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hacs. P1101’ to thc ~'l£\n of actual cxcavauon work atthty 5”}, s 3 _ Carefully Analyze um 50“

c()mpamL‘~ mII~t be tontacmd wnh adcqllalc, cstahhshcd,

at Eu~tumt1ryl1.»:aIIcadumcs, thca aahascd of thc pxop0~L‘d An Important rc~'P<=n~'IbI1Ity for the Compctcm Pvmn M W11
work and askca ta dL‘lcrm|nc l11L‘l()ct1l|()n of thc IIuImc~'. am1y~I>- Even whm ~10?"-9 ~m1> am1y~'w~t1m my fink
All underground ntthttcs mast hc pxolcclcd, snppattca, at step In ch<=o~'Ir-3 :1 Pmtncuvv hymn»

mmvvcd to Prom wvrk=I~» There atc huachc-as oi dlffcmnl typcs of son. OSHA l~

. ACCESS & Ecgggg , 1},“ m. ,..., gm}, “ma, ctmcctaca hath .nst Iollr 7 stablc Rock, Typc A, Typc B and
rat cntcnng and cxllmg an cxca\'t1l|L»n. Ttcachcs and TYPC C-

vxravatlfini duvcr than four fcvl rvqulrf :1 n‘=«>n~' 0‘ a<=*‘~‘~ OSHA say. thc Cumpcmnl vctsan mu~t pcttatm at lcast
W‘ “S““‘- A1“ °“““ ‘*'°"‘“ "‘“°‘ ‘*9 ‘'”‘'‘'“ 25 M“ °‘ " one usual and one manual tcst of thc will that l~ cxcavatcd.
laddrn ramp or «an Each ms-mi of ac<=»~~ and cam» mu“ Allcrnauvclv, thc campctcnt Pctscm can assnmc a "wont
be wtthm a P““L“‘l“‘ ma ct1~L‘" sccaana and assamc an thc ~‘0|] ts "Type C.” In tact,

. VEHKULAR ncamc , w,,,ka,. axpmd K, (mm: nIt1ny:ontm:mr~ and ntthttcs lakc thc p1.»~mun that .t's an
must hc pruvldcd with, and must wcat, warning vcsts Or TYPC C-

other lughly vtsthlc gaxmrsnh S1gn~‘, stgaah, bt1rncadL‘~ step , 4 _ use a Pmmm symm

and/or flagmcn may aha hc rcqlllmd.

wtth aac cxccptmn, OSHA Icqum:~ thc usc ul pmlccuvc

' FAU-INC LOADS — W°rk<'r~' arc not PL‘“"“"°d svstc-ms m an ttcachcs and c><ct1vam.»n~ that atc dL\‘pL‘r than
undcrnvathmrlm->d|oad*»1n addmm» vmP1<>y=v- mm‘ nyc rcct thc cxccptnm tnvahcs trcnchcs at cxcavatnms
*“‘“d “WW “"'“ °‘1"‘P"‘"“ b°"‘% 1°“d°°‘ “‘ “"‘°"°‘*“‘ m stablc rock In thasc sttnatnms, .t's-'1c-gal" to work wnh
‘"-‘"‘ V°1“C‘°*‘ yctttcal waus, but aatc stahlc ruck ts cxttcrncly tatc

' W“‘N‘NC SYSTEMS FOR M05"-E EQUWMENT * And at a {much at Excavation ts 1css than hvc tc-ct dccp, a
"“‘°“ "‘°b‘1° “‘1“‘P"‘°‘“ "' °P“"‘°d "°‘“ W‘ “°‘S° “‘ N‘ pmlccnvc svstcm I~ sttu rcquucd tr thcm’~ a potential tot a
excavation and thc cqII1pmL‘nt1.»pcIat()I docs not hayc a mm“ '

chat and ducct vmw u[ that cdgc, warning systc-ms 7 ~'u:h

as hamcac1cs,spattcts,at stop I<\g~ 7 atc tcquncd. Natc that m samc statcs,1aca11atas mqum: nsc of ptatccttvc

systc-ms m an m:nthL‘~ that am follr tcct at matc dc-cp.A1ways

- HAZARDOUS ATMOSPHERES 7 Thts snctmn of dmk Wm We m_E,‘1mQM

thc OSHA stanaata ts acstgaca ta pmtcct W0rkL‘r~‘ [mm '

sacanca "bad an " C1.m:crn~' tachaac Ion lmlc oxygcn, Thctc atc hvc apttons [or ptatcctntc systcms

too much 1.»xygcn,flz\mmz\blc gascs ~uch as mcthaac and commuau on use 18
natural gas and l1.»x|c gascs such as hydmgcn sumac and

carbon m()nL»x|dL‘. Alm1.»~phL‘nc tcsttng, along wnh thc um

of vcattlatton cqlupmcnt, atc two of thc most common and

lmportt1nlmclh0d~' of adchcsstng hazamhms OI’ patcnttauy

hazaxdolw atmasphctcs.

- WATER ACCUMULATION 7 VVOxkL‘r~‘ mnst nut work

m m:n:hL‘~ at L‘x:avzmon~' whctc thctc h accumulated

watct, Or where w£\tL‘r ts accnmalatmg, aalcss aduquatc

tccaatnms arctt1kL‘n.I[t11L‘ cxcavatnm woxk mtctm l~ thc "I II ' I D

Kama How of     a,.at.,”a,ts 0 C Ill” 0 Mills II

at 0(1):! mct1n~ may hc tcmntca ta kccp watct out. n 0 I I m

- ADJACENT STRUCTURES 7 Thc ~tt1b1l1ty u[ a  a 0 ass 
MdC\'\’£\Ik.\, ~trcL‘l~, achammg bu|ld|ng~, mans and other

stmctntcs can bc mduccd hy Excavation apctatnms.

spcctahzca shatmg systcms, bracing and/ UK unduplnnmg a

may hc n:qu|rcd to L‘n~uIL‘ thc ~tt1bI11tyu[thcsc sttnchncs

and ta pmlcct W0rkL‘r~ y

- LOOSE son. on ROCK 7 Spml mics (and cmnpmcnt)

mast hc sct back at 1cast twa [Lvt rtam thc cdgc of a trench

at cxcz\\'t1l|()n

- FALL PROTECTION 7 walkways wnh standard

gut1rdrtul~ atc mqulrcd whca cmployccs 01’ cqmpmcnt

ctass avct cxcavatnms. wcns, pats, ~lmfl~, ctc., mast hc

bnxncadcd at tovcrvcd when you can an
Pz\y|ng clctsc amsnlmn to oathUKt}1I:~clmportanlpotcntl£\I hgfnre mggmg
dz\ngcmu~ c|xCIIm~tt1n:L‘~ mu hclp mstnc Worker sarcty,

as wcn as hclp conttactcns and ulllll|L‘~ "~tt1y legal" wnh


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