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Tournament Of ROSES - 811 Float
By 1.1: Richards
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ols of pcupll: have Lhe 0, may, gm Coymdo gm mup rm on Sunday, Lhe day laerrrre the parade,
Tournr1mL‘nI0fRo~c~' Parade on (,,,,no,,. small mm,’ Nun}, Cm,“ tlm float wr1~ r-rrrrshed and ready for
Ihcu butkzl list. That usually 3“, Cmgm my Alabama 311 and prdgrrrg. we had to arrrye ra om
rrrearrs that they waald llkc to Ohm uu,me,. pmmmm gm“, assrgrred cludulng. As the prdges were
attend lhe parade Few pcupll: get to rrearrrrg our float, we had to wave and
CXpL‘Y|El'lCI:‘I1'1L‘ parade from an a float THE PREPARATION shout Happy New Year r1~ ll we were
But l had lhe unbellzvable opportunity , mmd m Cflmomm on Dmmbc, prrreeedrrrg dowr. lhe parade male The
to do prsl that 27“. and Wm “mm to km to W animation was gmng, lhe coz pellels
THE V[5]()N F|l:~ta Float warehaase to help work Wm {}¥m§ r'lllaL‘:*js WES‘. lllnavh 1
on hurldrrrg tlm 311 float oaee tlmmr ‘"“““ “U " ‘ “ ' E “‘ ° ‘ “

several years ago, had Schwllk, Vim , W“, gm“ my pm amgnmanr, ; You Work was Pl"!/“'8 a~ our thvmc
rresrdeal of uadergroarrd seryree Alert pad [0 pm, glut on gmomm Pm,” song

of Soulhcm Calliomla aka Drg Alcn, and apply Puppy mad. and Pg,.p.), r THE MAIN EVENT

had LP--s crazy idea of bwldmg an 311 wr1~ so proud that l had aeearrrplrshed

float fur the parade. He preserrled hrs mv fix“ Pwlm Mv mend, mm The blg day had finally arrivnd. Float
rdea to the one calls omrrrerrea group Gémgm 811 “W ‘pa’, mid of my ‘kdl rrders had ro mcct ar rhe Fresla Float
arrd mo~t al as thought Lhat lhrs was Md Tho, had “veg m Cahfnnrua warehouse r1l5 AM to he lranspunud
]u~1tuo lag of a pro,eel for as to lake on Dummy,“ 26,}, and Wm “‘l!|Q;‘dy (0 thus parade routn hrr. pzovided ar.
ah. well, Jim was per.-rsrerrl. The arsr up on the ~cfl“Old‘ng awlymg mm, RV as home base rrear where (112 float
year, lherr eall eealer funded rhe float m pm ,,,,dm,dc 0, mge mm W wrrald he sraged fur folk (0 galher
wltll help from USA Nunh 811 The dendcd am my M," ,1m “WON lob” prror to «he slarl cf the parade. By 730
next year they were able to gel a eaaple Mad gum and ,m,,. g,,pp,,,E an we were sealed ar. the float warrrag for
of oLhl:r ~'p0n~'0r~ arrd was able ro have pm, mg, and mu, hand, Emma m tlm parade to bngln About 9am oar

a float m the parade. Unfortunately, pm Wm B“, W, Mgr, ml, a,,yum float hegarr to makn lL~ way dawrr (11:
the tlurd year he was not able to gel pm, a Mum mm mm, mm had to parade mule. Mrllroas of people lrhed
errrragh eorrrrrrrlrrrerrl rr. time for (11: be mvmg H, mm,“ ,0 Pymng “Mp lhe slreels, many plaees bung 10-12
sahrrrrssroa deadlrrre. He never 1051 «he mm an M 8“ Mg“ one fl a um we Pgople am? [my am, dmnba
v|smn of maklng Lhrs natlonal lmlmuvn an enlovcd 0“, mm wD,p,,,E 0,, am lhe excitement and sense ui pnde fell
a mallty. In the sprrrrg of 2017, he oaee pm’ Cm Mag,’ 2 mm Oyvmpm my by all of us srllrrrg an lhe B11 floa|
agarrr presealed to Lhc oae calls of apakcqptxwn m, cm Calm, Ammm M|lllon~ ui peuph: were walehrrrg r1~
Amcncn group and finally wr1~ able to W“, R, M wmymw Lxverv mommg lhe arrrroarreers lallred about what 811
gel a fnw mow spoasors Nrae sparrsors M 5 AM ,0 mm M}, M ,,',eg,g ,0 help rrrearrs arrd how lmponanl |t rs to eall
ln all helped to hrrrd Lhc Maldag lr Safn Pmmm the an mwflgc‘ an pmmm bcfum yarr dlg. Tzuly a bucket l1~I

Fur All fluatt1\r1lwunIhL"‘Z01B lzesl ,,, Sam‘, ,_5},,,,5 Wm Pg,“ 0“, ,0 moment that l am so gralehrl to have
Ammahon" award. The sponsors were, “,,um'C,, “,O,pmg m the bu,1d,,,g ,9 had the uppoztumty lra experiehee.@
Dig Alert, USA Nnnh811,Elua Stakes Mp mmmc W, mcmgg

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