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years, he was pleased to hear that some coat hangers to welding rods trying to system. The other new operator didn't
began to follow his lead. He overheard find those lines. Found a tew uf them have a olue where his water lines were.
one operator say as he walked by, too. or course. we tound lots of stuff N ha k h I
'There goes the one who pioneered we weren't looking ior. Everything ° mam’ ‘.“’ ‘E Y““ W?’ .‘“ W “
the system." He thought to himself, trom gas lines to rusty Prince Albert Y°“’ ‘'P“‘‘‘‘ ’“P““‘‘‘’‘‘‘‘’.' “I Y°“
"strange, l never intended to be a cans. Even iound a live electric line that :“g“‘ ’°.“’ '“‘°‘ M’ d.‘’’“"*’':‘_’“’
pioneer! l was just trying to End my old Mr. cooper had torgotten about till k‘ “E ‘:“‘‘,’‘‘“‘I‘ '§‘1““’“.“°“d‘| “; 1
water lines." l stuck my new shovel into it.” “P 1“ * “P ° ““’“““* 2 "E

or Excellence theyll pertorm. lrs a

His iriend didn't disagree with the card ”Oh yeah," he said as the smoke curled personal chuice, and many determine
iile system. He rust thought it to be a bit up out uf the ground, "them is an every day to go above and beyond the
too much trouble. Besides all that aiter electric line there but l don't ever use it scope or mlllimum expecmions. The
10 years he also knew about where anymore. l ran it fur the electric tenee generations that tollow them benetit
every line in his system was. He had a to keep the hogs in and the dogs out." irom these ditterence makers.

good memory and was seldom wiong. Everybody laughed. what stories they ,_ _ . .

when one or the local utilities needed told: lt was lots or iun to hear them 0"?“ M“ ’ gmle" P"““‘'’'‘‘ ‘S

‘D di h h M 31 1 . ._ b I m d M d _ leaving our places better than we tound

g in is area, e rou mos reminisce a ou e goo o ays.
them. commitment to our tamilies
always tell them whether there was a _ . . .
. . Time marched on and both operators and our cummumhes is more than }usl

contliot by rust knowing where they . .

Wm fining m dig_ leit their systems behind and went to knowing. somewhere along the way

where all good water managers go we have to start doing. It's doing what

A few more years passed; both uf when they pass on. They lett behind we can with what we have to make
these operators became two of the two small water systems that really sure that the tulle who iollow us will
most experienced in the state. Younger missed all the knowledge that had have it better than we had it. Lets
operators would flock around them been taken tor granted. After a period break the cycle of ”it’s not my pmblem"
to listen to the "war sturies" about the or time. new operators were hired. and make a diiierence for those sure to
good old days when these two old As they sat down in their new ottices fnllnw...lI’s the right thing to du! .
triends nist started. ”BDys", they said, behind the desks separated oiil

"we didn't have a clue where anythuig a noun

was. we didn't know AC tiom PVC. ln system with speciiie

those days we used ev * es that would last the litetime uf the _

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