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from the dcak of
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I George Lhllespm
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‘_14:4::M: an L. OHIOXl1'.~Am7ual Memeerahap Meeting wen
www MP‘ W ' aI1Ind1:atort1'\atfnIlI~ right nrmlnd me cornur
-" ‘ " Ca1Il\'oIumc~.:rc~tIlI on lhcr1.~.cL~\'L*ntlmL\ghlhc
I In Emma {'31, temperature. an: cooling down
men; \\\ Hum‘-~ .»a-v...—.,. '1,‘ we hosted a \.cry .~IIccc~>luI mL~mbcr~hIp mccung
x,umd1n:xlux — \\<,~l:,m Ulnn , m Auguxt bcglnlung wxth a pig ma~t(>nVVL*d|1c~d:\y
W n P-1 !—’m~‘1 evening mlluwcd by a golf mmmblc, trap ~huuung
HH—n‘xM we; even: and our /\nnu:\I .\/lumbcr~11Ip and Tnhtuc
\a(H'rH:vup\nx'1_; Reception on Ihemaay Fndny mundcd out me eel“-d..1e of c\.cnt~ wnh our
Annual Mcxnbcrxlup and Tru.~tL~u mL*unng~
I  Mm m ‘ Our ran ~:hcduIc 1. qeuekly filling up mm me ann()uncc1nL~n[ of the
WWW“ _ NAM" mm eenaelmlamm M01110 . {Wu unhty pmlccuun ~L~r\'1:u~V Our xncmbchhxp
W Ml PW tu:\m1~ working diligently m tr:\n~mun the mm-m owups mumbch over an
luililrm A {M onmem nmniburx mm a acaxnlc» pr()cc~~
mmnlw map. um we wuuld hkc to thank ODCA and ocrup-3 for tlmlr crmrta mm me
tranquon and are lonkmg Iorwnrd to ~L~r\'1ng lhc1rnmn1bcr~111p Together, we
I mu Hemus are making Ohm a xafcr pL1cL*tuh\'L* and work for our 11 7 nulllnn emzem
"“1‘“* ““ ““‘““‘ “""“‘ ‘ once again, I would me to take me uppurnlmtv to thank an of me
‘—““‘3““"“" ’ L“'“" ‘ “‘“' ad\'crtI~ur~, ~tan and parXncr~ 1/v'lm~|Ippurlnnd{ pmducc The Dnnmgc
ff‘ "j[‘;"“‘3 Frcvc|mon]mIma1l a~ wen as our faithful readen, whu~u pn~m\'L~ Iccdback m
““"- -““‘ ‘—““ our cnorh .. much appreciated
1n\Il|7Huup~ .a_a
I’rv»nlnHhL\n:m:1 LMAM
1:» : '.|.|hHvv1n;:v.4 run
Kunh NJ-.un UH HG!
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