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commuoo FROM man ii

vege«a«ion manageinen«— discovering wlletller it's been

cut back along «he R-O-W and it its been done properly

And Paul says «his technology is being used in more

indus«ries ll’|fln]uSl oil and gas. Electric companies are

lieginiung «o use UAVS lo inspec« high «ension lines

and wlnd turbines. Paul said that in the past, fixed -

wing aircrail and hellcuplers were used. which is very \ R / O I
expensive and dangerous, especially when i« involves

«echnicians hanging from a helicopter. "There are ]usl so

many «hings «ha« make drones cheaper and safer."

saiely, as always, is a key factor when adop«ing new ‘ ' . t |
Iechnnlngy and sonie«hing that is always on «he annals '

or drone opera«ors is the sarery and legaliry of piloring

«hem in various areas. Paul said that a let of wha« «hey

do is rural, but when «hey en«er niore iirlian areas, «hey X __ _ 5

have «o be aware of «he different regularions «hey may _¥. ‘ l ’ .
encounter Federal Avlatlon Aelmlnisrratlon (FAA) and 

s«a«e regulations are changing quickly, lni« no« miile __ .

as quickly as UAV «echnology is advancing. For «he _ >_ ' ‘ \ ‘
inos« part, however, Paul feels «ha« rule makers keep =;_ ' ' -i » - ,
«he in«eres«s of pipeline and utility companies (which -‘ '

affect all s«akeholders) in mind. There are various drone .I- C
associarions that Heath lielongs «o, including one specific > _ I

' g 7, ,  M A excavator.

//v" ' ' r 9'3‘:

H’: 83.5% of

, ‘ 8 1 1 M a g azl n e
,. readers are
excavators a nd
/- yes, Kou can
‘ ' , . reac them
omac in. M90 lAcll>1‘dtun¥l5!llIr1lS4)5N‘l ,.a,.....a~ fo I. le S 5 th a n

«o the energy sector. so «hey can slay informed of any 5 Ce n ts _

new regiilarions or legisla«ion as i« is being considered.

Later this year. Hea«h is looking «o expand Lllelr line

localing services «o nffex a cunrmet service using drone .

technnlngy to inspect pipes. But they're also developing Ma/< s It ha p p en!
UAVs tn sell to contractors. "If there's a AEIVICE pmvider

«ha« wan«s to do leak de«ec«ion, «hey could buy one .

from us and ge« inlo Lha«business. A «ransrnission 55’e5@ 817m395Z’”95»C 0'77
cnmpany «ha« wan«s «o do «heir own inspec«ions could -

buy one fmm us or hire us «o do it as con«rac«or." Paul WWW 8 7 7 ’"39a?’” 95- 50'"
said ano«her op«ion is «o purchase ius« «he de«ec«ion

equipment and sotlware and add it «o Lllelr own drone. 5 0 1 _ 2 6 9 _ 1 0 0 0

As exciting as «hese develupments are, Hea«h isn't done.

Paul Wellnen expects Heath Consultants tn cunt-inue

«o lead in the developinen« and adaplaiion ui new

technnlogies «o make all aspecis of «he energy industry

safe! and more efficlenl for years to come. . 2”‘ We ‘ ‘mm? hmmm mm‘ EV

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