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Alzrs Naw, Int.
hat r. an "Enmxgcncy" nobody bcllcvca hrm. But more than some .ay there ought to be ervrl
loeate reque.t a. dehned that, alluxbcutllllg the .y.tem .how.- a penaltre. a..-oerated wrth lal.e
by the ohro law’ ln trernendou. laek or re.peet tor the other emergenere.. lanroreenrent r. eertarnly
seetron 3781.25 ol the .takeholder.- who wrll be rrnpaeted a po..rbrlrty Already, there are .tate.

Ohm law an "Enmxgcnty" r.- denned by .rreh hablts. A lack of re.-peet fut loolong to rrnplement line. to tho.-e
a.-. "an unerpeeted oeeurrenee eaeh other wrll alway. end rn a poor who .-hort errt the .y.tem

eau.rng a dr.ruptron or damage to worlong relatron.hrp. Tlml eo.t.- real K _ K K K K K _
an underground rrtrlrty fzlclllty that dollar. rn produetryrty and rrnpaer. the S'}“K“ "“_'}K1’f°"“_’; MK“ “““;1‘[‘‘’ b‘ “
mqulrc~'lmmcd|r1lc rcpalr or a .-rtuatror. bottom llnc. K'%g<*{r;“~ 9* * "ff; an 
that ereate.- a elear and rmmrnent " “°‘ ‘*‘“’’‘°“‘ " “ ‘°"‘"‘°“

And rt al.o ereate. a problem lor the ground between the ereavator. who
danger that demand. rmmedrate aetron ,
ereavator. who aren t tryrng to sl\on— eall the.e rn, the loeator. who are
to prevent or mrtrgate lo.. or or damage ,
eut the .y.tern. Here . how; The rmpaeted and the utrlrty owner.
to lrte, health, property, or e...entral
K  ' loeator. are woxklng a route oftlckch, lhcm~'cl\'c.~.
pllbllc .ervree..
but when they get an emergeney Y K H Kl K K K K K K K K 1 d
Reeently, wlrrle talklng to a rru.trated reoue.t, they typreally have a .hort trrrre "; 0 . 13) LmIL<r-gm) mum at ‘T!
loeator, he cxclalmcd, "Poor plannrng to re.pond. lseearr.-e they are pulled “" , "“ “ ‘ "“‘ ‘ “P “”P“"‘"‘“ “ 3’
, , ll)’/a of the total volume or loeate treket.

on .onrebody el.e . part .-horrldn t away from the rorrtrne or normal loeate d I b d Kh “KKK
eon.trtrrte an emergeney on my reoue.t, rt ean well be two to tour hour. °" “ “‘ 3’ “"’ “" “ “° " “

,,, 1 1 _ h K pattern to lal.e emergeney reque.t.-.
part wrt rout due.tron, eallrng rn an out of t rerr day (dependrng on on M h M K f 1 K K
emergeney loeate that elearly doe. not [ax they mu.t drrve). That put. them ““ ° ‘° ""9 “ *° °"‘“5‘“““’

K K K _ _ _ _ _ K _ K K are predretably trom the .ame entrty or
meet the requrrement. or an emergeney iurlhu behrnd therr .ehedrrle. tor the , ,

— regron. lt . ,u.t mo.tly the way they re
ereate. problem. [or all .-talreholder.. one. who try to do rt rrght. lnmcd KKK do bKKKKKKK_K_~ —
lt r.- obvrou. that rt ereate. a problem for so yorr ean .ee the rru.tratron of the ‘ MKKKKKK KKKKKKMK [hm mm KKVKKKVKKOGKKK
the loeator, both the utrlrty loeator and ereavator who now ha.- worker. and k K K d K d K K d_ K d
the eontraet loeator. Lo.-rng vdluabln equrpnrent wartrng for parnt or llag. W" “‘ “P “’"—" ,“> ““ ‘“ ‘“ ‘ ° "

K K _ _ K _ _ a good lob. l don t belreve they want to
trme re.pondrng to ral.e emergenere. on the ground. Al thr. pornt, rt r. ea.y K M K i K Kb d K d
put. the loeator cvcn rurtherbehrnd to beeome lru.trated at the loeator, and “K” ° F” 5"“ ‘" “‘°‘3 ° K> ?‘°““

them. lt that . true, then mzl)bL we do
therr .-ehedule.- that are already full .ometrme. rrghtly .o However, when _dK [K d K K K K 1“ up
A. one eontraet loeatrng manager a loeator get. prrlled off therr regular "5 (‘K1 _“ ‘W; "K "H h ‘‘K“"'-‘ K“1
.tated, "obyrorr.-ly, rt .trarn. the .y.tem route or routrne treket redue.t.- by pr.-t “d'K"_‘ L‘_K§'“PK“‘k‘:" “Kh K“‘K° °"l‘f°d‘
beearr.-e we all have lrrrrrted re.-ouree.-. a eouple ol lal.e emergeney reoue.t.-, rt °  ‘ ’ ‘W’ “F ‘‘ ° "-‘ V‘ "*
Further, the loeatrng eornpany ha. lru.trate. a lot of people. la.-.ure you P” ‘"‘
eontraetual and legal oblrgatron. to rt.- that mo.t ()f(1'1L‘lUCfllO!fi‘ I've talked And rt we hnd .-omeone who ru.-t
elrent or eour.e well re.pond to the to over the pa.t twenty year. are a. doe.n't want to get along wrth anybody,
emergeney eall, even rr rt turn. out to be lru.trated a.- r.- the ereavator wartrng one who doe.n't eare about the
a non—emergeney and we .-horrld, but rt [or the mark.. drrheultre. they ereate for everybody
ereate. a real problem for everybody.” Wm K. me KKKKKKKKKKHK KKK mm me, lct’~ \l'tlolxk together to enloree a
lt al.o eteate. a problem fur the .onrethrng that ean be done to redrree ““"°” C “‘“g°
L‘x:avr1lox who routrnely eall.- ln the.e the number or :al.e enrergenere. berng That’. why they .trll enforce .peedrng
lal.e emergenere. The hr.t r..-ue r. ealled ln7 law. . lt’~ the only way yorr ean get
lo.. ufcmdlblllty. ll’~ klnd of llkc the .ome people to .low down 5
lrttle boy eryrng wolr. Aftcx a whrle,
zors lssue r -Damage Fleverlmm Jamml Es

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