Page 14 - Damage Prevention Journal 2018 Issue 2
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oine say, "Communlcatmn is There is no questiun but that we've all disruptions in the lives of the general
our nation's liteline to belng- liecoine absolutely dependent upon public.
in-the-know," while others the communication industry to keep
say, ”Mur2 communication us intorrned and together. I guess A ’“5““ ‘?‘ 53°“ “_‘t“h°"1"““““_‘Y

just means more take news." Right that's why the race to provide the most §“"‘:‘d"::““t “" f b '3 °";|”“ “"3
or wrong, here is what we know in liandwidth far the longest contract at ‘ °““h [9 f‘"‘“ _“ “"3 °“’h"t*"°“’°‘5
the held. copper, iiber and wireless the inost attractive initial price seems to “E2 9‘ ° “‘“” °“ ““ 3”“ 3

. . . . will soon overwhelm thelocal smfl.
technologies have combined both drive the conunurucations competitors . .

. . _ Then begins the anger pointing and
aerial and underground to create a at a tunous pace in alinost every corner H m I __ 1 E
maze of ducts and lines thatsonie ot the country. “"'“‘°““ “W 3 ‘°“" ‘“°“ °

. . which could have lieen avoided by
locators declare almost impossible to . . . .
_. _ lnternet cornparues, phone coinpanies giving enough advance notice and good

"d°“““‘°1" °’ “°“’‘‘’‘'‘““’' '‘’’°‘“‘‘ and the cable industry are all vying contact infurrnntinn necessary to get
Likely it is not possible to tor your dollars as they relate to ahead ot the work and minimize the
overestimate the irnponance of communication. we appreciate the trustrations.

our Italian’: communications extra bandwidth and speed but E Ch . h b . _
infrastructure, given our dependence untortunately, the race to be fizsl " l‘[‘1,‘5_““f5lP Tl“ ““‘}’1"t‘“ ‘” 3

upun it. his. the other day, i sat in to  an area has createci some $3 In :~m;:§-ongjnofhgfe “lfh

a local restaurant next to a taniily unintended consequences tor the . 

. . . coinrnumcate. All stakeholders on these
oteight. l noticed the grandtather protesuionals working to keep H d_ f . N d ‘ d 1 d
watching a news channel on one ui Ainerica's underground intrastructure “I: ‘:hP’,“_!‘° * 3'“ d” ““ ‘:‘h,““ _
the many ws hanging on awall. protected. 3‘ ° “T ’h.“*° 53:‘ °‘P“Lf_ °“"
His two sons were lioth watching a A 1 L‘ I d b H I m‘:"‘"‘?‘l“ H1“: W‘. l°.“_° “':1.°flfi‘
spmfing Mm on imam TV and n examp e recen y ci e y a con ac oug ou e proiec is cn c o
mm D‘ the 01 d“ kids Wm holdmg locator was the only notice he received ensure that othzrluhllty Iocalms can get
mm mm phum Smmng Lhmgh that an subcontractors were moving in tront and shy in tront uf the protect.

. . into his area was the notitication

something, while the two-year-nld mama mm M B" CHM Not At the end of the day, lioth the

was watching a movie on a snian W rm“ 1 mg mm was imm in excavator and locator have the same

phone while in her father's lap. ’ P * 3 Y P. ' goals. Both want to take care ot their
chaos and ended in disaster.

. _ oistoiners, they want to keep the public

During the an minutes 1 was there . . .
nus paradnxlcal lack or communication and their employees sate.

next to them, there were very few H H M d_

wards spukenr nth-Ir than ”t>a»°>~' me "“ “ °°"““'"“°“ °“ “PE “ ’ surely liy now, we've leamed that each

. u ,, . to trustrations for all involved and
the salt I thought, Nothing like u M Ma 5 Ohm E In or us has our tnistrations even under
getting together tor some quality “"“°" ‘ ‘V V" ‘ 5 the best otcirrurnstanres and many or
mm, H u underground intrastructure and

y me.
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