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V Before You Dig
_ H[Qg11 cnmmuna to Whlll: Jeff l\aan't worked dlrcctly
,mm.,: “WW1, K, In ullllty or damagc Prevcntlon
, sxtavalon and the geneml In the PM he Is a quick atudy vi
. Pub“: and mm MW“ 1“ new lnelusznes and |S cxrltzd to be
lonks I0 conmblllc toward the goal of n-valved In an nfforl M -mlwxtnnl
fl ,m}..,.g m,y m,.de,,, m 01.“, lo communlllcs Ihmughoul Ohm as
. damn u mventlun H03 lckln u
of cxlemzll npenmnns hnns an d 1 ‘ . I ‘ , h .
-\ ; Expcnentcd and lughly effcctlvz (Sam :2 D‘,‘,§,ff’§a°,,§ 1" ‘°::§‘:,,f,u,‘f T, to
'~ 3 at OPHO311 and Wan“ 10 h'?lP ‘Hume kcnpplngg lhc m~l§anII’a of Ohm sale
a vlsllnlny and pubhe awnnenes. n:n.».s and mp,“ ma; .,.,1,,,C. m,w,ng
the sme whllc contlnulng to spread Lhc ,hm_,g1“,_,[,hC ,.me_
A cnnlral message to call an or go nnhne
mum you mg, ‘”Rlg1\tn:WI,I'm dolng}.‘1l0lcif&ls(enlng.
’m W01’ |n m ' wa ‘I mu I carnln
senons pu IC TC allons c Inf» 7 h ‘J d
,W“,l,,“,,, lndudlng opcmllng lns own snenessml L W
Smlov nmhmy Emwvml e,lm.»m... ennsnlung firm In Ohlo my seveml A team Plnycn In“ H on a mhmvn to
yeah But 1'1l~ PR expenenee ls lu~t tlm do Pm Pm of swing to know enlth
b¢g.m,,,g, mcmbnr organlzauun and 1mm IUW
hes: m hel shne the lm oxtante
New  u,w:1,,,hE

on publlc rclatlom‘, maxkctlng, mmmumm WV mvn
enlnmunlennnns, publlc nducallon and '

gomnmcm ma,,./~ IE“ ~"|d> and that s one of Ihn wiundclful lhLl}l;1g~‘

e’ d .- '. d
t AN=w England name, Icffl along o‘nlf§a"§'§§§'§!?.§°n7§lL!§§§. nf
e a m wnh hl.- wlfe and (Wu kld~, has llvcd an the mcmbe, 0 fl,m,,,,,,, to mm
In Ohm since 1999, Inmally Working In |ogclhEr and exchange ldeas to forward
the l'lnanclalsclvlcl:a|ndu~1ry, winch M mmagc of ,.am,, and damage
m e m e r he’~ done nn and off my nearly 20 Pmvmmn
yeah l—l.s methods Include looklng at
long—lexm sunlegles to mlse aw.1xL‘nes~ "Ulnrnntcly my goal Ia to min as
 m S wnh hnmeownen, .1. well .1. more large n vermntagc n- we can or all, or
mm, mmpmgn. mgmng Pm,E,.,,,,m1 (hr: 11.4 mllllon xenelenls of Oluo wnh
bi in cxcavalon throughout .he state. a  to can an or so wings to
OHIDSH b ‘f ' d /' d.
"Mm pwplc dunk of mnrkcung and n. an  5.53: .’,.°§ie 311.. ,5?
I advnrthlng n. rcqulnng an lmmzdlam mqumd by law _ “I, an mm. ,}m.
S h a  n amen or m~pon-2," he sand. "T?-ere prolcch your health and saictv, a~ well
may he ease. where t1mlhappL‘n~,bul M bung mummy mponflbie/,, he
mom common IS bulldlng educallon added
t e core m.hem.h.l.v.eun gchtutllntlmn
,,,1.m.1mym golng to dig, (1\ny’!,= And nslde [mm all that, n s lu~t the
armed wllh tlm knowlndgl: Lhcy need." fish! dung to do»
ITI  3  Welcome aboard Jeff’ I
Hy Mlclud Dawnzs
sun w....,
2cm: lssue 5 -Dnmage Flzverlllan Janina! Es

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