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elecommunrcatrons rs an ever» rndustry." ln fact, Josh ]u~l celebrated gor1l- preventrng damage," sard Josh,
I changrng rndustry, always hrs leth year wrth hrs company. ln who ,orned the OHIOBII board rn
euolyrng to best meet the that trme, losh has covered numerous ztln. "When we collaborate , we keep
communrcatron needs of the aspects of the busrness: fiom network people sater, saue operatronal costs
masses. More than 150 years ago, Abra- engrneer to network plannrng to and can proyrde better products and
ham Lrncoln welcomed the use of lclce managrng a field operatron team. Hrs servrces by focusmg our efiorts on
communrcatron technology to monrtor brggest transrtron came rn ztlla when growth and rmproyements rather than
Clvll war battles by communrcatrng vra he moved to goyemment relatrons. Thrs reparnng avordable damages The
telegraph drrectly wrth ottrcers on the uarrety of experrence has allowed lrrm board has also gruen me rnsrght rnto
imnl lrne. The sl,ntm mrles of telegraph to take the extensrue knowledge he has rndustry best practrces."
wrre, strung by the U s Mrlrtary Tele- acqurred and go advocate for the lndIIs-
graph corp m 1861, carrred more than a try "Advancrng underground damage Telecommumcatrons has seen many,
mrllron messages dunng the Clvll war preventron legrslatron rs a key part of many changes srnce Lrncoln first bene
to and trom the battlefield, afiordrng the overall process. we are proyrdrng fited from the advent of the telegraph
Lrncoln the abrlrty to lead "malAumL"' new opportunrtres to further rmproue Today rs all about access to broadband
strategy meetrngs wrth hrs command. and pot teeth behrnd damage preuen- and data. Accordrng to Josh, that
ers rn the field. tron law" growth rs NOT slowrng down. "The
necessrty to havn broadband connec-
Of course, Lrncoln's "real-time" was a tryrty always on rs the new norm lt rs
far cry fiom the rnstantaneorrs miuIma- ‘ ‘ _ rncumbent on companres lrke ours to
tron transier we exper-rerrce today but  t I figure out how to provrde thrs."
accordrng to Josh Motzer, state goyem—  y '8 ]o~h explarns, "lt trrrly rs all about
ment relatrons drrector lor CcnturyLlnk dala~all about fiber.. where bcfum,
and onlotm board member, rt rs the each home had a landlrne that was
mill-tlmc technology that broadband a | | a b 0  shared by the members of the resi-
rntemet proyrdes that rs one of the dence, there has been a paradrgm ~hlil
brggest advances rn the overall damage to each and every rndryrdual havrng
preventron process. "]u~t as the (do d  I | therr own deurce/devrces There are
communrcatrons rndrrstry has changed, tens uiblllloru of devrces berng can-
so have the opporturrrtres rn the one nected to the network. Furthermore,
call process we can go anytrme and a b O  our network even carr-res "lnIcmauun-
have real-Ilmc access to the process. we al" data trafirc fur buslncssccxlllcal ser-
no longer have to wart. l can access a . ,, urces fox both prruate sector busrness
websrte and enter mfnnnnllun onlrne  b e r\ and government entrtres. l>rotectrng
or wrth an app updates are real trme. . . . the approximately 4so,tmtl route mrles
Locators and excavators have mal- of fiber currently rn our network rs ol
trme data They can be on the lob srte, the utmost rmportance. cyber securrty
pull up the trcket and see the posrtrve The ten years Josh spent managrng a rs also a brg part of |l—wL‘ not only
response " field operalrorrs team were partrcularly connect them but protect them as
beneficial rn lrelprng hrm to fulfill hrs well we are always workrng to End
when asked what the biggest rmproue. role as an OHIOBH board member new, better and more efiectrve ways to
ment hrs rndustry has brought to the "we felt the parn My team and l were protect our customers "
table m the damage preventron pm- the ones who had to deal hands-on
cess, Josh answered wrth confidence: wrth the restoratrorr of these damages Josh mrght be srxteen years m but
"wrthout a doubt, pmvldlng real-trme we dldn’l want to pull ualuable technr- he rs rust gettrng started rn lus quest
avarlabrlrty through a robust bmad- cran resources away from the lmpure to connect. "what we do adds value
band network to plug rnto the one—call tant work already scheduled wrth to lrle rn general. l loye seerng new
process at every phase. whether rt rs our customers when we are able to entreprerreurral rdeas prosper because
the cxtavalox, the locator, the faullty preyent damages, the longcmrm qualrty of access to a hrgh-speed broadband
owner, or anyone else involved, thrs of the network rs malntarned and the network l enroy the fact that what we
rnstant access rmproyes the whole team remarns tocused on serurng our proyrde rs a connectron of pcuplL\~r1
process." customers." means of commrrnrcatrng wrth iam-
rly, trrends, and busrness assocrates
]osh’~ enthusrasm fur hrs rndustry rs "what the board allowed me to do was around the world. There are so many
contagrous ”[ have been very ioxtuc create a much greater network of peers benefits to berng able to rnteract wrth
nate to have spent my entrre protes— rn all drfierent rndustrres, rncludrng one another on a global atalo~I get to
sronal career rn the telecommunrcatrons competrtors, but we all have the same be a part of that." Q
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