurks and to slap an airplane on a wel runway lhey should be laken fox granled. Yes

lrains, airplanes and pipelines Minimum runway lenglh is also longer 99.9%‘ of all lakeolls are more or less
are essenlial ln soeiely as we know for redueerl pnwer lakeuns heeause |I nurmal 7 iusl like lhe overwhelming
il in lhe unilerl slales All demand lakes longer lo rearh flymg speed If malunty of errayaliuns when a one eall
respeel This morning lwas reading an less power is used. The co-pilot was lirkel hasheen called in, undergruund
arlirle about ayialion rleeision making splilliiig hairs laelween "damp" anrl ulililies have been properly marked,
wnllen by a relired airline pilol wilh "wet." His eharls only applied lo and good exeayalinn praeliees applied
over 23,000 hours in lhe air. His name "wet" runways Sduff simply asked But |f somelhing liarl happens, lhere
is Barry Sduff and he has aulhored lhe queslion; "What would you say mosl likely will be an inyesligalion and
over 1,800 aviaunn arneles (ln ease possilily liligalion.
Y“ “" ‘““"°"“" ”‘“"‘ “"°“‘ ""00 Du you wanl lo he lhe one Lha| has ln
hours as a pilol anrl mv ralher had his ,, ,,

1 I, I K 11 , 3 , e a cxplzun lhe dlffemncn lielween damp
pio s ieensew en nasvery young. / and,,Wd,,7
one of my rlad's layorile sayings was. I [/7 *
"Think befmr: yuu do soml:LhIng."' lam By lhe way, 1 have a perleel rerorrl as
almusl pusilive lhal he was nul lalking I _. av‘ apilul Every limelhayelaken off,
ahoul pipelines or airplanes but l am  m ai 9 lhave lanrledzl AND lhaye walked
posiliye lhal M was, and is, uxczllcnl n ’ away AND lhe airplane was nul
adviee. llapplies ln luslaboul eyery . . ’. damaged. Even lhough l have lanrled
human acuvlty anrl really hils home m V G l  E lhnusaiids of limes, l assure you llial l
wilh respm lo lhe ayinlion rleeision xx “ pay luls of allenlion lo landing safely.
making Sduff deserilied.) Anyway in , J7 Th h
in gm; 33:53 .,  
co—plk1l were in line lo lake uffma BIG ' ‘ ' W“ “"2 °“°‘ " °“*““ '"‘“
airliner. ln lhe "old days" liig airliners ‘ fig ‘ , _ 9;) b°‘°‘“-“E SAFE 0'" THERE“ fl
always used iull power lu lake off. I 5 <1} 6-3 Q
That was lhen Now, redueerl power ‘M ' -*‘ " Ioliii r('Im'd from PHMSA aiidiseiimillly
ean, unrler eerlain eireumslanees, he viee Prrsldmll o/mpeliiie 5_I/5I('m coaiplir
userl lo save ruel, reduee noise and save aaee rmd opemlioiis snoiers far c2 Plzrl—
wear anrl lear on expensive yel engines mrs, LLC. Emmi /aliii I/1CI21J1((L‘XZrlS.l‘I21II
There are extremely rlelailed eharls attl\c1\2aung7" Whathcaring? The
lhal arldress lhe proper eundilions for Nalional Transporlalion Safety Board
lake oils in airliners. l-ower sellings, heanng llial will oeeur if somelhing
conlml semng, lakenfl weight, wind happens anrl we damagc the airplane BEBE
speed, wind direelion, gusls, runway or snmeliody gels hurl flan
mama nen...u.,~o.a,.nn..r on manna
Aei-ilieal safety eoiisideralion for you euuld slup yuslas quickly uri a ‘.2 = 1 9 5 A 3 1 s 5 2
lakeuilis whellier lliereis enough damp runway as un a dry runway?" 3. 3 , ‘ 6 A 2 3 9 5 3 1
runway lefl ln abort lhe lakeoll If where is lhe line helween ’’damp’' and 3 %
snineihing goes wrong, linol, an "wet"ozbctwecn”dr1mp” and ’’dry’’? g s EHIIH
airliner cannot lake off. whalinighlgu munkrvfl made mv Palm Huwsm 3 9_i 2 it A L
wrung and when alsu raelors inlo lhe 7 — g 1 7 9 3 2
‘ S h.“,_ _ 1 I , V d is sale. The ~hurlansw£r— espeeially
“T” ‘°"‘ ‘ ‘ ” “’ P‘ ° ‘W ‘“°’"" is somelhin lii 2ns—l~‘ NOT sue flflflfl
lieeause lhe runway was "damp." 55 ‘PP *

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