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Nobody loses all the tl I'\
wlth apologles to e e cummlngs /.
Byjazlgtl /, ._
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eiore enlcrlng lhe eon.-lruelron apparenlly was the same lrne was not And rr we negotlated a sham; of arms,
field, l was .1 teacher, and marked Z50 feet away eltllex. we xemalned good to our word. I also
 At that paint, armed wnh the 3'" '’’‘‘‘°‘‘’‘’‘“’ W“ "“‘°’
,, H knowledge that the unmarked llne had
Nulvody loses all Mr fmzc. ln lhe poem, . .
. , _ been rlrseoyered earlrer rn our wurk, l l slrarerl llrrs expenence at varrous
he rleserrbes a famlly member s buul~ .
. knew that even Lhough the ullllty had errayalor rneenngs, encnuraglng my
wlth (allure and l'1l~‘ ulllmale success ln
_ falled to mark, we could potenllally peers lo perform lhe sarne. whrle rnn.-l

overcoming Iho~e iarlures. whrle very . .

tongue m (‘Mk the pm" mndudtfi have avorded the damage by ealllng were already dolng Lllls or srrnrlar, them
Lh , ’ 1 _ _ _ _ lmlh them and our one Call. Wlllloul were some that refused and eontlnually

al e\ erybody ae \leve~ some success , . .
fl Mme Pam H is A good memgc ‘D Q1»,-Eiul rnlormalron, we Eoul: Incl. e}ompluarnfeLd‘ al}>‘ouI the u'l}l‘llllef~, nlotlni
lo err repre~l:nIatlve~'t an r was I al a o e us were elr au tan

“°‘“‘"‘b°" lnvolced for the total ea.-l ui the damage lamenting that Lhey, as ereayalor.

Ten yean or so ago, I was called [would ronlesl it, but (hall drd not were duing everytlung they could do.
lo rnrreslrgale a slte where a utlllty expect them to endure the entlre ea.-l l would allend meelrngs where ullllty
had been dug up. l mel wllll erlher. l told lhern l would splll lhe co.-l member. were pre.-enl and they would,
represenlalrves of the affected ulllity 50/50 and l~sue them a eheek as soon as while m lhe audrerree, make generally
and was aeeompanied by our rnsuranee l rerewed Llle lnvolcc for our half of Llle drsparagrng rernarks almul exrayalors
eompanys saiely audlt speelalrsl amounl rn general. The ubv|nu~ lrulh rs Lllal

He visited our buslness every 3-5 the truth ls somewhere ln the mlddle,
rnonlhs to make sure we were doing ”1’°“ ‘f‘‘‘l"‘h‘°_‘’’‘_YdV§‘‘‘'‘' ’ “ “” because ”nobndy loses all Lllc llme."

all we eauld tn mrnrrnlze our exposure ‘°"‘"’ ‘" F “” “E Y °‘" ‘“‘””““° The lesson remembered (mm lhe poem,

person, berng told lhal I should have _
lo nsk He waleherl as the uulrry . . . lhal everyone sueeeed. new and Lllen
rlenred anv respunsrbrlrly. l told hrm . .

represenlalryes and l met, walked the ma‘ “ W“; my pmmphy to fight at a very mlnlmum, mrludes ulrlures,
area where the lrne had been hit, talked h M‘ Y Y ’ ‘h . h‘ I exeavalors, and third parry luealors.
wlth the supermlendenl and drseussed ‘“ “XE V “f “"231” E "5 ' 3 h _ ‘I am In 1 k I ,
responsibrlilles. The lrne, where slrurk, W" “ °" “E “m '" ‘° “"°"‘ “" '” ° °‘,‘ ' C" ° °" " °“° ’

was unmmkm R W3 Wm“ H“ lo negotlate when we felt lhal the self, one s proees.-es and pracuees and

_ _ rr:s'pon~ll:ulltv was shared l went on find fnull But It can always be lhere,
~CUP€Of(l12lOEflIE requesl Dunng the — . — .
mmmew Procw Om fiupmmmdem lo explain that, when we declded to sumewhere The qurekesl palll Io larlure
_ _ ’ deny, we had as~eml>led our eyrdenee is «he senlrrnenl that all l~' perleel and
ad Lhal he should not hare been

. rarehrlly and had full and complete that there are no rssues M
~urprl.~£d ID find the unmarked llne d M‘ V d
wrm ;. rm am hi, r,m.,,a W1“. °wm»=mau°n- en M agree to M, rm, ..ra..r., vcmcrtm ,r,..-.,r.»,..a/rs. cmly
Pay, the check was pr-=c€~se-1 quickly Iglllivto,lm*,.mcvm>v1<m¢wwfovumlmhlm as wm<
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