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lpnhnL‘~ am the energy lncl|nL‘~ of many Of nnI aIaIIy zIcuvmL‘~, from dnvmg
our Chddrcn In .-InnnI and hcaung out humca, to buymg gl’()CL‘HCs aI thn
.InIa delivered by truck~ InaI Inn on d|L‘~CI.
The 11.5. hm the InIgI.I network of cncrgy pnx-IIIII. <IfI1nynzIm)nIn
P I P E L I N E the world. TIII-In am mum Inan zunmnu nulca 0! In1 plpchncs and anunuo mIII-.-
of naInmI gm plpchnL‘~ nu acrchs Inn country. Thcsc nm am IIIIIII-a1 undcx nnI
~trcL‘l~, lhmllgh naIgnnIn1mnII.- and C()nImunl(lC~‘, nnII lmvchng below rnImIand,
A F E  Ion-.I. .mII dcscns. Sumo AmcII:£In~' cI.»n~umc more man my mIInnn gallons‘ of
petroleum products pct day, PlpL‘llnL‘~ arc nn c~‘sCnU£lI InmpnnI-nI nr nnI nannns
|nfm~lrucluIL‘. wIInImI lhcm our roads and hIghwzIy~ would be mmnn wIIn
ImIII.- trymg to must (Ins dcmI1nd.AcmrdInglo NflKlOl1fl1TYfln~P0rIflKI()n Safcty
IsnaIII ~‘laU~U(s, PlpL‘lInC~‘ are the .-aIn.I, mn.I rclmblc manm-I for kIan~‘p(u’Ung InInIn
ml and nInI-I llqmd petroleum pmducta. P|pL‘1lnC O\'IlnL‘rs and npaIaInI. am uvur
mmdful nr the minty nr (hum around them and Inny smctly Innnw pmvun .nII-Iy
1 pmccdurtw
Mnny plpcllnc IImIpnnII. mgularly an InalIcntIon at thcn Iarw'II<vI
‘ ‘Wm mm ,,g1,,,._Of_W£,y “mg m appruxlmatc Iocauun, matcnal carncd
‘ __ mm 0, \.ch,(,C Pam,,,_ mm mmd and tlm name and Contact InInnnnIIIm
‘ ln~pL‘ElOh look rnI potcnual danger to of thn mmvnny that <=I>vrnt<'~ the
I I‘ plpL‘1lnL‘~ mnn a~' cnn.InaIIInn acuvxty I>IPClInv» Mnrkm may he nnywhcrc
I ‘ nI .Ign.- of gm m’l1quldlL‘ak~ ThL‘~'2 alvansz thv rlxzlatnatrwny la ~'tnp of land
,,,,Pm,(,m “long mm, P,Pd,,m mule, usually about 25 In 1sI\raaIwIIII InaI
are In Cnaum thc sccuxlty .mII Intzguty cIantaIn> a I>IIaclInt‘> «Ir rlnvrtly over
M M, ,,m_ |hn p|pL‘1lnL‘|hCU Thus .nnIknI. nm
generally yclluw, black and {Cd In In1nI.
. - l’IpvlInv mnII>nnIc~' kccv In tonclt The pxpclmc may not follow n ~trmghl

I on a regular l>a~'I~' wlth vmvrscncy C()ur~'L‘ nI-Iwm. maiknis. wnIIn nh1rkL‘r~
. nIe.IInI. and work \'Il|tl1 InIaI Ismurgcncy M. helpful ,,, ,m,,,,g P,P(.,,,,k.,., mm,

1 mpondcrs nlnnz I>IpvlInv nzht» do not pInyIaII- InInImaImn ~uc11 n. '

~ - ohwny In cm at an cmcrsrnqn how many pIpaIInI-.- are below In the

: avnvctlmca even tr-nmng wIth hrc depth In Ina Imcs. Tlm primary nmIIInn
. an-paIImI-nI. nI hazaxdoiw mnIcnaI. M .I.M mmkm. ,, .0 ,dc,,,,II, um

- unIt~' Evvn though a leak or ‘Flu Is Iocallun nI [hm p|pL‘1lnC gana;nIIv n. an
I vxtmnII‘l.v unllkclw I>IIIvlInv mmraalw alert to [howl who might be wnI'IImg

. pmvldc Infuxnuzmun nIII- II.aI Wlucll a1,,,.g,1.a P,,,d.,m m,,.d.,, Io, ,“.,,,1m,
: you wlll find on the fIallowInz P33“ nIInIy nI dunng the Corn'lru:l|un nr

- that I~'Ill Prepare you In tlm vvvnt that homca O! bu~Incs'aI:a nuaxby. You xhould
: ll duL‘~ occur T1'1L‘|!l\OpI:‘h In mnlmuu be Mm. 0, any Plpnhne ,,mkC,. m

. ta lav a qnmt ImIzhh<Ir and pnavlde your nL‘|ghbuIl\uI.»d. As |hL‘ .mnng

. ynn wIIn thh Important mIoImaI.on gm, uK,,,,w you, ,m,5},bu,,_n Wm

I to help It yon ~n~rIcct -I PY°b‘““ In down Lhu name and phone numbL‘r~'

. ynnI ama. PIpL‘lInc companies‘ lake Lhc appmng 0,, ‘he P,Pd,,m mmkm. m

: safe npL‘ratl()n n; then lnfraslruthlre (N D; (.,m.,,m.cy_

. scnoualy, which Includes protecting

. you, Iamw you, Pmpmy and “,2 P|pL‘lmL‘ |'nm’kL‘r~ am ImpnIIanI for

: anvIIImmnnI. Bccaum of llus dihgence, thn I-Itcty at the Izvnvral Ianbln lt I~ -I

, ,mdm[, M my mm [udcral cnmu ffll’ any pmnn In wxlliully
- dcmtc, damagu, mmuvc nI dcslmy any
: For your satvtsa I>Ip=lInn~ are markcrl plpclmc ngm nI nghl—I.»f-way rnaxkel.
_ by above ground ugns Io prOv|dL‘

: coannnan on man 14
: 2mg Issue I -Damage Flevznlmn Iamm E13

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