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7 to a Quality Locate
rr, ear, Nnghswnngx-I

llra. been my expenuncn a.- a locals: that

when l lulloweel the same ilups elurmg earn

loeale and kept my truck orgaruzeel, l wr1~

murl. mere productlvn elurmg my day and
maele far fcwnr mistakes. Although many lncalors
may approarl. rne task differently, Yd lrke to
prL‘~unI seven fundamental s1L‘p~' for every loearor
Io eonaeler.
Step 1; Fnllnw sarely procedums and use your
sarely equlpmeul and knowledge
Try to make the nglrl tholcna anel lake a personal
approach to yaur safcty anel Lhc .arery of (luau:
arounol you. You are ulnmarely maponalblu for
your safety elurmg the day wlule dnvmg re and
perrurmmg lme lutatna. Tlre elrorre. you make
on lne lubsltn wlll often not only after: your

. own safety but also have an Impact rm llre saicty
of ollren. srarr by relenmymg Lhc lrazarela that
cxlsl or may 2Xl~IUl’II1'1E]Gb~ll€ and then choose
lhl: approprlam per.-onal protzctlvz gear anel
eaurpmenl you wlll neeel to perform rlu.- la.-k
Step 2: Read lseker and elreek all plinls berere
and ailu pelfuxmillg the locale
Dunng (hr: planrung alagna of Lhe locatc,
Ihomughly mad your excavation nouee lo gam
a clear understanding of «he dlg area. If you are
unclear of the Exact lueanon of Lhe elrg site, eonlarl
llre ealler of the urker [or aelelmunal dctrul~.
Aeeea. yaur area map.-, prma anel rerorela for
«he dlg area anel lduntlfy yuur dlg area an your
pnnla Dererrnme Lhc number, type anol ~lzc of
buucd lme. you have m llre area, along wllh (In:
-7-. loeanrm of rne top side aeeea. paint but .u.leel for
applymg llre lrammrrrer lo earl. burreel mctalllc
lme ar lraeer wrre. Pnnts should be mmidnmd a
gurele and not a fact. If your pnmshow~tl\r1lyuu
have a lrne buncd near the dig area but nor m rne
dlg area, ll’. alway~ a good relea lo lronk up and
venry rlre lme r. arrually rlear.
Step 3: Visually survey llae eurlre scape ni work
A vlaual lnapccllon ol llre yob.-ue h a very
impoztanl step to Isruunng that all of your lme.
loealeel m the mquc~IL‘d area are rnarkeel. Start
by vlaually eonrlnrung the ennre acops of work
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