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he human body ..-, accoxdmg ..ne1e.g.n..nd p.pes1e1}.e 1a...1a1.ngs 1.nes am usually gravity 1.nes and slope
to Wiklpzdm, about 1.0% walcr. whom .1 .s needed. onee .1 has sewed downward from 1ne building The gas
we eannn1 lwc .1».11.n..1 wa1e. .1. purpose, same (.1 1.91 mn.1) 1.1 11.e leaks, seeks 11.e pa11. of 1ea.1 .es.s1anee
B..1 11.9 m..e1. water in the water w|lI lcavn 11.e Lhmugh and nses 19 Lhc buildmg. n11.e gas

wmng puaee ean be a very bad dang underground s-ewe. p|pL‘~ Very rew is s..11.e.en11o eseape from 11.e
Las1 year .1 was hurncanc Harvny mllmcxpal wa1e. p|pI:~‘ and very rew sewe. ~'y~IL‘m (e g., bubble Lhmugh a
T1...yea..1was-(anal s1.n .s as I writn s-ewe. p.pes a.e w1:llmaxkcd,.1nd "1!" Imp) and 11.e gas .eae}.es a wumn
11..s)1......eane Hnmnee 11 seems as many a.e nan-.ne1au.e T1..s makes 1.: .gn.1.nn, an explos-.on will likely
Lhough 11.m.sana.yea. flood even1. a.e uccuz.
Egffj‘jf;§:§f‘j;‘j]‘§§f°“Mfvf§;fj;fr Thu:   Eurmnlly 1.... 01111 ns...1s
h POWERFUL” H mm H mvmg n1s..e1. explouons .n Massaennseus.

 a road, do NOT dnve through .1 j‘l’)1:;1'jL}‘13lj;=“:jPL;f;;:j;;;':;:
 “ff":,‘_’:  bores, tlmy we.e Lhc .es..11 1.1 na1...a1
4'36 mi mad, you Em,‘ bi  you an gas aee.......1a1.ons 2|n(}l1:m~'s bum
make .1. 11 .s hkn tzymg 1.. bea1 a 1.a.n ‘‘“‘'l‘“5‘‘ ‘“ ‘“°““ ‘“‘ “ ‘‘“'‘“ 'YP“°°‘
a1 a emssmg. If you don'tb1:al 1}.e “P °”“’“"

(mm, Lhu 1.a.n w.u Cnx~l\ your vclucls B0110... hnc: wa1e. sa1e1y .s a LOT
evexy time. Do not 1e. moving wa1e. more Lhan ,..s1 a
1...n your ea. Into a submannevz life ]ackct and to sw.m
::::::,::;iz:§;;:‘:;::::“::...g  §::;::‘;,:f.”::;;“.r"i"“'"*°W
manpower and suppnes 1...... Texas ‘ _ V ‘

and 1 am confident .1... mher s1.1es L'"‘;;j:h‘j‘;“‘"ffj"f‘"":i‘;§j;;‘j;,b‘

am as wen n.a1s—a.a1,.1.s a LOT of d—" I I fl’ ‘:1. (EDD) H I I-yhn lac-21» rrfmvifmm PHMSA

work m dean up me, H mm, flood} n;r;<U|‘t$‘a“g rfllmirficd it h»mr‘>] for /1M('5‘Izm:5 or tmrmmtrs, Cmml

W“ ‘“ ”"“°“’“ "’° “‘“ “"°"“"“5 for wa1e. n. 1o1ae damaged ”"""m5l"gl°b"’ W

"°‘“ H“"°V’ “ “ 5"" }‘°“ 5”)’ Ii HDD .s used a laenemenon eauea I

"Y“"“'““- “W” Z" °“7‘£‘;‘“ ‘”°“““3 emssname mayeef... Ae.oss1ao.e a nvn eg.ees, you V ‘ _ - I 
Probably Wm,‘ bc am ‘0 dmk mu :.lee...s1.1nen:1..n.ng1ne1pa;ses 3 4 an 7 u 1 2 a
much ma...  «X  5 an

, e .1m.1gLIo a water .s ..s..auy ,

  a nun
mo~quno .epe an1, g ovcs, sa ty

glam'E~'2|ndot1\cxpL‘r~unal ;';§j;',;“;C;j‘:;;mD:g;;§;;,;“;:; a SHINE eq...p...en1 11.a1 may be 1 ’ ’ P _ ’ H 

M a.e 1yp.eauy nut p.e.s..nzea1 3

“PP’°P““ so damage may 1.1.1 be ..n...ed.a1e1y 3 
wl.a1 else .s Lhcm 11. worry abu..1 ..PPx"€‘m- “'0 ~'*“"l|°“ b<‘<°m°5 ,g 
w.11. respect to wamr? 11.1 as po1ab1e e..1.ea1 whcn Ihc ea...e. a 5.

(drinkable) 11.11., .1 has to am dug m the  ane and a plumbcr HIE
pu..1y s1ana1a.ds. In ...ban a.eas, .e...oves 1}.e elog, lhcmby damagmg 11ae 
mes. p1.1a1.1e water 1.ave1s Lhrough gas ca. .s llghtnr than a... sewe.

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