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Multi-state, multi utility coordination helps prevent damage in Ohio
By iiiemri Downed
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irsilanergy isn'i gusi a large ”OHlO811 has made ii easy for elosely with siaie one eall reniers in
provider of eleeirieiiy in Ohio exeavaiors io rreaie a iiekei by oflenng iheir serviee area, and sponsor evenis
7 Lhey’re also an indusiry ihree met11od~':calllrig 211, online and ihai promoie underground damage
leader helping OHIOSII iheirsmariphone app," he said preveniion in ihose eommuniiies He
promoie damage prevennon, engaging _ _ helped develop and publish a web-
aiier companies and even oiier .iaies g‘H‘f}f11l “'73 ~;f=j-"*('l‘g },f‘=bL;,7‘t based irainiag iaodnie which  now
io ensure everybody goes home saiely ° " “ 2, °5'7 “ ’° .° “ $3“ " mquimd annually ior r1boul5,U0lJ
ihe siaie s exisiing dig law wiih an
ai ihe end of ihe day mfmmmzm pmmm Firsilanergy employees, and he also
Sm? Schflm mm?‘ 7 mm “SC developed a besi praeiiees guide as
. . _ in Deeember 2014, covemor John pari or a Pennsylvania-based damage
and eable loeaiing with l=irsil2nergy .
. . l<asieh signed inio law senaie Bill preveniion iask ioree.

corp. in Akron, said he represenis the 378 which ‘m mm‘ on the fimz,‘

eompany on noi iusi OHlD8ll’s board '1 d P I i V d Firsi l=_nergy's eommiimeni io saieiy,
of diieeiors, bui also Pennsylvania d““ developing and iollowing besi

311's board as well, in addiiion io his . ‘ piaeiiees, and requiring ongoing

_ _ nnaneial penaliies for eompanies and _
responsibiliiies ai l=irsiEnergy. mdmduah found to be “fining or iraining makes ihe company and
1l[hflv2 ‘hm dmimly “mm sieve s relaiionship wiih OHIOBII a
,, , A muiually benelieial one

seeiions ihai repori ihrougli me, r _ 7 , V

sieve said, "Joint use, DOT Public '_ ‘_ : ~- "I've held a seai on ihe OHIOBII board
works and underground Damage  , - of irosiees sinee zone. over ihai ilme,
i-reveniion " loini use reiers io ihe ;— v ~ ; / ,,_, I’vc goiien io know ihe OHIOSII
unique relaiionship beiween eleeirie . ' -f _ leadership, siaii and many employees
and ielephone uiiliiies ihai allows for , v,s.:,,"-3;. ;1._- L‘ , very well. i ean iell you ihai ihey have
sharing space on earh nIhl:r's poles, he  -‘E. g ‘_ passion, vision and purpose io make
said. The DOT ieam proeesses billing ,4 V _.g -ui .. ohio a saier plaee io live and work,”
for Deparimeni oi Transporiaiion I V ‘ he said

roeeis aeross ihe FixslEnn , -

gooipnni, which includes O‘1§l}i,: Edison, ‘W O'i“tO8"d“' “""‘"“‘.“°dd‘° P‘°"‘t°““5
The llluminaiing company and Toledo X ‘ ii sa : )1 an P;“;""l.'t“3_ d“"‘“gj " ‘ ‘h
Edison in Ohio and seven addliional ‘ “l"‘°’_§,}“°‘f“ ‘mt: “‘ Lh‘’‘’,,‘‘glfi)”i ‘
operating eompanies in Penmylvnnln, f“ “A. ,9 “’_° 5° ‘“’f. ° °“ 53 °“
New Jersey, Maryland and wesi i 3°“ '5 f“°_*‘°“$’l= ‘E’, “‘ “‘‘f’ ““
V"E‘"'"- 3v".ii‘3"e2L‘.,?i¥.Z’e$°rL’...'£'i“ia‘°a‘.‘i’..?§3",§‘é.saag
Firsilanergy serves around 6 million / billboards and iosienng loeal damage
eusiomers in ihe region, wiih aboui 2.1 preveniion eouneils ihai help spread
million eusiomers in ohio alone Thai ,_ ihe message ihroughoui iheir loeal
keeps sieves underground damage gm gm, r,,r,g,,,,W C0”; eommuniiies

preveniion seeiion busy They sereen ,,

“b°“‘ 1 3 "“"““‘ “"“‘” “ Y“ ‘“"”‘ ‘””‘ i orin laws meani io roieei eo le OM38“ h m: Snmml wdminy
iwo siaii members. They rely on speeial 31'; mg my ‘ P P P °““}:“  “"‘.‘f°,,;’}‘1'3"’3’_“‘°f’f“
iiekei managemeni soliware io help P P ‘“ E ‘ " 9/ “"‘ ’"' * E" ’ “

k operaies an efficient and erieeiive eall

eep ihings organized. The new law iook eflacl Ianuaxy 1,
2016 eenier as well as eoniinuing elioris io
”I'm proud io say ihere hasn't been a promoie saieiy io ohio siakeholders.
single dig-in assoeiaied with iirkei- ”Each oi ihe MX siaies we operaie in Eliminaiing damages means ihai
sereening operaiions sinee we siaried have damage preveniion enioreemeni, workers renirn home io iheir iamilies,
in 2004," sieve said. "When ihe dig-in and Pennsylvania has rerenily while we eoniinue io provide saie and
procedures are properly followed, ihey implemenied mandaiory reporting, reliable serviees io our customers."
work very well " whieh has inereased our workload _ _ _
t_xpD“mfia“V/, Sm“ Wd ,,HDwC‘m when he was asked ii ihere was
while sieve said ihere are no magie [Mme ma; mimcmml Wm anyihing he s leamed in his years
bulleis ior underground damage “mmml Vmm mg Ind“ mm ‘M in damage preveniion ihai mighi be
preveniion, iollowing ihe law is a greai emmori and ‘hi Pub“c’_ Y’ example beneiieial lo oihers, sieve onered a
siari io keep everybody saie and reduee h _ ' simple, bui powernil eihos ihai rould
we ave increased our erioris and
damage io iaeiliiies. siariing wiih . apply no maiier whai posiiion you
. ioeus on iaeiliiy-loeaiing meinrs and
exeavaiors oi all iypes 7 eommereial, have in ihe damage preveniion world.
are working elosely wiih our loeaie

’“°'“‘°“““‘ “"5 "$"‘“‘“"“‘ ’ roniraeiors io im rove ihe roeess " "D '1 -i d l i d ih
submiiiing a ticki:lloOHlO811aik-nsi P P ’ ‘ , ml SW9 uig, s ayk i lgfn, 10 re
48 hours before any digging aeiiviiy sieve said FirsIEnezgy has a sirong "55 ,,““g ““ “P” “P ” W “‘ ‘

b - f i ll Th e r k "fih" 5‘ ‘ma’ .

egins sa eiy en iure overa Ly n or
eiiia. issne o ~Dnmn9: Fieverlllmi lannni E7

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