Page 11 - Damage Prevention Journal 2018 Issue 1
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It Happened in
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The people of Ohlo depend on Wllllams
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an cxczlnlllun project l~ not enly the smart
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am here rllhe crll o o elnes.
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It took a dcslmt()nlt1kct1'llng~' betteten the parluf If you should happen to accldentally
Rozlrlutcr Gm at laleetne cn. and Rochester Telephene

cntp to crcatc the first "l.»nc—ct1]l" ~'y~'lcm lwhnn; teentl Smke 5‘ p‘pe“”e‘ " ‘S ‘mponam ma‘
yL‘£|l’~()[KaC|]l(yd£|l‘flflgC(al‘AdK1'\Dl’C>uIllhg1'\L\I'hfll'Ilh)L\l'y you Contact us lmmedlately. Even mlnor

and ((\uh(1L‘~>(\uKagL‘~),(hCN1]CPh0l'IC and eleetne &: gm damage Could result m a Mme leak ‘f
ntthne. In R():1'lr1~tcI came together In 1%‘) nnel [ormud

what beentne the Ulldcrgmund Ft1:llltlL‘~ Pmtcctlon 7101 PVOWDW Tepalfed

Organlztlllon (UFPO) UFPO .~ new lennnn a~ on; Saxcly

New York. on; snlely New York cm/L‘r~ New York ~lzlkL‘

uuhldc of Long Hand and New York ctty V ' V V V

The eentet Wila lewtabllsllcd In rm and bngall operating In

]t1nIIt1rVv 1‘I7U. lt slatted ~mall. one 0pcIat(:I— n telephene

c(lmpt1rVlycmployLv:—m<Vlktulcphonc enll. dunng the For more informatiom Contact us
bu~lnc~s day tnnn cxcm alnrs nnel pzlucd the Information

on to enclmlthe unhty partl:Ipt1nl~./\tfir>l, the all» well: at our n0n-eme|-gency number:
mlzlycd by mne, but they .een wtlltcllcd nyet tn n teletype

~y~tL‘m, whlcll ttnnmntteel Imagc~ es the opL‘r£m.»r'~

handwrlttcn uxcavzlkmn nntlu:

T\\lcnty—flvc yent. zllkcr the fnundlng es the tam nnc—

enll ccnkcr In l<eehe.tet, one call Sy~tL‘m~ lnlcrntlllorlal

(new a Park es the cennnen Cmund /\lllt1n:L‘)hL-ld then - -

W94 Am. 9ymp()~lum m  and nm the Williams‘

mundcrs 0111115 now nearly nnneml nnnetnent 5

low E Y en  tn en; 

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