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e anrl Dlllard callnd ln lhe arsl olaee, why would you have to ~'wlng lhe oarldle at «he mrlle |n an
‘em alligator rurlles. a larial mpe |n lhe boat? ercorr lo cunvlncn lum lo swun north,
[Some iolleaealled ‘cm And m the “and Flam who mm when In Ihl: ourlsl of a mlghty swlng,
Lvgger ea s. All l knew I d (H Y I d d 1'1l~fCC(.~l|PPtd uul horn under hun and
£02 sure was Lhat lhey were blg ulrl ;h‘“‘ V“? "fa. “ '; 1‘: “P” “‘“;‘“h 1“ , oul of the hoal he fell. worse yel, he tell
tunll:~ you'd me ~wlmm|ng around In ‘W “ “‘ °“‘ “ ‘"3 °“‘ ° ‘ ‘ "“" mlo lhe nver where Lhc aiurcmcnliunsd
the sahne Rwer ln soulhwesl Arkansas. And .n Lhe tlurd plats, Ifvou could, alhgalor turlle was
It memcd nbvmu~ lo a lo ear old ho v r r . .- - .
Lhal on would nol want  catch Ont) “rm m the "man of Common mm M“ ‘°“" '‘“°‘” ‘‘‘’‘’“”°’“‘' “’““"“$
’ ‘“°“‘d “"Yb°“> ‘”““‘ ‘° ‘““1‘ ”‘° on waler And some have read «he
and espeelally nol pct one of lhem. I world's lnggesl alligator mrlle in lhe ‘ H, I’ , _h ‘ I V ‘k B ‘ ‘h
had already Sl’IOUkl’IE|ndaVs'|(l1lDl~‘ ol flzsIplr1cc7 :‘“l“:’f‘“ ° d°P“_‘ ’ C’; T '1‘ “
foupfingnmd olrler lolle. around lhe ° ’ “’°‘"‘ °”‘“"‘ ° °’ “f ‘“°_ h
mm WME “,2 Wm Pumng Dillard,‘ Dld l rneuuon lhal II wr1~ Dlllaxd Lhal dhay wlll tell you Dlllard Fneks wt? lhl:
01 d flat ‘mom M“ m the mm am asked for tlm lanal mpc’ As he began I lrd man lo \‘\’fll1r‘1(Dl"I-hWfllQ!> anrl al e
01 d guy Mung 0“ ‘hr bank SM [0 mm twirling lhe lope arounrl hrs hearl, that walked a lot fan er an drrl l-eler.
while adluatlng his eap wllh two angers 12 ‘°°‘ ““ b°“‘’'f‘ 1”“ beg“ “’ “Ck well «he turtlc dld finally go on ahoul
and a nub, lhal |f ’’cm2 of lhem old W‘ “'1 5‘‘’‘’'-‘‘1‘' H‘’‘” 1“ ‘“““‘‘$“‘‘ “’ whalever lurlles do, the boat dld come
lnggezhezlds ever bu you, lhey wouldn't “Y ‘“ ‘h‘ b‘’“‘ “” 5° ‘°”‘“" ”‘“' 1‘°““’ to re.-l on Ihn bank near where Dlllard
tuzn loose 'ul |((1\I.Ind£‘1'L‘d" I looked ml“ ‘1‘"‘ ‘“ ‘”"“ ""“‘Z‘"5 5"‘ ‘}“ slepped off the waler onlo dzy land. we
up and sure enough, lhere wash’: a :’}“§5°*"‘ *:‘°‘;‘ ‘E b‘’':‘ “I “‘ ""“*‘ :'}‘h““ pulled Ihc hual on the bank and walked
ElU|1d|n(1\E sky. l reasoned even then L “’P“ ““ ° P“ “‘ 3' “°““ ‘ ‘ Ihc shorr dlslancn tn hI~'1\au~2Ihmugl1
Lhal nxpezlcncc someurnes preceded *‘“E‘ “““‘ "‘ ‘1““ “"‘,$"‘°’ ”'““PP'“5 lhe woods. The only wund~ hearrl were
wrsdorn. “"”“ "“““ }‘° “’“”“ ‘ “"‘“"’d lhe blrd~, Lhe ucczmonal barlang ol a
“eh We m ,1“ bottom of BMW“ flat He began to shun away, pulllng lhe aqI1llrml‘,(al'lldIhl: aqu|.~.}I|ndg(1i>fD|lIr1xld s
buuom hm “mung dawn um um buatr1ilerlum.Dlllard was tlylng as rim lsoeb. s lppmg up an own ln us
lmmd his hmm WE Wm mmwmg a hard lo unrooe lhe lunle a. he had eal Izr ools.
hne In lhe waler from lune lo llmc, but “"3” °‘“"°’ ‘° “F” }‘"“ ”"‘°F““5 wuhoul bmaklng slrlde or turning
moslly Dlllard was polnling oul Lhc ““Y”‘'“5 ‘“‘’‘’'‘’‘”,54“''‘‘“'? “"““‘ ‘“.‘1‘‘ around, Dillard said 10 me in lf to make
olaees where he had caught me sacks ml’? ""4 “‘PP‘“g " E"“Y ‘““° D'“"“‘ sense of whal had us: happened, ”Nuw
can of fish on other sud. raps. gm: t*‘1:;tk'j;§l::§§;:j=A~;:§53$‘ Int ll... be a lesson to you ~
l was ,usl lylng lhere hslenrng lo unroplng a null: h more lrntaling lhan "Which lemon?” l asked.
hls great slones, watchlng squorel. ro m a tunlv: so, lhe lunle slo cd
runnlng around on the bank tlunklng wfmfnlng away horn the hoal if; H‘ °“’PP°d' ‘“"““ “‘°““‘‘ “"4 59"‘
lo myscli that we ought to be Ialklng swam drrmly In Lhe ehreehun of the “W” ‘° 1”“ "‘“ ‘“ ‘hf "W," "9
ahoul hunting lnstzad aifishlng eause uihi~ lrntallun Now, I dldn’l “"‘P}‘““‘““V ‘“P"°d' .D°“ ‘ °"“ ‘,1"°“’
today, when Drllard, ln a hushed but hear musm playing, but lhave a gleam! “ 1”“ ’°P“1“‘,,’°‘“;“"“5 V“: d‘’“ ‘
urgent voice sad to me, "Cet my lanal aoorenahon for Lhc ”]aws” lherne song ‘”““‘ ‘° ‘“‘° " W“ °“‘ ““°‘ °’ ‘”'°"‘/
mpny “,2 Spmmd mg Wofldk mg” he Lhen turned around and almlmd
flmgammnk ,, Tlmlblg old alligator runle seemed loward home lnodrled srlenlly. Dlllaxd
lnlenl on zatlng the laoal one blle at a was a very wrse rnan Expcrlencc was
well of counu, l got Lhc rope But |n the llmc. Drllard hollered, "Clve ml: Lhs definitely nol vvzutnd on hun. .
so years ~inc€ Lhe gmat turtle sighting, oadrllel cue me the parldler" He began
I've been made lo wonder a few llungs
2cm: \ssu:4 *Dnmnge Flevenllandaulnal E23

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