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...e. The cxplosmn and znaumg Em had a~' you apprnaeh mg over and work
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' ’ ‘ , gnne very wnanzz- There was much 4. Contact Lhc appyopnam cmcrgnncy
. 3- apeeulnttnn regarehns the Came end medical m~pondL‘r~' my the m
d|ff2nng ey.y.e1...-.y.y.s weye yeaehed. mm they am Mm 0, you, Wmk
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. ‘ vu:w~ toward .-are.y and lowaxd Aa contractors, we set numb to
_ Cxmmm ANNE.‘ mum ,,,_,m,1m .he ....y.e..e.e. of the sun, but a fim
,  . . , day»tu-d.1yopL>rauon,lam pnvdeged to reapranéer eormng there for the mat

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cxcava|or~ am working around ...ey1...... huddlcs become Mn mm mm.
and 111511 prcs~uI2 ga.,_ I dunk back d,,,,,,g mm..,,.. nm “me 10., ,0

.o .h.s mndcnl and uLhcr~ lnke .. ma huddk W... ha mmpmmd by

The y..1e.- and sareguayyh as‘ wen as improved Prod-Irtmn

.he beat pmcutcs my working ..yo..hd 6_ REP”, any dflmflgm (“Md Q, mu
undugmund ....1...e. aye cnucal and all named, H, M ,M,.,,y mm Damga,
cxcava|or~ should ..hdey..ahd the rule M“ ,0 am Fromm mung an am
they take. the n~k~ thnt thetr employeea p.pehy.e, my. cause camslmpluc failure
and me pubhc am exposed m and do“... um mad,

.he pmpey .y.e.hy.d.- to avcud them

A Mmplc ,,ndE,,m,d,,,g of am an Cumml an M Lhu vauahle. you can and
pyoees. .5 a good ..y.y:, ye. (11: mlcs my be prepared for the unexveeted There
Excavating hyo....d gm 1...e.- are moye are many best Praetreee and tlm anrrle
complex and mum demandmg and my only rePre~ent~ a few Settrns youwelf
gm. mm up my succcss .5 cnucal to .. good

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Since zuua, PHMSA has co-~'pon~0rr:d °'' W” W

RI’ 1162 wrark~hoP~' (RP for Mv an M... ......y....- .  y..~.y.y..........~ Ccvvgz!
Recommended Theye .5 a .a.». Eco, ....- .,... ..........y...m......m.»....... 35 W...‘-

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Damage revelmun Juumal-2019 Issue!

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