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on the locate ticket by doing a iohsite gm}, 5, 1-,“, P;,,l,,,i,,. and ,,,_.,,p l was once told by my supervisor

walk through while on your walk that it it wasn't documented, it never
through, coniii-m the location of access Temperery mnrldrrss Plereel err the happened. It is important to document
points you identitied on your prints I°l>-elte are rlerrverlml eerrlfirurrteeherl anything and everything related to
Take a close look at the landscape to bemvefin the loeaéer atzlel lre egleevntor :i:hexcavation notice. hl/lany locarizlg

ht t h l lues ot utili M e re or "1 re“ “E e ‘P? e nicians take severa pictures o
:::I:i!LICDt:O?Ifix(E2!:rFLl1‘Ccl: licnes, cracks, W Preellret llewlrrz llrrettlzlr the We their markings, as well as make written
patches or cuts in the pavement. A Dr cable Yerrr temporary rrrnrlrrr-23>‘ documentation or any changes relative
I - . .-holdlld th.tited -
good visual inspection can also help Lur;rmnela*=lel;:armeXr‘rtar$ rnr;-en‘ to Ihle excavation area showniinsthzm

I (ma nnl ve zen Dcumente *

mlayuurypunts. Be on the lookout tor Valuable rrrfermetrerr Ye" eerrlel the phone and any other claritications
any conditions that might attect the PY“‘l’rlld9 Yr? yet-r l<;T=:’:rl  that relate tointormation shown on
accuracy or your locate like chain link can I inc u 2 size n 7 mo the dig notitication. Many pipeline
tences, guard rails, guy wires and er PrPe rrleterleli as Well it the number operators and utility operators require
overhead lines that may interfere with Dr lines m n »~'rr-sle trer-ell Dr eer-durt a representative he onsite when

your locauilile signal. And, as always, Peekege and Wlre DWHS the lrrre- excavation is hiking place near the

lie on the lookout tor safety hazards or gm}, 5: Dwgk duck and mg," “K cn|1::l Line. If your s'3;nti}c1ln warrants,
ahnormal conditions that may impact V nut: I e excavator H ere rs 2
your satety. 5"" critical line buried on their ]Db site

Carpenters live by the gelelerr rrrle tn and arrange a high protile meet. Atter
Step 4: Make a plan -rrd Werlt yerrr measure twice and cut once. As a line a,m.E.3ma,,.,e are made, ducumznl the
Plan locator, its important to take another cunvmanan to include the date and
Ynu should also consider estalilishirig leek rt‘: your leeete tlelret ell‘: lérilllle‘ 11 time the meeting will take Pleee»
. - e or a
a pattern fur locating and focus on te me e grrre ye“ ve newer} I Fouuwin H“ mm Mme an mg
» l b d the ohsite to E
locating one line at a time I normally rrres l‘-rte ulmlsamfied lob can mm mg (hams D, mo,‘
leenteel several twee ef tltlllhes 0" "W {’h":’‘" “ ' B amfiunled (D, The msk or line locating involves much
. a ever in . , .

l“l’»"hllE5 llrut Werrlel ebrrergrpletelytleeete you Shmyld mfkg ME ‘hm ymwe more than simply knowing how In‘
ere ll“ “Y we em “re SW “E W . ’ operate an electronic line detector.

,h I . ., ‘st ,2 icall de in closed all lids. boxes or covers you

yuEIx‘|r‘:)l(gx::l£ t::I‘Ism|:t2rE and lyocat: Y may have everreel elrrrrrrl; the leb and Bob Niglisvicinger is Mr President rmd

line at a time when taced with a have retrieved all ef yerrr reels nrrel CEO af utility Tmmmg Academy Bab
Zgretgzstzd dig site or utility easement, ’=°l“‘P"‘““‘- has we’ 26 years 0/errewrlce iv tlrefield
deploy your transmitter away trom the gm}, 7, Dummm, W“, ,,,,,,,k and a] utility locating and damage prriicntion
congestion and locate the line into the mmmunmk my M8,‘ Pmfik Mme, For questions DY cairiirieiits, 3017 can lit
congested area. ieacticd utDab@utt15mn‘
-4-1’ _ .,:,_ ,:-“-  ,_ — _
V V ,  :  7 .~..?’4 ,:...,V- g;,_ V. ;  >_ ‘ V
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Z ‘ ‘?'‘~' g :7,-."‘3-3?" ,:.«,‘§:<..=-;=‘~- H  cl  .

:’- . V" , . J.-.._'i_'.-.a~'~.;..-:= = ' ’ , '5 V ‘ ' ' ‘  _ ‘

'.  4' 5 ’  «.9-A£,"‘,,,‘»c   '-"""

~ " ' . ..   ~ aw’ i .  \  — .i 1- .re--. ‘~-

:..    ~.   _ .  _ . N’ r:’e-"“' '-
—, . ,, 1 .  ..  r *’ V
, ., ; =.-,:'.«‘t:‘«:r;'c~_~,~ 2*’  :91"-»'“ -   ».
‘.vi".‘1“V“::7.~r7f';"i"25’  ‘    '~  ~. .
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Y 1,. ~ 4, _ V g . . -
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em. lssueA ‘Diving: FIxverl|lan Jaunul D "17

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