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Pipeline Public Awareness f0I‘ Kids
by Roger Cnx
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[ls universally accepted m need age appxopnalc malenals lhal Chlldmn could leaeh lhen palenls But
lhe plpclmc lnduslry lhal leaeh lhe cluldmn " when we began to reach anl lo sehaels,
tommunltatlng plpelme s-alely In ,, , _ V W: lmd leaehels eame la in and say
the ~cl1uols  a cntltal component ,5g'VV°;f§gx°VfrO "lg; r:};V:°;V 21:3}, rggm llnl Ihcy wnm Icammg ncw mags

of any eamplele puhhe awaleness "MN ‘he sum of TE“ TcVdVm>g lad."

P“’g“‘"“ Oblcctlvl: m selenee am I’m mosl she eanlmued, "I ean lemembel

OVCY lhe pas-l twcnty yeals el pleased with lhe poslllye leedbaek plpelme emnpames gmng ealanng
lnmrvlcwlng plpclmc pnhhe awl1IL‘nc~'a wc'vn rccclvud fzom lc2|:hL‘r~ and lhe bomb and elayens |n a nlle paekage Io
pelsannel, I've luamud lhal Internal klds.” seheols, but lhe pmblem many nmes
programs have been eslahhshed Expat. V2“ UV dm V1VmgV_ kflmcd VV Wm lhe books ,nsl sal lhele and got
and lhnd-pany eempames have I M * V d uh’ d A d *f dnsly. Havmg a tolorlng back as nal
been elealeel la .1:h|n\'elh2|lgual. “ ° “  ml”; V“_ [°° " '’ lhe same as haymg a plan to leaeh

Su naw lhese eompanles am laeed ‘°““’*" “ ‘“ ‘‘ “ ‘“ “*3” lhe cluidmn Clvc lhem a book and a
wltli measnnng lhe easl and lhe The mlesllan .s not, "Do we nncd to ehallenge. send lhe thlldmn heme wllil
eneeuyeness al than programs math lhe cluldmn?" The qnesllan ls, a ml~s|un,l1nd Lhal lmss-len ls to read

”How do we besl reach Ihc cluldmn?" lhe book to sommne In lhen lamlly.
Kw‘: ’°"‘V° "“’°1'"°V“""“"“('l"°:  “ Donna sald, "Tlnongh year}. of You'll be snlpnseel how many gladly
‘“ "’“"’ °‘3“‘“‘“ ‘°“ ° "‘ “ "‘ cxpcnnncc WlLiI plpelme salely and actcpt lhe ehallenge "

lhem, olhels wanl to be mum hanels--on M V V V _

wltll lhe pmgmm. Meel Donna Hyde, "I" '3“:“mi‘°""°;5:f'f:‘[l‘h‘§"‘":“‘ All very lnlcrcsllng Information Donna,
founder and awnel as He Kld small and if“ “‘ VP“ ‘"1: “V13 ;‘ “:h“‘‘’h any eleslng thoughts? she rCpi|L‘(i, "I
lhe anlhol al "Bu Kld small on mpehne “°"‘f °°'V'V‘l"‘°‘;_ 'i‘‘“ “ 1$“V‘”’:Vc “_ believe lhal In olelel to lake B11 and
Safety." Danna ls mllrcd from Enslaee $““°"‘b*’“d“’V ff ‘"V“‘ “I: “‘f"“d plpehne salely ma hlghel level, and to
Gas Plant wllh Enbndgn lhpehnes and "“-"“ “V “" “" '1 ‘ “"“:‘1 W‘ V‘“‘““ make ealhng bcfum ylm dlg needs as
 pa.-s-.anale about teaching pipnllnc l’V*f;*'1;°V*f"fiP'1{;V*"f P‘; K  “{=;f~~ common  laslenmg yam scmbcll, 
salely la klds even before she lelned. ;c‘cVd:V‘VVV“cV:V’V‘VVnV:’Lf  “ ° mnsl slan m Du! schools. I 1'1L‘fll’ many
smee lellnng she w.1nlL‘d la shale d V _h V [M in >V d ln Ihc lneluslly say lhal we don't haw:
what she leamed wltliotlmx pipullnc Ii" ff“; ” “Md V “ 3”‘ E" ’“‘’““$ 3“ enengh people la gel lhe message enl.
plates-slonals l1buulL‘mpowcnng klds b:‘V’:VQ:VV5:V“n’;l‘$ " ” “‘ ’°“"g“ "“ rm eonvlneed and have seen evldenle
la be plnl-slzed Damage Pmvznuon ‘ ' lhal lhele am a lot elwlllmg peeple
l-almls on leealmn, whelhel al homn el Donna was asked, "So why wele Ihn leady to help lhe |ndu~tl'y promote

al sehoal. ‘Be l<.d Smart’ lesenlees cn:atl:d?” she plpellne salely and many of lhem ale In
D ,, sald, ”Thu malenal was elealed la, lhe lhnd or iuurlh glaele al your laeal

onna sald, ln my oplmun, nobody ls V Vh d V V Vh d V“ Vchwh ,,

belle: cqulppnd or mom bcllcvablu to ajgjg; ‘V; mi-3 §~V*VV»VV“ gjfcmfu 0 - 8

mad: klds about plpcllnc s-alely lhan EV ’ d_ V _ ’ ‘El ‘Eh kpér fl ‘V  Tu leam mun’ almlll palllll rm/mctl('55 for
plpehne employees, but mos-l el lhem °‘ “‘ ‘W W“ ° ‘ ‘ "’ “‘ ‘ klds ge la IA/ll/u/.lv('I<ld5ltmr!.£'L7In.

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