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n tlae damage preventwn lndunryr Heavy earlhmovmg cqulpment was who sadly dldn't lrye Io rerounl lus
we eunatanily talk about the employed to reshape tlu~ mlerseenon, enrounler wuh larglnvollage eleelrrerry
imporlanee of rallmg an belore and muluple layers of eonerele needed _A _ _
Y0“ ulllzr m>P¢C"“$ loratlns lines to be lack-hammered Io he removed ‘—"l"‘“' ‘“""“"’ “°”" ““"“

and lhmkmg about salely at every y tluuusla the mar en-~-ns rnlnar

hm hm Mn muhdm ‘uh gm can On lhe day of lhe aeerdenl, lwo workers damage ho overhead lmes and seallered
hm hm ‘mam mm m mmmm were latkrllammering eonerele m a oulages, he sard A ullllty worker
mpemhy when hwkmg mum h,gh_ ialrly deep hole when lragedy slruek. spolred damage lo some poles and a
mhm dmnmyl They had no rdea that a ma,or hazard saggrng energrzed lme and rolled rn

cxlslcd prsl a lew mehes below thclr an emergeney loeale reouesl. A serond

At a mem De-nag: Pmvmuun boob. mpalr Emw  an rhea way to replaee
Summll, an eleerne s vslem dama e lhe dama ed ales.”

Pmmhoh manage, {am me E "The workers ,aek.hammered lhrough 3 l’

Pmmpams ‘hm ‘mm mm fihwm he a eonerele dud hank mlo an 8,000-vull The fixsl lucalor on lhe seene, who had
when mum‘ Chm“, gwcmh hath prrmary eleelneal lrne, he cxplalncd deeades cf expenenee, arrrved lo find
humd and mm,’ ' "Om: was srgruneanrly hurned, hlmseli alone on lhe sale A seeond

lhe other esraped wnh less senous loealor arnvcd momenls laler and

"Eleetnral area can produce some of the myurres." walehed lhe rollowmg seene unfold.
hrghesl lemperalures known lo oreur _ ,

on Emhr. lm Sikh ..Thcy cm mach up The nxtzzme heal generaled m a The flrsl loealor removed Lhc loeaung
‘0 35/000 dngxm (pahrehhmh Whflh H yollage arc eauses lhe snrroundmg arr Lqulpmcnt from hrs tzuck, and began
hhm_hhd_fl_hflh mm ‘hr mmpmhm to expand so qurrkly lhal It ran resull mark/hng lhe fr1ml1lll:~ near Lhe darhraged
M the which of the hm r. m a kmd ol L‘xpl0~Ion, espeerally m pole, areordmg lo Lhc presenler. If

eonlmed areas. wrmesses reporred he'd looked up, he mrghl have noueed

Dunng the Preaenlationr l-e deaenbeel lhal one of this workers was physreally that Lhe saggmg energrzed hne was
two real-lrle snuauons where lhal blown out of lhe hole when the are gcmng lower and lower Hrs body
awewme energy name In ulneet contact oreurred. contacted lhe lme 7 probably wrlhoul
wrlh workers resulnng m serrous am. kmW,,.g .. M, Ll.m_~

rn,ury 7 and even a dealh 7 lhal he Work atolapedr lnvesngatwns began

hop“ mum hh Pmvmmd m ‘hr hmm and lawyers were ealled an. The serond loralur reporred seemg an
by eu-nrnun-enllun and laelng acutely ulnmalely, the workers were unaware “" _“f‘:l1“;’f“§ “,“ f’“°‘"l‘l“' b:‘;"‘_“f§,
aware of your surtuunellnsm lhal Lhcy had been standing over  ;h;;’m  ‘g"r;‘nd°“ "‘ 3
Srmaflo me la“ eicdubmll :l1.nmy Sat had hm‘ d Th d l I ll d 911 b (H I

oea e , u e mar s were eovere e seron ora ur ea e , u rs

Tlne more eomlallrateal a lab Isr tlae more by eonslruenon dm and dusl and were responders were unable lo save the
the lrkehhood for hazards mereases no longer vrsrble Addmonally, several man

one example he used to Illuslralc lhal Wa,pa,, had "0. am, .m, ,agm.,,g

eoneepl mvolyed erlensrve cunslrucllun mm mam and ,0 Wm .,,,;am,1,a, Better euvnmunlentlan and tlglateneal
lhal look plaee m a eomplex érlanu wlLh Ihclx mearnng and rmporlanee llts "'“““°““‘ “‘”“’°"‘°‘ ‘““l’ h“‘’‘
interaeetmn In a -nalur metropolitan rmperanve that iorcmun and workers l"“"““‘°d ‘1‘‘’ ‘‘“g‘“‘—‘’’ H“"‘‘‘‘' "“°“"‘
area Lhat mrluded bus lanes ln lhe undersland Lhe marks and keep an eye “‘‘”’"Y° 1“ “°‘°d “ ‘°‘"‘° "°“°" NC“
vneallanr -nulnple ttnffir eontnvl s-gnalm out for lhese enueal salery warnmgs  ";$lf"‘:l5 “'_“‘‘‘‘;'h'‘““‘' '’“}‘f"‘
algns lanng tn all d-rectum and on Ihc ‘ab sale. If you don't see marks °" " “ "3" “° “ "“"“‘ “
walkway rrossmgs. where you are, Lhal may mean hazards ‘°““°’ ““°‘“" “b"“‘ ‘hm “°““" '}“

H ‘wk MN m heller lhe chanu: he has al mmganng

Thrs lab mvolved pullmg up and Y lhem and rompleung lhe lob salely

resuriaemg almosl every surlaee of Lhe Sggnafio 2 '
Intv:r,~.ectlon,” lhe presenler sard ”Tlmm 9‘ l‘ 9'“ l°°al°' '“Wl° " helm

Wag hm}, We 0, uhdmgmuhd hmmy Damagcyprcvcntlon lyprrally roeuses of rherkmg and mthctklng has
mwmmhg ‘hc in MM Wm my on what s happenmg henealh our fed surroundmgs 7 parueularly durmg
old, mm “W my mp and mhm A great deal ol our auennon rs loeused a slorm 7 he mlghl have noured lhe
were drrerlly under the sidewalks.” fl°;t’lalr(l’ut 2| nhnlwaga a soujll Praeuee aaglzuas llne

o oo u or aza sas we .
On a seene as mmpllcalcd and as P Warlung safely around eleetnnty
hmg_hmh ah this, mm, [mm mum Loeanng marks are usually seen means keeprng your eyes and ears
Wm Work hcgmg Mr‘ Enough m mp at ground level 7 on slreels and out lor hazards at all umes The best
hmyhudy Sm srdewalks, on lawns and ng,hl~-of-way. praeuee rs to Imal all eleeme power
we [amllmnze ourselves wrlh lhose Lqulpmcnt as .r u rs energrzed,

"Multiple loeales were berng ealled rn, marks bniorc and durmg eaoh lab, but parucularly downed or saggmg power
an ut-l-tIe~ land lvratura v-smng the area hazards, espenally around eleelrmly, hnes.

at lease every week to relresh marks can mm a, you {gum any angla

D, mhmk am Lhs mp mph“ was It Iakc~ only seeonds lor the mundane
mmumha ht ma The presenler's seeond srenano as to turn morlnd. ‘

a slory aboul a seasoned localur
2cm: lssue o -Dnmng: Flevenllan Jmnnnl En

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