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Suspect a natural Q @ HEAR.
gas leak? 6
First, move

your feet! »
Then call when

you're down the street. .
Outside or in, detecting a natural gas leak is easy. To help
you SMELL a leak from a gas line or appliance, a familiar
odor like rotten eggs is often added to natural gas.
Or you might SEE blowing dirt, bubbling water or an
unusual area of dead vegetation. A leaking pipeline
might also make a hissing sound you can HEAR.

Also, remember to call the Ohio Utilities Protection
Service (OUPS) by dialing 811 at least two working
days before digging on your property. And if
you suspect a gas leak—walk away, right away. Once
clear of the area, call Dominion East Ohio,
at 1-877-542-2630.

Learn more at, search: Natural Gas Safety

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