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Wlth new bulldlng and new name, Eu.
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0Hl0811 looks toward the future \/  9
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hlo Ullllllci Pmtectlon by Governor John Kilslch and Llew \'lCL‘ preudcnt oi finance and HR Jaml
servree, now doing tenant Covcrnux Mary Taylor and a lzenedt. and onloam manager of
a.- cl-lloam, cummcmvr letter of mngratulatlom honorlng the mtormatron technology anrl mapping
rated the completion ol ll~ organization on rt. nbbon cutting rrom Tom l—laek.terlde gue.t.- took tour. or
new bulldlng Wltll a nbbon Cuttlng state senate Pxeudcnt Larry obhol, the new laethty and were treaterl to a
ceremony and eelebratton on Thur.-day, 33rd senatonal Dhmtt senator Joe eatered lunch a. well a.- the opporlunlty
Apnl 12th The bnlldtng’. hnalrzatlon r.- Scluavonl and 4th Scnt1l1.»rlalDl~tn:t to rnteraet wrth employee. and each
the enlmmatron or many yeah of hard senator Wllllam Coley. john Eoccmrl, other.
work, dedlcatlun and collaboratlon ln State Representntlve from the 59th
order to provide the wlth the Dl~trl:t, thanked Llp~Cumb anrl Ins al.o received a :ommemort1l|\‘e
laethty lt need. to operate at rnarnnnm .taH for provldlng essunllal anrl cntltal gllt a. a thank you tor thelr attendance
ethereney. écrvlccs to the energy mrln.try, nollng and for .hanng m the proud moment
that ntllrtre. .eennt.e. l. a hlgli pnor. a.- the orgrmlzatlun celebrated a new
THE PROGRAM lty fur .tate lawmaker. anrl orhelal. chapter m In hntory
Roger Llp~Cumb, pre..dent/ereen— He pre.enterl the urgzlnlzatlon wlth a
tlve dlrector of 0Hl0811, opened the mwllltlon [mm the Dhlo House ul Rep» THE BUILDING
ceremony by wclcummg attendee. re..entatnve. honorlng 0Hl0811 ror rt. The 17,lmn .qnareroot brlck .troetore
anrl rccugmzlng leglslaturs, past and .~L‘rv|CC anrl uffenng eongratnlatlon. on sh(l\'tl:a.~ns' an lnvltlng lobby that htgh.
pn:~entb<lt1rd member.-, employee. the nbbon Cuttlng eelebtatton. Chruro Ilghh the eenter'.- acn.>mpll~1\mL‘nl~ and
anal other notable gne.t.-. L.p.eomb man or the laek.on Town.h.p Tro.tee. hl.tory other bulldlng teatnre. lnclude
commented on the luumcy he and Alan Hemplull and 0Hl0811 Board conference and collaboratlon mom. .1.
other lnvolved p.1rtle~ took ln bulldlng Chrurman Steve Shaffer also noted thelr well the namrally—llt call center, kltch»
the new .tmetnre, trom eoneeptton to Involvement H) the proee..- and .-poke L‘n/callng area, the qulet break room
eornpletlon, acknowledglng the tlme of the lmpotlantc and need or the new anrl workout room, featuring loeker
and effort put rorth by all. He alm an bulldlng a. a utal htnmon to stalcwlde room. and .hower., employee tralnlng
ceplcd and thanked the othee of the underground .-arety room and multl—putpo~L‘ meelmg room
c.over-nor tor a re.olntlon mcognlzlng
Apnl a. Safe Dlggmg Month, ugncd Folluwlng the program anrl tcrcmonlal PrL‘vlouslybr1~ed on Belmont Avenue
nbbon cullmg by L.p.eomb, 0Hl0811 m Llbcrty Town~l\lp, ohto, the orga—
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