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by yalul yaalls.
Gas Pipeline Safety
have wrlllen several ealunlns over always (allows Lhc recommendations lnlenlallonal anrl Publl: Alcalrs nus
«be years legarrllng Lhc ofIL‘n- cf llle CPAC. Transerlpls of llle lnrllylrlual ls responslblc rbr assullng
painful pnaeess of regulatlng cmlc rneellngs used (0 be avallable that Lhc eurrenl adrnlnlslrallons
plpellnes l aln renllnderl of llle on llle PHMSA web slle (the PHMSA legulalery reform pelleles are belng

analogy of makmg sausage and passlng web ~llc ls eurrenlly belng upgraded lrnplelnenled. Al llle seeund cmc
leglslallon —botl\ can be extremely and full functionality llas yet to be lneellng, llls presenee was qulle
IInpler1~r1nllo walell. 1 mod I0 find lesluled) bul are sull ayallable ll’! Lhu apparenl. By llle llllrd cmc nleellng
llle orlglnaler of the analogy and, dockm al IKYIUIJJ.I('Xl4[/1IiUl(5.gL7l/. l have «be poslllan was vaeanl. clearly,
rlependlng an wlllell seuree yuu can not elleeked llle total, bul lyplcally PHMSA ls conccmcd wllll llle eusl
belleve, bulll Otto yun BIsmr1rck(1815 eaell cmc gas Mega Rule rneellng of Lhe propesed ellanges but, ln my

- 1398) and Mark Twaln (1335 — 1910) enerales surnelllln elose to am) a es 0 lnlon, ll would be ln [’HMSA’s besl

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offend eenunenls. A~ a slrepllel of lranserlpl Interest (as well as «be publle's besl
would slrnply add lllal, ln llle end, H 1 d , 9 Interest) to try to get lllal poslllan filled
sausage ls usually much more palalable "V" "“‘ “ "‘> P°"‘ ’ as qulckly as passlble. lll PHMSA’s
lllan llew leglslallon ur new rcgulatlon. defense, |! ls a polmcal p0~‘ll|un and
Baek ln 2011, PHMSA (llle Federal ::H';:l::
plpellne safely regulalury ageney) 3‘ E g ’ ‘ ‘
slarled llle proeess of lrnplelnenllng Now for a 30,000-foot repun on
major revlslans lo Lhc regulallens llle aenlal plugress; Nothmg ll’!
gevenllng nalural gas plpellnes. nus llle Mega Rule ls all lllal earl}:
was based on eonglesslunal dlreellyes sllauerlng ln lcxm~ of lequlrlng
(leglslallon), leeornrnendallons from lraeeable, vcrlfiabln and ealnplele

Lhe National Tmn~porlaIIon salely leeurds neeessary Io eslabllsll sare
Board (llley lnvcsllgalc plpellne as well opcmtlng pressures for gas plpellnes
as alrllne lnelrlenls), demands from The rleyll ls, as llley say, ln llle
plpellne safety aellvlsls, d2mand~ rluln dct.1il~. wllen lllls proeess slarled ln
cnvlmnmcntal aellvlsls (wllo don't llkn 2011, Lhc pulllleal environment was
plpellnes — PERIOD), adverse pubhclty eunslderably dlffemnl PHMSA louknd
relaled to several slgnlllealll lncldznts, al all llle lnplll and duhflllly med

Lhc resulls of plpellne lnspeellons, Input to accommodate all llle lnplll from
from slale plpellne sarely ageneles, _ government and «be publle 7 to llle
and PHMSA’s own pereepllens of :{“‘l‘‘’C‘1_°;fC‘‘”’‘’ “: ‘}‘“ ”“;“C“” 1”‘? lune of ayel 130 pages ln llle Federal
wllal needed to be done Tlle nuuee of “ ‘ "‘‘° mg‘ ““ ‘“" “PW Reglsler. In 2017, «he polllleal ellrnale

_ to repun that the members of Lhc
proposed rulernaleng was publlslled ellanged. The lnlegrlly ulplpellnes
A GPAC were all well prepared and well _ ._
prll 8, 201:» and generaled over 400 was, and ls, llle prlnlary oblzcuvc.
_ quallflcd lo pr1rl|:lpaIE;PHlVlSA}lzld

eenunenls (ova: 4,000 pages!) A~ _d h V k,, d Huweyer, ccunomlt laelals were

of January 2013, «he preeess ls ~tlIl ‘D  :’c’m“‘;‘;“;:’:’:‘ ‘Si finally leeegnlzerl as a eunslderallen
gelng on. Tu dale, lllere have been * 3 wllere ean llnuled lesuurees be besl

_ _ publle Commnnl permd, and PHMSA _
Lhmc nleellngs of Lhc cas Plpellne ‘ d 1 ‘ Y lnvesled lo enhzmcc plpellne ~af2Iy?
Advlsoxy Commlttnc (CPAC) Tlle °“”'“: 'd“‘ l‘“" “‘  °P_‘“C':‘“; "‘°’“ PHMSA llad been pmmutlng l-lsk-
CPAC llas 15 members —5 each from ;:‘P(;’;‘:l’ua'1"‘:5f“::W‘ mp ° based legulalluns (a goud dung’) bul
gavel-nrnenl, llle gas plpellne lnduslly, ’ ’ ’ PHMSA’~ euneepl bl wllal ll eusls lo
and llle pubIlc— and PHMSA alrnosl one lssue cf pnrwnal eoneern relales la operale a plpellne ls, lll my erpenellee,
llle PHMSA Dlmclor of cevernlnenlal,
22 E Damage FVEVEIWDH Juumal -em lssue I

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