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Trenching and excavation safety
Part one: The role and responsibilities of the “Competent Person"
Eriifufls Nata: Thls 15 NM firs! of/um articles in fills suits that dlsrnsscs speufic By “Nd V» DW
steps Hm! Cutlfrflrfura mld uhllhes (/17! mkc In help msm Hm 5/1/EH4 amen
pcwsolmtl. Dbzliuualy, Hlls IS an nzlcrvlcxll uffiv: smear I: is /mnessmle m plupcrly . Hm W a,,,},.,,.,,, .0 lflkg pmmp.
wwr Hm Iupk in 1115:‘ four rzlaflvtly Sham‘ ameles. Curltlacfurs and m‘lli!l(5 malved :,_,,,m.\,C mew“. ,0 d,,,
in lltldtlgruwirl heal will need adrillluvml fmmlng In mm: wurkcr safely. them
OSHA goe. on to snpulale that the
- Competent I-er.on on a trenching and
i excavation sue anus: have speeme
' training In — and be knowledgeable
or— sells onalysls, the use of pmmtllvc
~y~tnms, and the rcqlllmmnnts of tlm
_ ‘ OSHA Standard (29 HR 1926, Subpon V)
OSHA IS vnry ~pI:mfic about lhe
le.pou..h.llnes of thc Cumpcmnl Person.
_A nu ""‘ Thou: re.-ponsllnhue. lncllldc:
1 Authority [0 .mp work
2 lnspeenons oi uenehes or exeavnm.»n.,
3 Testing [or hazardous annosphenes
when sueh aunosphnes exist or eould be
reasonably expeeled I1.» exist,
.1 lnspeenon of molenal. or Equipment li
damaged, to delennlne ll n.ohle,
5 Monitoring of watnr mmuvnl
equipmcnl and operanons, and
6 Vlsual and manual tests of the soil.
ln.peenons am panltulally important.
The Cumpnlcnl Pemn need. to ln.-peel
daily for lndleohen. of posslhle eoye-lns,
fflllurl‘ of protective ~'y~tcms,}1nzaldous
annospheee. and oLhcl haaaldous
eondmons. The lnspeenons need to be
eendueled puor lo the start of work,
and aim as needed Lhmughout tlm siuft,
after raIn~lorm.s, and nits: other potential
olkmg ll’! nenehe. and exeavouen. ls pulcnlmlly one of Line men: helm-|nCm~I“8 EVEN»
hazaxdous type. ui work in «he eonslnuehen and utility Industry. A numb” 0, mac h,.Dmm,m and
Aem.s lhl: U 5, as many as 400 nvoekeas am ldlled and several P,,\,,,.c mn,..,l,,,.... um, compmn.
Lhousand am lnyumd eaeh year. Not suepnung, mm! ui lhe.e woxkees pawn min,ng WM, HM“ hmng

have rcfcellvcd noltrcnchinfi and ;:xcia1vlalllon gafnry ligizzlgawhal ..- .s that mu, mg,“ h,,,,,,. OSHA and am “my

most a nu tlcnc its am it alive y . a ow < VC (0 t eepr ,,,o;e,5,,,,,a1, M Cnfouxagfl ,x.,,od,C

Many conslrunlun pimple don't appmnnlc the cnormou~ wclghl of sell. one Cubic "mm‘~h“" "Mm":-

[out of soil wclghs helween 90 and 140 peunds. Thcmiorc, a cubic yard of soil ean T1“, ,5 an ,mPmm mpm when mbm,

welgh ohnosl -1,000 pounds. A~ a m~uIl, lhI:rc's u~ually a death or very .enou.- ln,uay Om", dm mu“ ,3 “wally am. 0, mm

Wilt“ a "CH5 caved" Dmflm deolhs or very senous Injuries. To do

In an anempx to mducv: the numbcx oi dealhs and .-enous mluncs ihnl oenu ”““‘}““$ and nxcavatmn work safely,

each year In uenehe. and 2><cnvatlon~, the federal Occupatmnal salely Kr Health t°“lmC'°r~ and “U'm=~ "Md a PUW“ on

Administration (OSHA) xequues Lhal a "Cumprslcnl Pemn" be ensue whenever “I0 who im the knvwkdsc of how to do

workL‘r~ R11‘ exposed In an cxcnvatlon. OSHA denne. a cempelenl Pnnlln a. one “W Work safely, who reg-I1-W1)’ m~'lx'ct~'

Wm Lhc nenehes or exeoymons, and who ha.
Lhc aulhomy to take Immediate anion to

- l. eapahle of identifying exlshng or pmdiclablu hazard~ in lhc sunoundlng. at ,,,,..,,c the mm, of an w,_,,kL.,._ 5

working condm0n~ that are unsanitary, l\aznrdau~, or dangerous to employees,
and who
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