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Working Together
ne of the greate.t dhcuvnnea cernphanee xmucs may bung [olk~ one of the most vnal qnnhtre. fax a
a man makcw‘, nne othr. together, but enrnrnrtnrent to a common .trong and mcamngiul mlauonshlp,
greatest mrpnse. 1~ tn find goal wru keep Lhcm warkrng logctlmx for bnnglng all .tnkeho1e1ers logclhcr,
he ean an what he was‘ afxmd «J as‘ to he s'II:cL‘~aful. 50 re rt possible even these who may not agmc wrth

he cmIldn'l an to achxcvc .-aeh a xL‘lal|on~l11p wrth the you r. the abrhty tn h.ten wrth all your
 Eff?i‘;‘1TI£1'3£.§§?‘2§5‘§f§'§§iT§iLe ‘::::;J,“.'.:.:':,:°‘;“:::;;°V;::’;:?“"”
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“"”"‘ “’°“‘ 1"“ " A“ “‘“ ‘“"°" l‘‘‘’‘‘“ K ’ ’ Y " ’ K ) P ’ ’ wrth uLhcH lo aeenrn lwh wlnl rrrayare
fur Lh|s rrnpos.rh1e taar Ia that there It begrn. wrth lru~t Yuu ean have umbk M écmm h‘_h"fl;M_ ,_‘Ni_m"

r. .-ornenne ur ~umv: nrganrzatron that a eornnnttee w1thoutlru~‘t,bIItyou ‘mm! Y m “M fhi’ ;m“‘h gm 3
.nnp1y refuses to eenperate. ean't have a meaningful relationship W/mg)“ ‘N a“ mpgném m lmmmg
51.» what w|lI work? In about hurlohng  tr.{what i. bung said. Rather than get
mlaliunahpa, and not about appumung mm H "h'm H sngmm m that ['ru~lIatzd at the tune of voree bcmg
enrnnnttee.,.rno1 tor the most pan mmnfim flm ;O’u W mm mm lhndr try tn under.-tana why they
mamtammg the.-e rL‘lam.m~lup~ am mm the wblzm blfi W; H W ' .tnrgg1e ~o gnmng therr mnmagc armas
uflcn tnne. harder than buuldmg thern , " ’ ’ Y we want peopxe not only to hear what

aren t wrurng to trust nne annther, anv .
— we aavr but aim to ion] what we incl.

Di cnur~L‘, wr: am rcfunng to a pcmcwnd mccnas wxll be ~horl lwnd. '

‘°‘-“'°“°*"P “"‘“‘ '“““"“““‘* ‘°"“‘ The next crmtal .te rn mamlamm the “ W“ ““““““‘““‘ ""5 "’ ‘“ '“‘“' ““’“
mgelhcr tor common gnab. one Lhal mmmmhxp H gomfold Wm“ hug“, how rnaeh mum Important |s rt that

r. nulabu~1vL‘loward any po~Il|un and mmgmy H H mm ‘aid W H bu; each u[ u~ art the example fax cmaung
held O1mIhalh~tcnalo|dca~' wnh “V “ Wu}. k"nd“m~  W; W Y Vivhat the CIIVlYOhl'l'|L’l'Il Lhat allow~ all of our
the purpusn: of better Ilndnntandxng  W B mm |mP";mm than’ ‘shat ataknhuldcn |o he wrnner. m kenpmg
ma P¢,,.Pm,m of an ,m,,_,1m1, A W 5;’ ‘Folk. Wm mm M C‘ Mm our status a ~af2r plan: to hve and wnrw
re1.rhnn.h.p where evervnne |s a wrnner ’ ‘— ’ ‘g

— Vuu amdr but wru alway~ remember The be.t pmgxam rn the cuunlrv 1~ not
because Lhmc Involved am committed  r '
ow you made them incl when you about zulcs, rt s about eéteetrvenes. and
to eneh nther, not only amund the table, .
, ~a|d IL Fmd .nrner.rne who ean rnerhate rt eeula very wen wlarl nght here at
but ta tlman who ohan t even know Lh __ _ h h h ,
[hm Wm a "mung or tnerhtate e h~uC «J a. nut to tear omc. came on 0 ro. 1; not a. . w o
’ ' dawn what's already Isdablmhcd If not now .. when? u
- - O M» plpehne
. 0 000111’ e(::u1se
V. ;.. . 
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 ha: *  !‘ x «» t -
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