Page 17 - Damage Prevention Journal 2018 Issue 2
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Dunng the evem, Eadgnr Dayllglmng D}“° "°‘“°"‘”"““ W‘ “°‘“'Y°‘"’°“‘ Impmvnmem Pmlms Is wcnual Io
demonflmmd me flwzmmz flblmy of En. Councll prcsldenl, Kcvm S:hIm- p|'u|EEll1'1E underground lnfraatructuxn
meg, hydm mmung mxk by mg. "““S and Angela Snydvn ~'emor ac- we rely en and the Damage Pmvennnn
glng" the hole. for lhe plant malerlal ‘- \ l ' ‘*4 ' Pmcw Itsdi
All (112 haml work Wm followed by a 5 1 ~  <‘ l \
luneh wllh mnmbcrs of Post 164 m then  ' Thc Mm was P“b‘N‘°d In at lcaat four
memng 1m...,,,, v- .5 —« ‘ ~ / Central ohm newspapers, Including

 , I The Columbu~ Dlapalth. Although M

The coopc was ememely Pleased ] 1 D lmpmallale to track how many vlcw~
Wm. me hm; “wk and m;.,mm;5,,, tlm lettnr received nnllne, «he pnntzd
Du, membeh ,l.ewed and W“. e,. vcxslun of Lhc papczs wem dlalrlbumd
pecmlly proud that we could help m to over 500,000 xeader»

hononng Lhosc who have served to . . “.3 ..

pmlecl the fre2dom~ we emoy. Foal Nahum! Safn D133-Hg Month 2018
Cnmmandex slnpley agrend, aaylng, V » pmvlded Ihc CODPC anviher great

"I hope your group mallzza how much . vvvnflunny '0 sham thc undflgwund
M. W“. be flpprenflledy ,,a,,,E.,.fl,.,, . ~  > damage pmvnnllon me..age mm our
as we appfuacl‘ Memum Day and , wonderful (ommunlty we were able
W,” have man). of mm om, mm", - to help honor out brave veterans who
Vlalllng our pual. we .ull lmvc .eveml h-Wt‘ fought for the fr°2<h=m~ We mlny
wwfl veugfflng Wu}. u.-I Whose names today and provldcd valuable lniorma-
am an am Clove my “gm and my count manager fax mcdm mlallnna film tlon and awarrsnesa abnul nollfylng 811
me so gzatniul when they see how the W" 4‘ C‘““P°’r “‘°"°‘°l?““ “ km ‘° Pm“ 10 harm imvmvvmtm PWIEEB to
Mg“ has hm‘ inmpmmd m to a new (ht cdllor Lhal was pubh.-heel In isvcral,ed5 of L}.o.M,,d. u;Cm.,,,1g},,O

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