Page 12 - Damage Prevention Journal 2018 Issue 4
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in were pnsilblc to leeale your water
1ll'IL‘~(lh1IdUhUK1'1flVClYE|CCl’ W111‘ buned
Iwlth them, you’d at lea.l want le know
about n, wuuldn’l you?
I Two guys‘ w'L‘l'Ve‘ .epaxaled only by a county
line. Tlaey both managed imall walex syslem~
Le aw n g 0 u r   .0    
They became frlL‘nd~' a~' the xL‘~uIt of llae
common bond they hnd.Pan1.»flhatb1.»nd
was that a ~lgl‘llf'ltal1t pan of their ~y~tcm
could not be located. There waa no one In
I a c e s b ett e r       
were and they often talked with eaela ollaer
about than common d|lemm.1.NL‘|tl\cI oi the
t h a n we upnralom had a (In: whcm lhe water
After iome llmc, one of l1'\L‘ opcrzlmh deeldeel
f to develop a .-yslenn to help hlm take conlml
0 u n e m uitlm pmblem He began to memum zhe
nxpmed lmc from a landmark and wmlc ll
down an a raid He aalnblwhcd a card fill:
and a iyilem lo organlzn (hr: fillng. Every
tlmn he saw the hue dunng the next ll) ycan
\ he fmthfully mea.-ned lhe llne and included
n He enen Mud n was amazlng how many
_ lnne. he went baek to dis iamc general
- area and having the card file w.1~ helpful |n
. ldenmylng exactly wlmm to «art dlgglng
" _ 4 - dn-en.sed ln.— plan wltll n|hcr~ over the
10 E Damage Frevemlurl Juumal - 2 new \ __ _

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