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Hy Mkhad Downs
st... wan.
“"‘ I"h“’°" M” “ '°‘ °‘ .ust because it's a gond tdea but .t’s tn face tn let them know exactly what
“°‘$“"°” ”“"d‘“d" °“}‘“"' alsn an nt state hw in oh.n we a.e n.n tn do we have stnct just dnwn the load from "I always entoutage tannets to make km an ‘and as mdmm as Mme
many of them 7 lhI:y'n: scatteted all a nne call," he said. ’’h .s as munh Whfn we in mfhcd ,, Rm ;a‘f§’
actnss the state. .nsu.anee fur them as They ’ ’ ” ’
need that to make ~um they {allow the Russ d.scusses the landowne.
Russ .s a land wtth I b 1 h I _ h E d \ 1 . f d i d V
_ V _ aw, ut .t a sn e ps t em. amage t.e.. pre e.-te pnmts n extt an entry,
T"‘“‘C"““d“ “““ ‘“°"“ ”P°"""°““Y otcuts " 1nd a when the work
“’““ “‘° “°‘“P"“Y'*C°'“"‘‘’'" 5”’ l .s flnlsied he c..cles back to make ~um asset. He cnnslde.s Russ sa.d ptpelmes that cut aczOs~ a d‘ela;1dh_'mmm£d’1~ Elm ai PDNME
eagi 0* *1; inn-f°‘~'iiL;‘i~v firmer‘ , gigggg '11‘-£:;;{;f;f:'L'3;l:;jji§§§x';;§ to unguml condmon and ennpensates
an ranc ets a nng .s cnmpany ~ . > . x .- .- 1 f‘ E ‘ >_ h ,h
hundteds nt m.les of p.pel.nes .n oh... the held. But don't take for granted that ‘d:"m;':‘d” °’ ‘"3’ mp“ “V ’““’ ““
tn be h.s netghbn.s. the ptpe n.ns .n a st.a.ght between 5
thnse twn po.nts. Them may have been ”Fmm our standpomt, we want them

WW“ “""°“‘Y “"‘“'° ”‘°“ W“ ’ °’ obstacles at othe. lzasoru that the tn be comioztnble wtth us, so we wotk
“‘i°P’ ’ ‘° 1’; “"5 “P: ”‘jh““"‘f m.ght not follow the expected path. tngethe. on the," he said

n, uss wn. s w. eac .

stakeholde. along the way tn make su.e The coopetanon wtth tam.e.. and

they unde.stand why each pnnect .s so tanthets goes bnth ways. Frequently
.mpnnant, and that he wotks tn make _r~ they a.e the first tn nntiee and tepnn
sum the land .s mtulnzd as close as y a leak or other damage, and rrspurl
pnss.ble tn its n..g.nal cond.nnn arte. susp.e.nus attmty around

the ,ob .s done. rac.l.t.e.

Russ, who .s also t.easu.e. of the ”L.1~t mght, we had a w.nd and snow
O.U.[’.S, board, sa.d is n ‘ storm .n na.the.n Ohio, and a [me

key tn his success. — , . ’. rell nn a line at 4 a m. The landowne.

:- 1.; . ,- lld

”Myappmacl1lsllk2 a ne.ghbo. o. a ~ , I ‘.:  .. _ §:l:d;: i'l'§",;u: :|‘d"'lM°D:'" :3" 19
wrmuWwniwieevwiwi-he  t’ .- » ~ - n..a,,wt;a;§at."..,,
‘‘’°’‘‘'"5' “"4 M‘ ‘’Y‘“8 "’ 5° “ - ' i c’. ‘ ‘ and Lhcy’re qulck tn call and let us
sutcesstul cnmpany, but we have a . ‘ 4- ' know ln runl Ameuca we have ;.. tn be sate — bnth us and 4 , 'i ‘_ ‘ ' ‘

11 _ h — _ _ of thnse gteat penple who take ca.e of
t em, as t ey wo.k around out ianllty. , . mmhmg_ The”? qmck to act and
we a.e ne.ghbo.s and wo.k together," h h h

_ . h , ,_ qulcklo elp T ey alw.1l2nu~liI ey
Rug, gm ln add.t.on to unnxpeclcd pat n a) s, ,,
_ _ _ nnt.ce any susp.c.ous acny.ty.
Russ ~ald that because of e.os.nn and

50”‘ T”">‘C“""“" “"4 9 ”-‘’5- me“ othe. eeasens pipelines ate somellmes Russ sa.d .t the landnwne. hadn't
°“"°1"“<‘°W"e'>*° edmk‘ “Wm not at a conustent depth throughout a nntlted the le.k .n lus exam le .t
about the importance of efliiins 311 plnt of land and can be shallowe. than might hnvt: been tout tn t.’vePht§u.s
before eeriaiii farming Dveiaiieiiv expected. That can lead tn Imuble ti bcfnra nne of then emplnyees was able
a~ well a» Providing iriferiiieiieii ca.e .sn't taken when around ta new the last, ’
abnut how I0 mpurl emetgenetes and ‘hm mmm

susp.tlnus acllvlty. ”[l’s that type of [mm nu.

"The depth of can change f.1rmEr~ that we .eally appmcmlc," he

"Every day when We are viii there DVISY and th£y’r£ not alway~ and

talktng Io ta.ane.s and tannhets, we at R ummm depth Th“ become; ’ ‘

Wei“ ‘hem *0 ‘WW ‘W “'9 One .n.po.tant if a iaxmez .s a deep ‘“’°"" “"’ ‘am’ °‘ “‘F “"“"‘““"Y “
call semce ex.sts. Mnst ta.n.e.s and “lung a M Sm the most thmg tn Russ and
.anthe.s know thete a.e pipehnes nut lus nampany, and a b.g part of that
hete," he sa.d. when .t's neeessaty for ctews to wo.k .s ktepmg that .elat.nnsh.p between

on snmeaneis pmpeny for scheduled landownsh and the mdustty fanlmes cnssctnss the state of mmmmm or R nowmcxgmq, “mg.

Ohio. carrying everything from iieiiiiel .epa.. Russ contacts the landnwne.

gas to hazatdous l.qu.ds, and many of a1md’u, mm and “W H, mm mm ”[ have a dngrcz .n agncullum from
these Pipeline» Pie-date ‘he medem them .n petson .r pnssible. He wants to 0“‘"*‘°‘““ 5““°- 1 “"“" ‘“"“ °’‘‘°P‘ ‘”
CPS mapping that we have iedeli make the pnatess as patnless to. them 4“ P‘“|’=°‘° Wm‘ "W '<‘d‘v 5'“ ”'“V° i‘
Landownets should call an bcfom as Pomblfi lot of respect to. thnse who make Lhclr
any aetnnty 7 even for labs as living off the land. somenmes its a
basic fig Wtmng a m,..,ox PM , "0, "Anything mtnus an emetgency, all the ehallenge to meet L‘vErybody'.s needs,

planned wn.k ts notified .n advance. butl appmetate the landawnets
we send lettets .', then meet tace we have ~ 5
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