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Universal Marking Standards Help Dominion Improve
Communication with the Excavating Community
he 01110 Un|vCr~‘£ll Marking brought to the committee The suggL‘~— uh N ("uni that the‘, undC,,.m,d What
Standards‘ were developed kl()n,s that riie eenirnirree considered the "mg, mean’/I ,.a'y. J,,,._ in an Cm,"
re make excavation n enter re be runs! werriiy er d|sEu~sii.»n and K, C,“ W W, m um ,,,,m,,m..,,,.,
endeavor ror all in oiiie— in need of EOn~‘ldL‘r£lKIOh were riien Dgmmm hm dmlopcd R W‘, ,0

ing clearly dei'-ineei .rend.rrei.- makL‘~ ir bmiigiir back re riie eeennie {Or riie Claw, Wm, .,,,,m,_,m. mu, m 5 mm
e.i.ier rer riie L‘XCa\/ilklon ((\mmunlly ultimate dL‘(l~‘l()n r1~t()Wl\Ct1'1L‘r or not Mr, W.,M,mfiC1,,ca,,,,g ,,m.d., by

to ripernre in riie ~'afebt, m()~t eirerrive re include riiein in riie iipei.ire.- mnhm dcfin".‘g um 1mm,“ “mg
rn-inner i>n»'Ibk'- Inn Mandrmi dam’ pi(tutL‘~ \’\’lK1'1 iomu iabeiing. Tiiey

nge prevenrion ~pL‘E|r1ll~tfuI Derninien ir 1‘ er |Ilrn0~l irnperrnnee K1'1r1l(0|'nl‘nu— found mm ,1“. MP. ,0 mi .Pm,'.,c,.
Energy, eoniee ITIIO di.eiie.ioii- irern nlcaklon \’\’|(l\ excavators mgarding riie dawn and Wm dC,,",m,C m (lE‘r|fy“‘E
riie pchpcctivi: er eiererrnining wiieriier marking .-ysreni l~ clear and iinirorniiy nth“. mum, In ,1m.,~ “,i,,C1, an be the
:hange~ will benei'-it Drinriniun. "If understood by the excavating :om— dmcmnm bcu,“.Cn ,.“Cm.g O, d..,,,-my
it's POMUVL‘ [or Dominion, then it will munity a~ a whole One of the revi~ion- m an cXm“m0n

likely be PUMKIVL‘ for riie excavating dlaflhscd riii~ year, riiar Jini was‘ in

(0|'nl‘l’I|Inlky as a wiieie." lzivur of and i. new being inipiernenreei ,3), ~CWlr‘g 0,, mm. m,mc,1,., 1.", day.

In the -Ipdalvw involvrd finding ‘“‘Y" iniernieei about eiienge. re riie D1110

These itaiidardi are reviewed every re eliminate riie l'nI~CUl‘nlT\lInlCr1llUn mg Law and ‘Wk, U, ,mP,,_,‘,L. gm.,y
two year~' by six damage preverition that can eeeiir wiien iomtvne cr1lI~ in m M mam,,,g wmmunm, and (1,:
:orineil~ arrow the state of Ohio. Mr. .1 ticket to have ~pL‘EIfiC nced~ located. mmmunm, at [MEG l’Oh|()’~ UHWCM11
Mandera ill‘ on two of these damage "A quiz with maps wai developed and Mmkmg Shmdardfi allow “S [0 gm}, m
prevention C0|In(ll.s and pnrrieipared given re ever so memberi er riie c><ca— wmh W,‘ W,m5 c,,mm,,,,,,y
ll’lI~‘ year in riie pruccm‘ er reviewing inring rerniniiiiiryw ..iid1iin "T1'imugl\ and Pmv,dc E ,m,,dmi W ,1“. WM. an
riie.e eranriard. and eoneidering ep— riie cvEllIIr1l|()n er riie answers‘ en riie ,,Pmm,5 L,“ W .3,“ ,1“. 0; mumy
dalei re riie code Any |s~uL‘~ riiar were quiz, we were able re dl~‘CL‘rn riier riiere W,‘ hm uAi1,,m,m M0,“. rm; ,0
broegiir up led re an open dhEu~~‘|()Y\ were a rew in~tanr:L‘~ Wllctc m|w'(0rn— damage Pm,cm,,,,, and ma, ,, rim
wirii ~uggL‘~UOlW and rccummisnilrr lnunltallflh Ocfllrrcd based en inter E,_,a,_~ fly

lions rrir riie greiip re consider. This prv:tzitiun—whL‘tL‘ things were being

year there were nuilt-iple ~uggestiriri.s interpreted 'al1o\'cI the plar:L"."

‘ um-mad».-nr menu" I : ' fl
i-:?..._........_. I E 
-.-._.-.._..-,_._ 3
.._._...._i...._ I 3
  ,  . 7. I
. 1'1"" .—.";t;': T‘: I
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