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fences or peziorming a major ronslrueuon project. Prpelme

eompanres anrl ulher ulrllues wlll mark Lhe locatlon of llrerr _

lrnes at no eusl lo you l-rpelrne and uhllty markers may not »   

slaow the exact loeanon of the burreal lrnes wlren Excavating A _ ,

near prpelrnes, many eonrpanres wlll requlmlhat they . 'Pu|=‘-C Amrwfis -wig

have a papelme company mpreslznlallve onsrle tn rnspeel , V V
and protect Lhe undcrgmund prpelme. Farlure to eall 811 Damaflg Prevention J r  7,— ~
before excavr1l|on rs (112 leadlng cause of alanrages to burrerl (Me Vra“ K 4*“ ..»"r
prpelrnes one sample (all can lrelp keep you out of }mnn's 3 I - . V
""“"' " ' 4»\‘'. 7
HIGH CONSEQUENCE AREAS  {hem Clauarh ho“ L‘ « \' 

h {o know wlr-ad s belo» :37,
ln aeeoralanee wn federal regulalrons, some areas near I , gr
prpelrnes have been alesrgnarerl as Hlgh cunseauenee “"4 Th" {'3 cm“ W / _§ .«,r— ‘
Areas. l=or llrese areas, supplenrenlal bazaral assessnrenl K145 ._,o,, s_ 1,, 335115 5;|£,“¢l
anal prevenlron pro3rams known as lnlegnty Management
Programs have been rlevelopeal. If a prpelrne operalor bas r |
Hrgb Con~'2quenc2Azen~', lnionnnuon abuul these plans Use Iifila {O {kink (3 _
may be avallable through their compnn}/~' websrle or by
conlnrlmg the upezntm"s eorporale omees ‘_ _
cxm owmsns auu_n on DIG on A RlGHT-OF- B .

WM? 6 K“! 5’harr Check us oui
npelrne nghts-of-way mus: be kepl free from slruenrres ‘,3; You mag be missing
anal ollrerobslrueuons to provrale aeeess lo llae prpelrne for C 47* 1,, ms M 5 {O
marnlenanee, as well as m Lhe even: of an emergency. If a » v 5 _

prpelrne erosses your pmpelty, please do not planl 11295 or on Pr‘ reach Ids

, .

large sbrubs on the ug11I-of-way. Do not d|g, burlal, slore or be line

plaee an)/Lhmg on or near the ughts-ui-way wnhout fint 5afe1y

havlng llae prpelrne company's personnel mark the prpelrne “‘~ % www.bekid.<:norI.oom
or stake llre n3lrrs.or.way anal explarn llre :umpany's

con~'Inxcl|on anal easenrenl renurrenrenls lo you.

Tlre nauon's rnnaslruelures, lncludmg prpelrnes, are a maller

of nanonal slzcuuty. If you wnness susprerous activity on

a prpelrne ught-of-way, please reporl It lo llre appropnnle

auLhout|2~' as soon as possrble, or you may eall the prpelrne

op2ralox’~' numbers. Threat aalvrsones may be found al the

Deparlmenl of Homelanal seeunry's websrle IA/wul.rHl5 gov/


Fur mformahon about prpelrnes operahng rn your area, you .- ' 2 , ., 3
may conlad the Nalronal Prpelrne Mapping System (NPMS). / *‘; ;.«‘ l'.-_ - :-

Tlus alalabase uf prpelrne operalors anal the loealron of lberr v   7 _  -,-
lrnes was alesrgneal for llre publre to have areess lo cumact ' ,." ~ 3 '
mfurmauon for prpellne eompanres npemtlng ln your area _

vrsn for more lnfozmntlon. If you

woulrl lrke to know whldl spear-re eompanres lrsled are

near your arlalress please Contact our Regularory servrees

Department (all {me at 1-877-280-8636. ollrer resourees

my 32 mud M mm 0, P|pEl‘“e Sam}, My 770” M  
gov, Lhe Parrnerslup for Exeellenee m Prpelrne Safety , I O ,
wwul.srlfeplp(' or at Wu/nl.plpCIitl('101.rmn. For more ‘ ; lg -.-
mfurmauon on safe exeavanon, gs onlrne anrl vlsll www. ‘ ,_. ‘D -,1 ‘‘ M i ,
Awareness rs the key lo preuennng prpelrne aeeralenrs. I I

You ean mnmbute lo llre salery and seeurrry of your

,,E,gm,0,1md by k,,0,,,,,,E Whm P,Pe1m,. ml and k,,,,W,,,g vll<v$4Ar<vm«vnKVlovll|nArw 
how to recognize unaurlrorrzerl nclwny or srgns of a leak,

as well as bow to responal rn llre ease of a prpelrne aeerrlenl. 333.332.3777

npelrne eompanres eonunue ro srnve to be good nerglrbors, . f I h

anal rusl lrke any good nughburhond walelr program, ”‘ °@“ 35”" "°"‘ w WORK SMARTER‘
nergbbors look out for ear}. ollrer. Ioln rn wnh lbe prpelrne WWW-”‘35e3'<h-(Om
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