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Putting the pieces of the puzzle together
. l V . “‘
‘ \
, ich Adams is Regiunal to locate trom point A to point B. Last
I 2 Director tor USIC. His ut all, l locate the water llne."
territory includes Kentucky, . _
0 Ohio and Indmm Rich why lucute the water line last?
. recently shared his thoughts about the He said, "That's just my way, but I
‘ uniuueness ot locating water lines with can tell you why l do it that way. The
3 I the Damage Prevention luurnal. access tor water lines is valves, water
. ' Rich began, "Most every stop our  :;“"‘v;"‘;“r51“"n‘:’~_“fl:_"l;:‘,?"_‘:"‘“"
locators make, we can cuuntonlucating limited mess am; 4” D“ fm m
. multiple utilities and we do have areas (“kg advmm’ V i 1;’l.’_’ .1 H
in Ohio where we locate water lines 3° “ W “ " “V” “ °‘
_ Houklng up to a water meter or value
. V tor clients Locating three or four mm mm hi her i um 1“ d /
utilities is a lot like putting the pieces "9 d ’ (5 ‘T 1 CV.‘
0 ot a puzzle together. Think about it. 3’ ‘‘.‘“‘‘'‘‘° F”? °’ °“ ‘ ° .°_‘“‘‘“‘5
eyice. The reason tor that is that the
W“ P““ “P ‘“‘ “ ‘‘’”‘°’' W“ 1”“ “V” conducrivi ot the water line is otten
‘ the prints, look at the proposed lub ‘V ,, ’
. site and we know that there appear to “°‘ “F “’ V“
be several utility lines in Confllcl so, .
. it is up to us to paint a picture on the ,. ' -
ground that the zxcnvatur can use to e . _
I successfully complete his iuh." ‘
I I guess that sounds doable. linean, it v . '7
is done hundreds ot thousands ut times i '> '
' during the course ut a year all across . . ’
. \ the country, but where do you start: — « —' . V '
_ Rich said, "There is not a right or g _ .
wrong way to do it. For me, l always \ v i‘ V
a liked to start by locating the gas line(s) ’ ~ . .c 
. tirst. As you know there is such ‘ '
scrutiny placed on correctly locating what did you mean when you said,
. gas lines that lwant to let that be the ‘The cunductivity cf the water line is
_ tirsttocus. It‘s not that gas lines are not up to par?" He continued, ’’In the
more important than the other utility case ut metal pipes, of course, corrosion
o lines, it's just where l start. Next, l creates its own special challenges.
, would locate the communication lines. Then there are clamps ur couplings
You can unbond, or isolate, phone lines used to repair lines that can cause the
- and with multiple access points, there signal to completely stup layen the
. are typically lots ut ways to correctly size and type ot tracer wire placed
identity the path ut these lines. Then with PVC pipe can cause the lucatur a
' lwould lucate powerlines. usually problem. so, aslsaid, many times we
these are pretty straight.turward lines simply have to increase the treuuency
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