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Communications by Yalul nan.
10111 a safety pelspecllve, good naturally occurnng methane noln bath llle lnlcuml wllll a laundleed eye, but
Communications ale Cnlltal. llvesloele and eulnpasl, oll seeps and l ,1.“ 5a. lmlad on cm,;.,.. Q... ,. be
Thl: "W}IO, what, wlleu, wllele sun s 015, and II sllould be obvluus that W. mm ,, mu mud. m,,,,,..,mca,,.,..
and wlly" cf any slnlallun that clvllizatll.m's eannlbunun to elllnale mdavs R dcpendm Nvmvgpflpflfi

eould cause dealll, m]uY)«', or harm to ellange ls lnslgnllleanl. Compamd to and um m..,, MW, used ,0 have

llle cnvlronmenl O! plupeny ean makl: naturally occurring eauses ul cllmatc c,ad.l,,l,.y, These day, Ll“, all , and
llle dlfflsrcntc belween a neal lnlss and ellange, anyllung lnan llas done 0! ldo mean ALL , mam .a ma la have

a Calaslmplm ls dolng ls, ln llle aggmgalc, far less a .1“. and an app“, l,.md,T1ml

WC hm H“ mm ‘hf may of am MC slgnllleanl. sald, llaele ls no doubl that Lllele am
boy who ened wolf. After several ialse Does that mean (lull lnan slloulel nu! '}}:""“Lh“"‘° "N “b”'°'“‘“‘Y ‘°“"‘“‘°d
alanns, ua une belleveel luln. And tlmn do evelyllung reasonably posslble (0 ‘If; °:‘“: 1 P“f‘“°“’“ ‘” “"‘ 5”‘ “‘
one day lhl: waif showed up. "llle ~‘aml: “ “‘ “ °° “ ac‘-

eould be sald rul Chicken Llttlc 7 when .. mm, ,0 “my, l..,“,M,,
except llle sky, as far as l know, never “,0 mud‘ mmm_mm,,,,, ,. p,,,l,al,l,,
fell. lust enough. It ls lnllell bnllcr to
Cmdibimy is cmdaL say senlellung zlbaut a polentlally

dangelaus slnlanun lllan |t ls to

l happen to bullevc lllal Climate ellange l'|:l‘nfl|n sllenl and watch an accldcnt

ls ln fact ueeulnng. 1 do not, however, happen. The means of tommunltatlon
belleve that Lhc llulnan contnbullon and llle ulgeney depends an llle

I0 tllmalc change ls slgnmeanl. sueelae eneunlslanees. You be the
Con~ld2rIh.1l a slngle vol:ann,Klll1una ludgn It ls up to you ll.) deelde. Tlunk
ln Hawzlil, elnlls abaul 2,000 tons of about H To use a football lnelaullal,
nnlallng sulfur dluxlde gas (soz) gas lun wllll your head up. But don't run
eaell day dnnng penuds ul susbalned wllll snssulsl

empllon. That does not lnelude

olllel undcslmbll: elnlsslons sue}. as mltlgatfl polllltlon and global w.1rmlng7 3° ‘W °“‘ ‘W?’ .

panleulales and DUICY, pusslbly less Absolulely NOT.’ As new leollnolugy M” [mm ,m,_,M,m PHMSA

nDX|D|I~ but snll grcenhoum, gases. beeulnes avmlabln and eeononueally Fm WSWHS 0, WWW, WI,‘

l have no ldea llow l<llauea lales ln leaslble, It sllauld be a1ppl|cd.ThaI, WDW5brg,a,m, M

lelnls of ll~ slze as tompamd to olllel howcvrir, does not mean that allexnzlllvc

vuleanos and l don’l know lluw lnany Iethnologlcs should be ~ub~ldlzcd al

actlvn vuleanus H1612 ale at any gwen llle expense of runllel mfinlng (pun

llme — but men: has no be a lot. Do lme-nded!) exlsung IL‘:hnoluglL‘~ Lcl «he
IhL‘m.1Lh.IiIhcn:l1lanyglvsn markntdccldc! E" H5
tlmc, mo  voltanna on the pland nnnnll

wllal does Lhli have to do wllll :

<P'°‘>“‘>'>' C°"~=“““"°’ ""4 ‘<*'““°" communlcallun? Slmplc. Then:  so 2 flnllflll
a"v°*m"°lM°*“C*NW= much ale .annaa.aa out lea (Int 2 gang
'5 P“‘“"5 °“‘ Zoom” ‘°“‘ °‘ €02 “ llle pllblle (and l oonsldel my~2If part 3

dav If soz ls Lmly zusl, of the bad , — 

V ,, , of the publlt) sllnply doesn [know N
slun cmltmd by vul:an0~, Lhal ~ — ,, ,, 5 2
wllu or what to belleve. ln LHL‘ old — 7 1 a 5
ave! 1 lnllllon TONS of pullullnn that . 1
days, ll It was ln Lhc ncwspapm’, an a
0CEur~ nzltumllv eaoll and uvcrv day, . at 1 3 5 2 7 4
— « |L‘ll:vl~lon, or taught ln school, It was 0
seven day~ a week Add all lhe ~mokc , ‘V 
mam fDrl:~l fims Lhc panleulales rloln C"’°P“" ‘ 4°“ ”‘"°“’ “b"“‘3"’“"’“" 5
~ no longer sabsenlse lo a newspaael and "Hanna
dust slanns lluuuglluul llle world, ,
l don I watch llle nallonal news. luse
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