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s an old water guy, we the tulle who have built homes and support nf membership, Dennis
(Erminly seen my share of businesses in our communities. They sternberg, executive director ot
changes in attinides relating want taster intemet. better tv, smoother Arkansas Rural water. stated that in the
to becoming a member of an roads and the one thing they really past, the association had been opposed
811 system. want is less trustration and tewer to requiring membership in the state's
disruptions in their lives one call system. but that the Rural
water operators who have been around Wale! Awcmun Bum Ofmmm
tor the past twenty to thirty years Embracing such technology and change was now’, in M m an Bf the mmmz
remember the reluctance from both has improved our reliability and Om (“Wm Hgifflled awe mmdfl
I rural water systems and municipal expense of operating water systems gem’? a membéx am“ on; an 5 mm
water and wastewater systems to across the country. Many ot these as din mm“ The EN Bi’ V’
ioining the one call systems (as they same operators and water associations P : . . ' ’
. . . membership is minimal as compared
| were called in the day.) are also now embracing the beneiits in ‘he mm D‘ ,2 am m am mmbm,
that a one call system provides to all . P ’ ’

There were a lot or reasons given back membm hr 2 and mm“ alike lines. And the health concerns of

then not to be a member and 1 still hear *' 5 i ' damaged lines requiring boil orders
soirie ot the same excuses today. we The beneiits vary with the water are such that it duEsn'I make sense to
believed it would cost too much to be a operators you mlk to, but almost every oppose membership to one call any
member, even though most or us didn't single operator you talk to who is a longer."

know what the actual cost was. we still member is that damages have been Keith LEE mm! mm H D‘ mm
don't fur the same reason we didn't reduced and thats important to anyone Wm! Uség Amdflfiunind M
know bat-_ktl12n...w2 don't ask or it who cares about their company's ’ ’ . P

. board member of New Mexico 811,
we ask, we ask the wrong people. Oh, bottom line or who cares aboutthe Si 5 uo“e Om“ mm mm“ M
and then there was that, "we just don't quality ui service provided to their ban’ a memlm D‘; NEW i/Jm’m all
want someone telling us what to din.” customers. ‘S “Saw a “my will bz mfimd of
But today, there is a new way ot with the crowded utility rights-.ot.way, someone's intention to dig around their
thinking. Much ot it brought about all stakeholders have finally reached underground facilities.” He continued,
by new technology. lt has helped the conclusion that the only way to "Even the smallest system is interested
us appreciate a better way of doing make significant gains in protecting in protecting its lines. The state law
things. smart phones, tablets, vacuum our underground intrastructure is to requires us to do that. but just being
excavators, pumps that actually work work together And unquestionably, required to do it is not good enough.
the second time you need one... these working together etiectively is about we need to educate tolks. l mean. we
are but a few ot the things we've better communication. Knowing that need to educate tolks to call betore they
learned to rely on to do a better job. someone is about to dig on your vital dig and also about the importance of
Th h h. h [h _ h d ._ underground intrastructure is good spotting. we are making progress, we
° °‘ 2’ ‘ ‘“5‘ “ 3.‘ C “"52 " intormation. still have a lot to do."

the amount ot work being pezfurrnzd

in our areas. The increased amount A few years ago, while speaking to al CONHWED D" PAGE ,9
or work is the result or the demand of group about rural water amociations

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