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Damage prevention messaging-
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iii iwagariiies
hile scrolling through shot on another social media plattonn to homeowners. we leave literature
messages on Twitter 7 I'll never know it his neighbors and at rental tacilihes and even put an
this week a damage iriends were qulck to iump in on the reminder stickers on mechanical
prevention-related post conv2r~'i1llnn and set lan straight about digging equipment we promote the

came across my teed that made me his graintied yard; l hope they did. Nor use ot sater digging teohniques. we
literally laugh out loud will l know it lan is iust pulling our legs host damage prevention satety days

‘“ a mmagz mgimuy Puma an the lust to get some laughs ‘anddal‘a1§fbD‘(JI‘1;1‘/3 floral flallh and
NcxIDoor app, a man named lan trtrm As ridiculous as lan's tear-mongering I” E ‘ "'_””' E ‘T“‘“ V “mp “Y

anguages other than English to make

Nebraska alerts his neighbors to he sate post sounds to those otus who we we ME “chm em bad V in
aiter a guy in a truck was "putting gang commit our lives to safety and damage ‘me Emmi“ mm§mmt’,' weéven
tlags and spraying gang colors on my prevention, it does highlight a very _ I 5 V I d"

sidewalk, yard, mulch and street." serious issue. Despite our best eitorls, P“'‘““‘ °‘" °‘’“” ‘““ ‘ “ “"‘“g“‘

prevention theme to elementary school

one quick look at the kids. otir eitorts are tar reaohing
accompanying photo makes and extzilozdlnarily eitective.

it clear to me7and anybody  H H  M N . _
who'~'~'pl:ntmore Lhanlfivz 3 ‘i — ”“ ‘  ~ §:;*;‘j;':,:';;3j:;““~°“*“'“°
mmulei In damase Preventwn or Gang symbols painted on my sidewalk ’ ‘

the excavr1tiun,:unslru:llnn or 53,, mm mg m 3 gm W",,,g gang Ms am, And it lan doesn't know what
utility industries 7 that these are gpray palnllrlg gang eolois eii iriy sidewalk, yard, the painted marks in his yard are
locating marks used to identity iniilcti and saw are that saying my yard is lheii about, there's a good chance he
the various uhhUe~' located below litila taiii rml interested to tiettig itivizlitiau Wllh gangs doesn't know that he needs to can
ground. A’ 811 betore he plants a tree, replaces

e itiev tiientiiio [heir Iemlory tnr an iipoeiiiiiig gang H ‘mm M alga the PM we in

The "gangs" represented on Ian's wir7 l ooii-i knlwl tstiai gang MUD is DUI I iiiiagiiia IFS um MW mulbux 1“ M km M a‘
turt are yellow for natural gas, red like MSI3 l imagine ttie police know atiout mls tiiill (11; hum m“ mvmgn; “mg

tor electricity and blue for potable will iiomy ltieiri regardless ae sale everyone 1’ ’ ‘
water (Appamntly the other or _ - , so, we continue uur guest to reaoh
"zival” utilihes 7 rommunirations ' Q ‘< every resident in every out-ot-the-
(orange) and sewer (green) aren't - way corner ot the state, plus our
present, or have yet to be marked.) 2» 3 urban and suburban neighbors
The post goes on to say, "I  _ _ "gr "HQ

don't know what gang MUD ’: ; one small way we can all help

is, but l imagine it's like MS— get the message out is to remind
13," reierencing a notorious — ' ‘ ' - those we come in cuntiltl with
gang irequently reiereneed by throughout the week about the
politicians. W m” lmmg rmhnd Mm“ mm importance M811 and what the call

A qu|(k Couglg Mgr. would have our message wheres still work to do in ;’%““d’ <‘;e~ “gland {°'"}fa"--‘ta git"
told him MUD is Metropolitan utilities eharing the universal meaanse to "rail ‘"“  °‘;'E_° ,‘”” T3" ‘f°;"d f
District, a public utility in Omaha, beime you dig-" ff’ “"( " '“ ‘ "‘:‘" °  “ ‘ft ’“ ‘I
‘”‘‘’’'‘= P‘°"""=° °"‘°l flab‘? “mi enormous strides in the last so 7 or even save a lite. And the best part
cost-ettectiue natural gas and water mm 7 M“ in the M mm pm by “ dam,‘ (M anymmg

°“‘"‘“ “’ °“' ‘°‘“'““"“Y" 5°““““ From statewide eitorts to local

like a pretty seruice-oriented gang to dim“ Pmmtm council’, PM ln the meantiifie, Lhflee oftul in damage
""3 industry and academia, we have all P‘‘‘’““ F" W‘ “"" ‘f‘“° ‘’ mm‘ W“
lan ends his post by mentioning that helped to PmP°1 safety and damage '““°”‘"’“ “Km ,“ff°“:;"’}  '° ‘
he is going to nullfy the polite about prevention to the forefront of many °;'“‘““‘;'“§ .“’“‘Lh‘ “ " ‘_ “"1”;
this "gang" activity. I can only imagine conversations, including those at the ‘Y “ha” ""5 *"‘‘”P ‘f’ ‘P“ t_
the epic eye rrrlls lan's call would have halls of sevemmemr which has helped ’°‘f1 ‘“,’f ““’; $33“ .".’"” °' ‘t°"‘,",‘°" ”
induced at the local police department. atrengthen damage Prevention "dis °“ °“ ° 3'3 "3 "'°”"“ °" ’ M ‘E

, laws" in most states. And that's not all. ““ W‘
laecause l dldn’t see the onginal post W“ we on the numb“ ‘D can hm
on the Nmpou, app _ lugl a sum. we message comlantly to eonstruclion 5 Y ‘ l
and excavation rrews. we send mailers 3'“ '‘“°“’ "' .
is E Damage Frevellllun Juumal - em issue 5

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