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I George L;.11esp.e

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L::m'dm:m‘,: _"m_m:7 hm I we celebrated xhe fIr~lyL~ar1n0ur new [:\c1hty:\nd
KrW__l‘rW, 1 added a new »cmur dmxttur In oL\r.~te1ff, all while on
44H—n‘n4 m; A our way to breaking yet another record call volume
W H WW  m our center we are m me pmtcm ox coniplcnng

' -" our zm goal. mt forth by mlr board of lnI~tcc~ and are proud m our mm
I I mu Hmvlu .:c::»xnp1uIumen:‘~ Our 2019 budget hm been appI()\'L*d and we are lunkmg
’ ’ remma to anot urcxtmng and productive vuzu

1'ub|1(.\.n ucmvw »,»m.—.,. —

A,m>1d1n:xlux V \\<;~h,m um. Duran Deunagc Prc\.cmmn CuImc1l~ and four umuy Coordinating Cmmcxlx
l—\4 um 1—=m»Q rounded out their year of actuxnplhhmcnlx um mexuded Networking E\'L~nt.~,
:=+:*.:»m» Lufl Va: Extaxntmn Dcmm, Mcct and C1‘cct~, Duld()urOI|ungx and annual
mmnlw mp. Ul"L' lunch and brcaklmt meeung. They also matured nmuu. gum ~pcakur~ to

C()\'\[ID|I<1“yL‘d|ICfl[C and Intrunw their mL~n1bcr~11Ip
I W" “““"‘ once again, I would like m (aka me uppurnlmty to thank all me ad\'L~nI~ur~,
FUN}; .\n nuns-~ V:r'.\(\ «
1 I ‘| mare and pmner. whu xuppurt and pmdutc The Deunagc Prcxcmmn Inumal
:,;‘:.‘;.[;l;u.1.z.V»: — he-m n « w» .1. wen a~ 0|IYfI\I(l1fL\1|'CfldC\’~,V/v']7()>«Q pemme feedback m our uffurh .. much
n V—’‘ , n ~
 _; ~ _ appreciated
iV"'_ _,w« L\U RAYXL'!’L1[Y\L'UlIIZ7

mfllh‘ '"“P‘ "L-‘« I’vu.uV.'rLI‘L\u:IIm L‘mu:I.vr

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